Extinction Rebellion II

These are signs I loved at Lambeth Bridge:

I took the train, and chatted to a Muslim woman about the wedding she has attended. She told me her life story. At St Pancras a man played a brilliant Chopin prelude, and I played the C minor. I went to Lambeth Bridge, stopping to leave my case at Tate Britain, enjoying its beauty and solidity. It has a banner reading Free For All, which is beautiful and valuable. I am strengthened by this, set up for demonstrating.

Then I walk along Millbank, and see the police vans.

Police are standing in a line across Lambeth Bridge, not allowing anyone on to it. We had hoped to occupy it, but already had been cleared off. The Quaker meeting is on the corner. My Friend is delighted to see me.

After Meeting we go for a cup of tea. It’s ok, this protesting lark, I think. I queue for the loo behind a police officer playing on his phone.

When I get back to the bottom of Horseferry Road, there is a line of police across it, allowing people to come away from the bridge but not to approach it. The atmosphere is changed. Someone says that this is the site where the confrontation is. Elsewhere the police are laid back; here they are taking our measure, and we theirs.

I still have conversations and hugs. I tell of worshipping, and a man says he sees the value of an attitude of reverence.

People are chanting. What do we want? Climate Justice. When do we want it? Now! Whose planet? Our planet!

The Red Rebels come to confront them. Silently, they file into place facing the police.

But if we just go round the block, we find we can get onto Millbank and thence the bridge.

Here we see a procession of arrestees, each with a police officer. We applaud and cheer them, but it still gives us pause to think. Some look defiant.

People start drumming

And soon we are all dancing.

There are Quaker meetings planned every day at 2pm.

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