Extinction Rebellion III

It was a bit of a shock to find Lambeth Bridge clear with traffic flowing freely. The police have been harsh. There are a few of them standing around on the corners. One says “Hello” as I come past, and there are some behind me now, with their night-sticks hanging. Someone said there were armed police about.

There is art work:

At Great College St they are trying to clear half of the road. People are sitting on a tarpaulin and every so often one is carted off, hanging floppy in the arms of four or five police officers.

My Friend gives me an XR Quaker banner.

We chant.

First Demand
Tell the Truth
Second Demand
Carbon Neutral 2025
Third Demand
Citizens’ Assembly!

We sing, leader and chorus repeats:

Power to the people
People got the power
Tell me can you feel it
Getting stronger by the hour

The woman with a strong clear voice leading this sits on top of a post box, until she is brought down. I thought she was arrested, but heard after she wasn’t. Others replace her, singing and on the post box.

In the afternoon, there are more of us, but half the road is cleared. We drum, and after I took the picture of the dancing, I joined it.

We were going to hold a Quaker meeting but at 2pm far more people arrived, so I did not see the Meeting happening a short distance away. Now I am sitting in the road. When someone with a loudhailer offers it for anyone to give a message, I read out parts of Advices and Queries.

  • Remember your responsibilities as a citizen for the conduct of local, national, and international affairs. Do not shrink from the time and effort your involvement may demand.
  • Respect the laws of the state but let your first loyalty be to God’s purposes. If you feel impelled by strong conviction to break the law, search your conscience deeply.
  • We do not own the world, and its riches are not ours to dispose of at will. Show a loving consideration for all creatures, and seek to maintain the beauty and variety of the world. Work to ensure that our increasing power over nature is used responsibly, with reverence for life.

Alex Sobel, a new MP, comes to encourage us.

We are organised despite police attempts to disrupt. There is free Vegan food and tea, and a sound system. Singers and poets entertain us, and when it rains like Jeddart staves we have a tarpaulin to shelter under.

Going home, I roll up my banner but feel enabled to greet a police officer as I pass. Then on the train, I wear my banner. Someone asks what are Quakers, and others stare.

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