British politicians and trans rights

What have politicians said about trans rights? Are they in favour, or do they campaign against trans people?

The Labour Party

Most Labour MPs are supportive of trans people, in solidarity with us as an oppressed minority. A few are against. Under the Equality Act, trans people are entitled to be treated as our true gender/sex from the moment we decide to transition. That is, trans women are women. So, any MP who uses their platform to claim that trans women as a class are a risk in women’s services, or should not be there, is against trans rights. Trans men and nonbinary people should not be erased, so anyone who claims that only women have any aspect of reproductive biology is against trans rights.

This is a list of those MPs elected for Labour, including any currently listed as “Independent” because they have had the whip withdrawn. I attempt to keep it up to date, and any additional information is welcome in comments. I hope to expand it to include all opposition MPs and those Tories who have made particular statements.

MPs can sponsor and sign early day motions (EDMs) to draw attention to any issue, and some are for trans rights. I quote them at the bottom of the page, and have recorded which MPs signed them.

Diane Abbott, Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Speech in Hackney, 19 April 2018: “We have to be shoulder-to-shoulder with trans men and women, [because] this has become the new, publicly-acceptable face of homophobia.”
10 June 2018 spoke at fundraiser for Action for Trans Health

Debbie Abrahams, Oldham East and Saddleworth
Facebook post on TDoV, 31 March 2021. We are committed to fighting all forms of bigotry, discrimination and hatred against trans.

Rushanara Ali, Bethnal Green and Bow
Nothing found

Tahir Ali, Birmingham, Hall Green
Nothing found

Rosena Allin-Khan, Tooting:
Tweet, 12 February 2020: “Trans women are women, it’s their right to self-identify. I’m uncompromising on that.”
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.

Mike Amesbury, Weaver Vale
Nothing found

Fleur Anderson, Putney:
22 September 2021 in parliament Spoke up for trans people in the debate on ID in elections
31 March 2021 tweet “On Trans Day of Visibility, I celebrate trans people. I am committed to fighting all forms of discrimination, bigotry and hatred against the trans community. No one should live in fear of attack, or discrimination at school or work, or anywhere in our community.”

Tonia Antoniazzi, Gower
Anti-trans campaigner.

Jon Ashworth, Leicester South
Nothing found

Paula Barker, Liverpool, Wavertree
Facebook post 19 November 2019: We will reform the GRA and the Equality Act 2010 to protect trans people.

Margaret Beckett, Derby South
Nothing found

Apsana Begum, Poplar and Limehouse,
Tweet 8 February 2020: “On #LBGTHistoryMonth I am glad that @stonewalluk are furthering their work in supporting the trans community.”
Signed EDM 491

Hilary Benn, Leeds Central,
Tweet 30 October 2015 supporting Tara Hudson

Clive Betts Sheffield South East
Signed EDM 355, 491

Olivia Blake, Sheffield, Hallam,
24 September 2020 Wrote for PinkNews about the injustices facing trans people
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.

Paul Blomfield, Sheffield Central LGBT ally

Ben Bradshaw, Exeter,
26 June 2020 tweet condemned JK Rowling.
15 June 2020 The Times reports Ben Bradshaw, a senior backbencher, accused Mr Johnson of trying to “weaponise the transgender issue to pour more fuel on the culture wars fire”, saying he was “despicable” for doing so with far-right violence on the streets.

Kevin Brennan, Cardiff West
Nothing found

Lyn Brown, West Ham,
1 December 2016 spoke in Parliament “Some trans people’s health and wellbeing would be greatly improved by gender confirmation treatment through our specialist gender identity clinics. Trans people have to be able to access those treatments on our NHS if they need them.”

Nick Brown, Newcastle upon Tyne East,
A constituent reports that he wrote, “I support the view that the Government should introduce a system of self-declaration for trans people and believe that any reform of the Act should be used to progress rights.  I also believe it is important that the Government does not interfere with protections under the Equality Act, which ensure that trans people are not wrongfully excluded from single-sex spaces.”

Chris Bryant, Rhondda
Signed EDM 491

Karen Buck, Westminster North.
Claimed Suzanne Moore’s freedom of speech was compromised.

Richard Burgon, Leeds East,
Signed EDM 491
21 Feb 2020, Diva magazine: “[Laura Pidcock is] not transphobic. She can answer herself on her views and her opinions. To be clear, trans rights are human rights. I hope that the day is coming where people realise how ridiculous it is that we have to keep asserting that. The discrimination suffered by trans people is heart-breaking.

“After I became an MP, I met with an organisation called Mermaids who explained this discrimination to me. I think of course we don’t want people who are bigoted transphobes in the Labour Party. It’s contrary to our party’s values.”

Dawn Butler, Brent Central,
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.
Attacked by hard right hate site The Spectator for “transgender madness”
11 January 2018 Supports trans women on women-only shortlists. “I would not say ‘prove it, what do you mean?’”
23 Nov 2019, Said provisions to exclude trans women from women’s services were outdated. (warning- the article has lots of quotes from transphobes.)
17 October 2019 Parliament “Please, Minister, just reform the GRA already.”

Ian Byrne, Liverpool, West Derby
Nothing found

Liam Byrne, Birmingham, Hodge Hill
Nothing found

Ruth Cadbury, Brentford and Isleworth,
1 December 2016 in Parliament: Long speech in favour of trans rights and supporting the first Women and Equalities Committee report. She was a member of the Committee which made the report.
“there is a clear risk of harm when trans prisoners are not located in a prison appropriate to their affirmed gender, and that they should get the right support there. It is unacceptable that in 2016 we have a criminal justice system that does not protect all groups on an equal basis, especially as this is costing lives.”
“the Government must take trans equality seriously and draw up a comprehensive strategy, with an action plan that addresses the full range of issues.”

Alan Campbell, Tynemouth
Nothing found

Dan Carden, Liverpool, Walton,
Sponsored EDM 355

Sarah Champion, Rotherham,
20 November 2020, tweet: Trans Awareness Week 2020: We must end the toxic gender identity debate.
29 September 2018 tweet: “International survey says Transgender women should have same rights as other women.”
Signed EDM 1256

Bambos Charalambous, Enfield, Southgate,
Signed EDM 355
16 May 2019 Parliament: Speaks out for self-declaration, for LGBT education in schools. “To put it in simple terms, trans women are women… Trans is not a mental illness.”

Feryal Clark, Enfield North,
17 September 2021 twitter: Called for Kemi Badenoch’s sacking after her anti-trans rant.

Rosie Cooper, West Lancashire
Nothing found

Yvette Cooper Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford,
Spoke at Stonewall Education for All conference, 2016.

Jeremy Corbyn, Islington North
19 July 2017: Supports gender recognition reform, and says no medical involvement is necessary.
28 January 2019: Told Andrew Marr, “The position of the party is that where you have self-identified as a woman, then you are treated as a woman,” so that trans women can be on all-women shortlists.
Signed EDM 1256

Neil Coyle, Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Nothing found

Stella Creasy, Walthamstow,
28 June 2020 tweet: It is possible to support trans people in the fight for their rights and to show unconditional support for survivors of sexual violence.
15 March 2021 tweet: Misogyny affects trans women

Jon Cruddas, Dagenham and Rainham
Nothing found

John Cryer, Leyton and Wanstead
Signed EDM 1256

Judith Cummins, Bradford South
Nothing found

Alex Cunningham, Stockton North
Signed EDM 355
9 June 2021 Parliament: Asked about ending violence and discrimination against trans people.

Janet Daby Lewisham East
Nothing found

Wayne David, Caerphilly,
Tweet 15 October 2018: Come out for Trans equality.

Geraint Davies, Swansea West
5 July 2019 Introduced a Bill to ban conversion therapy, and wrote about it for Pink News.

Alex Davies-Jones, Pontypridd,
14 September 2020 tweet: in favour of inclusive language for trans men

Marsha de Cordova, Battersea
As a shadow minister, spoke for GRA reform

Thangam Debbonaire, Bristol West
Essay on Equality on her website, 2017: Language is transphobic when it relies on stereotypes or demonises people because of their gender or trans status.
Tweets, 24 September 2019, condemning intimidation of people going to WPUK meeting, but also saying “I support trans rights”.

Tan Dhesi, Slough
Nothing found

Anneliese Dodds, Oxford East, Shadow secretary of State for women and equalities
Said to be “firmly pro-trans rights”.
Called for discrimination against trans people to be “stamped out”.

Stephen Doughty, Cardiff South and Penarth Labour/Co-operative,
Sponsored EDM 355.
Spoke on GRA reform.

Peter Dowd, Bootle
8 November 2016 Spoke in Parliament: supporting that “any crime that is motivated by hostility on the grounds of transgender identity can be classed as a hate crime”. That was supported by the Law Commission.

Jack Dromey, Birmingham, Erdington
Nothing found

Rosie Duffield, Canterbury
Strong anti-trans campaigner, though she signed EDM 355

Angela Eagle, Wallasey,
Sponsored EDM 355.
Spoke at Pride Month, 1 July 2021
Signed the Cooper Report on conversion therapy.

Maria Eagle Garston and Halewood
Supported the Gender Recognition Bill.

Clive Efford, Eltham
Nothing found

Julie Elliott, Sunderland Central
Nothing found

Chris Elmore, Ogmore
1 December 2016- in Parliament: Celebrate trans people across the UK, whose positivity shines in contrast to sickening hate and prejudice.

Florence Eshalomi, Vauxhall
16 March 2021 in Parliament: We need to listen to all women- including black women and trans women.

Bill Esterson, Sefton Central
Nothing found

Chris Evans, Islwyn
Nothing found

Colleen Fletcher, Coventry North East
Nothing found

Yvonne Fovargue, Makerfield
Nothing found

Vicky Foxcroft, Lewisham, Deptford anti-trans
Hate campaigner on Mumsnet wrote to her, and got a response that a man could “self-declare” to get access to women’s refuges and prisons

Mary Foy, City of Durham
Facebook post 20 November 2020 for TDoR: Need to make our societies safe for trans and gender diverse people.
Facebook post 31 March 2021 for TDoV: Nothing about you without you. Promote trans voices.

Gill Furniss, Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough,
6 May 2020, in parliament: Urged Liz Truss to ensure that gender clinics are still available during Covid.
8 August 2018, tweet: I stand in solidarity with the trans community
1 July 2020 Question in parliament: on gender clinics

Barry Gardiner, Brent North On the fence, opposing the Tories
Letter to constituents- photo on Twitter 27 September 2021
Delays in reforming the GRA have created a hostile environment for LGBT+ people and I am committed to protecting the rights of the trans community. I am aware others are demanding new regulations to maintain female-only spaces.
But the anti-trans hate him anyway.

Preet Kaur Gill, Birmingham, Edgbaston,
21 February 2020 in parliament: Asked the minister when the response to the consultation on the GRA would be published.

Mary Glindon, North Tyneside,
Signed EDM 355, 1256
1 December 2016 in parliament: Worrying that GPs claim they do not know enough about trans healthcare to provide it.

Kate Green, Stretford and Urmston,
23 May 2013, Met Anna Grodzka, at the time Europe’s only known trans MP
31 March 2019 tweet: We stand in solidarity with trans people and will continue to champion your equality and rights.

Lilian Greenwood, Nottingham South,
21 November 2019 tweet: There are no negative impacts from self-declaration in all the countries that have it. Trans women are women.

Margaret Greenwood, Wirral West
Nothing found

Nia Griffith, Llanelli,
21 June 2016 Wrote for Pink News on LGBT equality in Europe

Andrew Gwynne, Denton and Reddish,
24 September 2020 in Parliament Challenging the minister on anti-trans hate crime.

Louise Haigh, Sheffield, Heeley,
31 March 2021, tweet We celebrate trans people.

Fabian Hamilton, Leeds North East
He may have shared a photo on facebook for the Trans Day of Visibility

Emma Hardy, Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle
Facebook post on TDoR 2020: “Trans rights are human rights, and your fight is our fight too.”

Harriet Harman, Camberwell and Peckham
Record: mixed.

Carolyn Harris, Swansea East anti-trans
28 April 2019 Tweet: praising Julie Bindel for anti-trans activity.

Helen Hayes, Dulwich and West Norwood
Signed EDM 355

John Healey, Wentworth and Dearne
Nothing found

Mark Hendrick, Preston,
7 September 2016 in Parliament: Asked about trans use of toilets in government buildings

Meg Hillier, Hackney South and Shoreditch,
6 July 2010, in parliament: Identity Documents Bill- amendment to ensure trans people have correct documents

Margaret Hodge, Barking
Nothing found

Sharon Hodgson, Washington and Sunderland West
Nothing found

Kate Hollern, Blackburn
In parliament, 3 July 2018 Asking the minister what steps the government is taking to demedicalise gender recognition.

Rachel Hopkins, Luton South
Tweet 7 September 2021: Voter ID will make it harder to vote, for groups including trans people.

George Howarth, Knowsley
Signed EDM 1256

Rupa Huq, Ealing Central and Acton,
21 April 2021 in parliament: the potential merits of updating the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to include self-declaration for transgender and non-binary people.

Imran Hussain, Bradford East
Nothing found

Dan Jarvis, Barnsley Central,
18 July 2019 As Mayor of Sheffield, wrote to the Equalities minister seeking GRA reform, demedicalise, bring into line with Ireland, Denmark and Norway, recognise nonbinary.

Diana R. Johnson, Kingston upon Hull North
Facebook post 1 February 2021 for LGBT History Month celebrates GRA and Equality Act.

Kim Johnson, Liverpool, Riverside,
25 July 2020, tweets: against anti-trans vandalism, in solidarity with trans people.

Darren Jones, Bristol North West
Nothing found

Gerald Jones, Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Nothing found

Kevan Jones, North Durham
Nothing found

Ruth Jones, Newport West
Nothing found

Sarah Jones, Croydon Central
Nothing found

Mike Kane, Wythenshawe and Sale East
Nothing found

Barbara Keeley, Worsley and Eccles South
Nothing found

Liz Kendall, Leicester West
Nothing found.

Afzal Khan, Manchester, Gorton,
29 June 2020 on his website: “Delays in reforming the GRA have created a hostile environment for LGBT+ people.”

Stephen Kinnock, Aberavon
Nothing found

Peter Kyle, Hove,
5 August 2020 tweet (saying transphobe Duffield should not be bullied and trolled. I agree.)
“In the past month I lobbied Liz Truss directly on trans rights.”

David Lammy, Tottenham
As under-secretary for constitutional affairs, proposed the Gender Recognition Bill in 2004
27 September 2021 at conference: criticised “dinosaurs” in Labour seeking to “hoard rights”. “I will always be on the side of minority communities.”

Ian Lavery, Wansbeck
Video for TDoR 20 November 2020: I offer my full solidarity with the transgender community

Kim Leadbeater, Batley and Spen
Nothing found

Emma Lewell-Buck, South Shields
Nothing found

Clive Lewis, Norwich South,
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.
17 June 2020 facebook post: Trans rights are human rights. The government should not ignore such a clear message from the country on the gender recognition consultation.
13 January 2018 tweet: supporting trans women on all women shortlists.

Tony Lloyd, Rochdale,
21 November 2013 news report: “I urge all communities to stand together against those abhorrent individuals who victimise people simply because of their gender identity.”

Rebecca Long-Bailey, Salford and Eccles,
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.
On TV said “I want the right to self-ID and I want that enshrined in law.”

Holly Lynch, Halifax
Nothing found

Justin Madders, Ellesmere Port and Neston,
10 March 2020 in parliament: Calls for work on waiting lists for gender clinics. There is a need for action to reduce health inequalities.

Khalid Mahmood, Birmingham, Perry Barr
Nothing found

Shabana Mahmood, Birmingham, Ladywood
Supported protests against LGBT inclusive education.

Seema Malhotra, Feltham and Heston
Nothing found

Rachael Maskell, York Central,
25 June 2015 spoke at York Pride: Committed to trans equality

Chris Matheson, City of Chester
Nothing found

Steve McCabe, Birmingham, Selly Oak
Nothing found

Kerry McCarthy, Bristol East
21 November 2014 tweet: I think real progress has been made on trans issues this year.
6 March 2015: asked questions in parliament about security calling trans women “sir”.
29 August 2019: signed the Bristol Labour LGBT+ pledges.

Siobhain McDonagh, Mitcham and Morden,
Member of the Women and Equalities Committee which produced the Transgender Equality Report.

Andy McDonald, Middlesbrough
Nothing found

John Martin McDonnell, Hayes and Harlington
Signed EDM 491, 1256
Attended a discussion with transphobe Selina Todd but said “This should not be interpreted as an endorsement of her views on trans issues.”

Pat McFadden, Wolverhampton South East
29 June 2020 tweeted in support of transphobe JK Rowling.
“Appalled” that Duffield felt unable to attend conference (transphobic sources claim).

Conor McGinn, St Helens North
Nothing found

Alison McGovern, Wirral South
Tweeted 1 May 2018 link to Heather Peto’s appearance on podcast.

Catherine McKinnell, Newcastle upon Tyne North
Nothing found

Jim McMahon, Oldham West and Royton
18 March 2019 Opposed hate crime, including anti-trans hate crime

Anna McMorrin, Cardiff North
20 Nov 2020 paid tribute to the writer Jan Morris.

Ian Mearns, Gateshead
In committee 6 Feb 2019 quoted a religiously transphobic parent.

Ed Miliband, Doncaster North,
Podcast interviewing DadTrans

Navendu Mishra, Stockport
Nothing found

Jessica Morden, Newport East,
Welcomed “the breadth of sexual and gender identities” in Newport

Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South,
Signed EDM 355
17 June 2020 tweet: We can’t allow the Tories to go back on GRA reform.

Grahame Morris, Easington
Nothing found

Ian Murray, Edinburgh South,
Signed EDM 355
Interview in Diva, 24 February 2020: One transphobic person in the Labour Party is one too many.

James Murray, Ealing North,
Spoke on GRA reform
Tweeted picture with trans flag, 14 February 2020
Solidarity is at the heart of Labour values.

Lisa Nandy, Wigan,
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.

Charlotte Nichols, Warrington North,
Spoke on gender clinic waiting times

Alex Norris, Nottingham North
Signed EDM 355
29 January 2018 question in parliament: Relationship and sex education must be trans-inclusive.

Chi Onwurah, Newcastle upon Tyne Central,
Tweet 20 November 2017 on TDoR

Abena Oppong-Asare, Erith and Thamesmead
Nothing found

Kate Osamor, Edmonton
Nothing found

Kate Osborne, Jarrow,
Tweet 23 September 2020: Labour remains committed to GRA reform.

Taiwo Owatemi, Coventry North West, shadow minister for women and equalities
“Senior labour insiders” say she is firmly pro-trans rights.
Letter published on facebook, 13 October 2021: opposes LGB All Liars and therefore opposes Kathleen Stock’s activities as their trustee, supports GRA reform and prescription of puberty blockers to trans children;

Sarah Owen, Luton North,
Spoke at Pride Month debate 2021

Stephanie Peacock, Barnsley East
Nothing found

Matthew Pennycook, Greenwich and Woolwich
Nothing found

Toby Perkins, Chesterfield,
5 January 2015 Question in parliament: on the effect on trans people of online voter registration.

Jess Phillips, Birmingham, Yardley

Bridget Phillipson, Houghton and Sunderland South
Nothing found

Luke Pollard, Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport,
4 September 2019 in parliament: “As a culture, society and country we must set an objective to eliminate [transphobic] abuse, and we can do that only if we put effort into educating not just our children but society as a whole.”

Lucy Powell, Manchester Central
Signed EDM 355, 1256
23 3 2016 wrote for PinkNews about LGBT young people

Yasmin Qureshi, Bolton South East
10 August 2021 warns that voter ID law will have negative effect on trans people.

Angela Rayner, Ashton-under-Lyne,
20 November 2020: video on Transgender Day of Remembrance
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.
28 September 2021 at conference “I have to say that there is a campaign of hate coming out of this government. Ministers are looking at vulnerable people, they’re looking at our trans community, they are looking at people’s identities and they see it as an opportunity to divide people. That is disgusting, that is disgraceful.”

Steve Reed, Croydon North
25 January 2013 wrote for PinkNews The battle for equality is not yet over, but 1999 regulations extended sex discrimination law to trans people.

Christina Rees, Neath
Nothing found

Ellie Reeves, Lewisham West and Penge
Nothing found

Rachel Reeves, Leeds West
Is her channel 4 interview trans-friendly? You decide.

Jonathan Reynolds, Stalybridge and Hyde
Nothing found

Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Streatham
Tweet 31 March 2020: I’m proud to stand in solidarity with our trans and nonbinary allies.

Marie Rimmer, St Helens South and Whiston
Signed EDM 355

Matt Rodda, Reading East
Nothing found

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Brighton, Kemptown,
Signed EDM 355, 491
Condemned JK Rowling’s essay
Spoke on GRA reform

Naseem Shah, Bradford West
Nothing found

Virendra Sharma, Ealing, Southall
Nothing found

Barry Sheerman, Huddersfield,
12 April 2021 question in parliament on safe public spaces for trans people.

Tulip Siddiq, Hampstead and Kilburn
Tweeted, 14 Oct 2016
The trans flags are flying.
12 December 2018 challenged minister about divisive debate.

Andrew Slaughter, Hammersmith
27 June 2016 question in parliament on trans prisoners.

Cat Smith, Lancaster and Fleetwood,
Introduced a debate on the difficulties of trans women in men’s prisons in Parliament, 15 December 2015
Tweeted 23 September 2020 trans rights are human rights

Jeff Smith, Manchester, Withington
Nothing found

Nick Smith, Blaenau Gwent
Nothing found

Karin Smyth, Bristol South
17 October 2018 Met with hate groups

Alex Sobel, Leeds North West,
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.
8 August 2020 tweeted for trans-inclusive healthcare

John Spellar, Warley
Nothing found

Keir Starmer, Holborn and St Pancras
Pro-trans, and vocal about it.

Jo Stevens, Cardiff Central
Anti-trans. Has claimed “there must be protection for single-sex spaces”, as if this means trans exclusion.

Wes Streeting, Ilford North
Sponsored EDM 355
19 November 2017 tweeted against The Times’ transphobia
2 July 2020 tweeted that there is no sign Labour is rolling back on trans rights.

Graham Stringer, Blackley and Broughton
Signed EDM 1256

Zarah Sultana, Coventry South,
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.
tweet 6 August 2020: Trans women are women, trans men are men, and trans rights are human rights. The whole labour movement should be clear about this.Solidarity with the trans community.

Mark Tami, Alyn and Deeside
Nothing found

Sam Tarry, Ilford South
Nothing found

Gareth Thomas, Harrow West
Nothing found

Nick Thomas-Symonds, Torfaen
Nothing found

Emily Thornberry, Islington South and Finsbury,
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.

Stephen Timms, East Ham
Nothing found

Jon Trickett, Hemsworth
Nothing found

Karl Turner, Kingston upon Hull East
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.

Derek Twigg, Halton
Nothing found

Liz Twist, Blaydon
Nothing found

Valerie Vaz, Walsall South
Nothing found

Claudia Webbe Leicester East
Tweets for trans rights. “Expect the already cruel victimisation of minorities, ranging from Muslims to trans people, to accelerate.”
“This #TransAwarenessWeek let’s be clear to acknowledge Black Trans Lives Matter”

Catherine West, Hornsey and Wood Green
Signed EDM 355
Question in parliament, 6 November 2017 on help for trans children in schools.

Matt Western, Warwick and Leamington
17 October 2018 tweeted I am proud to stand with the trans community

Alan Whitehead, Southampton, Test
Nothing found

Mick Whitley, Birkenhead
13 July 2020 Met local trans organisations

Nadia Whittome, Nottingham East,
Signed Labour Campaign for Trans Rights pledges.
16 July 2020 question in parliament on discrimination against trans people.

Beth Winter, Cynon Valley
Nothing found

Rosie Winterton, Doncaster Central
As Parliamentary Secretary at the Lord Chancellor’s Department, made a government announcement on trans people, 13 December 2002.

Mohammad Yasin, Bedford
Nothing found

Daniel Zeichner, Cambridge
Signed EDM 355
8 December 2016 question in parliament on two trans women dying in prison in one month.

The Conservative Party

Liz Truss, the Minister for Women and Equalities, is an antitrans campaigner.

Crispin Blunt
20 August 2021: article for Conservative Home about the moral panic over trans children, led by the media.
24 September 2020: raised an urgent question in parliament on gender recognition, saying LGB people and young people stand in solidarity with trans people against society’s inhumanity towards trans people.

Nicola Richards and Alicia Kearns
27 August 2020: article for Conservative Home saying the government should keep its promise to trans people to reform the GRA, basing this on “less state interference with ones life,” a Tory principle.
This article is also co-authored by the following MPs: Jamie Wallis (Bridgend), Gary Sambrook (Birmingham Northfield), James Sunderland (Bracknell), Paul Holmes (Eastleigh), Richard Holden (North-West Durham), Elliot Colburn (Carshalton and Wallington) and Ben Everitt (Milton Keynes North).

The Green Party of England and Wales

26 August 2021: In Pink News, the new leaders Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay wrote of the campaign against trans people. As leaders they would work to fix that.

Carla Denyer says women’s rights and trans rights are not in conflict. She is proud that the Green Party strongly supports trans rights, and supported a protest in Bristol when the Tories decided not to keep their promise to reform the Gender Recognition Act. She shared it on facebook.

30 June 2020, for Pride month she shared on facebook her photo in front of a Bi flag, saying she is cis, a trans ally, and giving her pronouns as she/her.

31 March 2021, she tweeted for the Trans Day of Visibility, Trans Rights are human rights.

19 June 2021 The Bristol Post reported that as a queer woman, Carla is a proud trans ally campaigning for GRA reform and access to gender clinics.

Early Day Motions

EDM 355, 10 October 2017

That this House agrees that the recommendations of the Women and Equalities Committee report on transgender equality needs to be implemented in full; believes that gender identity includes those who do not identify as either male or female, identify as both, a third gender or are fluid in their identity; notes that long waiting times for gender identity treatment can do harm to patients who should not have to wait longer than the targets for specialist referral; recognises that verbal, physical and sexual assaults towards those with a non-cis gender identity is the highest of all minority hate-crime, with over half of transgender women reporting they have been sexually or physically assaulted; calls on the Government to update the protected characteristic in the Equalities Act 2010 from gender reassignment to gender identity with a statutory code that includes non-binary identities; recommends that specialist GPs should be trained so that they can provide bridging hormones while patients wait to see specialist centres; and further recommends bringing LGBT hate crimes into line with hate crimes based on race and faith by making them aggravated offences.

EDM 491, 18 May 2020

That this House condemns the continued practice of gay and transgender conversion therapies in the UK; notes that this practice has been linked to an increased risk of suicide, poor mental health and substance abuse; recognises that the Government has pledged to ban such practices in their LGBT Action Plan 2018 but has yet to bring forward those plans; further notes that many other jurisdictions have banned this abhorrent practice including most recently Germany; and calls on the Government to expedite plans to introduce a ban on conversion therapies in order to protect the UK’s LGBT+ Community.

EDM 1256, 26 March 2013

That this House condemns misrepresentation of transgender people in the British media; notes that some media organisations continue to misrepresent transgender people deliberately and publish their private information in spite of the findings of the Leveson report and in breach of the editors code; believes that such misrepresentation has an extremely damaging impact on those individuals who are named, on the wider transgender community and on the public’s perception of transgender people; condemns the harassment of transgender people, their families and colleagues, of which the experiences of Lucy Meadows are the latest; calls for the Press Complaints Commission to issue a public notice to editors immediately reminding them of their existing obligations under the letter and the spirit of the editors code when reporting transgender stories; further notes with concern that the reporting of Lucy Meadows reflects the wider culture of inappropriate language when it comes to stories relating to transgender people; and further calls for an immediate end to misrepresentation of transgender people in the press.

All comments welcome.

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