Photo Fun

More tranny photos.

We had the Sibyls weekends at the Royal Foundation of St Katherines, an Anglican retreat centre from which St Katherine’s Dock gets its name. I have rarely stayed in a place with frescoes, and we worshipped together and talked into the night of transition. And played with cameras: the pose comes from a book of paintings by Lord Lichfield.

This was taken at a Northern Concord weekend. The staircase was in constant use for photos.

I went on holiday with Gwladys in her motor caravan in 2009, and was still at the photos: she wanted to do a portrait of me, just the head and shoulders: I insisted on the props- the Tale of Genji, the wine, the caravan.

I sewed the lace on myself. This was the first time I had my makeup done, by a woman selling cleansers at the Northern Concord. Barbara took a landscape shot including the payphone to my right.

After this party, I gave a woman a lift back to her hotel, and she put her head in my lap as I drove. Under my skirt. I said goodbye at the hotel door.

The ideal back garden is an extension of the home, and the Manchester climate is perfect for it.

Narcissistic? Moi? I can think of no better use for such a Work of Art.

Carol, sometimes called Charles.

Showing off for one camera was bliss- two was very heaven!!

I don’t like submissives, but they have their uses, I suppose.

My first ever photo session.

The thought that God accepted me as I am meant a lot to me, and Colin did not mind: as a Catholic he did not think this Anglican building a proper church anyway.

Wonderful props at the Hollywood Showbar, Canal St.

What a gorgeous bird I have on my arm!

13 thoughts on “Photo Fun

  1. Clare I had absolutely no idea you frequented the Northern Concord. It is a wonder our paths haven’t crossed at some point and yet I have the feeling they did. I was a member there from Christmas Eve eve (23rd) in 1998 until I transitioned (had my op.) in Oct. 2002. I well remember that ‘ carpetted staircase’ in the venue the NC used for weekend breaks. I had my photo taken there too. I remember Frankensteins Monster too at the Hollywood Showbar. No doubt you remember all the other local venues too. I have to say my early post-op experiences were very similar to yours in that I was occasionally the recipient of verbal abuse too. It is a hard life for the likes of us but as you know things do get better eventually. I know mine did and hope yours has also. Love

    Shirley Anne x


    • Lovely to see you here again. I was at NC most weeks from around 1997 until about 2000, and irregularly until 2002, so we will have met at Bollington. I don’t get verbal abuse now, not for years.

      If I think of transition as a single date, rather than as a process, I think of it as going full time: one evening I left work as him, had my ears pierced, and the next working day I was in as me.

      Yes. Things get so much better. Things are still getting better now.


  2. Thanks Clare for reminding me it was Bollington. I was trying to remember the name. I only went there the once in 2002, about six months before I was due to fly to Thailand to meet a gentleman with a knife. His name was Suporn.

    Shirley Anne x


  3. Clare –
    I love your site and your photos – can I ask you a bit about Northern Concord and their weekend breaks?
    I’m a tv, just turned 40, and passable sometimes depending on the light(!) xx
    I have never been away for more than a few hours as the real femme me, but would like to go to their September break at Ringwood Hall in Brimington – can you tell me if their breaks are good? I would just like to have some true girl time, but am not sure if, for example, everyone goes en femme 100% of the time (which I want to) and arrives at checkin fully femme, or – if I go as a single girl which I am, is there any scope for latenight fun with any other single girls?(!).
    It would be lovely to hear from you with any advice!
    Steph xx


    • Dear Steph, Welcome. Thank you for commenting.

      I last went to a Northern Concord weekend in around 2000. Most people arrived expressing female, and stayed female throughout. Some arrived presenting male and changed. I found the people friendly enough, but not talking particularly deeply; I had made one or two friends at the weekly meetings in Manchester, which are a little hard to get to for you, so had friends to hang out with. From Bollington two of us went into Macclesfield, safely enough. In the evenings everyone got dressed up- evening gowns, ball gowns- and ate well enough, and danced. I was still drinking and talking at one, but not much later.

      I don’t know what it is like now, but it obviously serves a market.

      I rather liked The Sibyls. At these more intimate weekends, we also got up in evening gowns, and drank wine until 3am, wondering if we were “really” transsexual and plucking up the courage for transition.


    • Dear Steph, you may have found out for yourself by now but Ringwood hall is a much better hotel than Bollington. Both NC Feb weekend and the Sept early week Sunday to Wednesday are great parties. you may arrive en femme and stay so for the whole time, some dress only for the evenings. I can’t answer for late night fun as I usually go to bed with my spouse by 11pm, no stamina these days.
      Clare, I recall you from those earlier Bollington weekends and hope you find full time life all you hoped it would be.


  4. These photographs look so much fun, and you have a flair for props and settings much like myself. I love photography and always have since first I wa presented with a camera at age fourteen. A few moons ago that laughs. The Manchester back garden shot is brilliant, a ‘shayzee long’ too no less! That’s decadence dear hahahaha.
    Happy moments are so good to catch.

    Esme upon the Cloud on a shayzee extra long of her own


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