Snap snap, grin grin

When I started to go out female, like many others I liked photographs. They gave something to remember the experience, and remind myself that yes, I can appear female. Other people showed off their photos: this is me in my living room; this is me in my kitchen; oh, here is another in my living room. This is my first, taken by Barbara. It is me in my living room. But this was not enough for me. I plucked up the courage to go outdoors:

and let out my anger: vandalising an underpass:

Vandalising a Jaguar:

Getting carried away:

Getting married (at Manchester Mardi Gras)

Tucked penis 2

On Fiona’s boat on the Norfolk Broads:

and on the set of Gladiator:

It could get tiring:

My girlfriend at the time lived in Cottingley,
and I found after much searching that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was right:

On the way, I learned that forewarned is forearmed:

and that you should never photograph someone in front of something
so that it looks as if it is sticking out of her head.

I was terrified of going to the supermarket expressing myself female-
what will people think? So this stunt emerged,

and no-one took a blind bit of notice of me.

I have always known where the sun shines from. Here is the proof:

Birds gotta swim, and fish gotta fly, and I have to dive in:

If you search for tranny pics, you get porn. Yuck. These are far more fun. But I have photos of shemales here.
Alternatively, why not stick around here and find out a bit about
what transsexuality is really like?

Or, you could look at some more pictures.

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