Snap snap, grin grin

When I started to go out female, like many others I liked photographs. They gave something to remember the experience, and remind myself that yes, I can appear female. Other people showed off their photos: this is me in my living room; this is me in my kitchen; oh, here is another in my living room. This is my first, taken by Barbara. It is me in my living room. But this was not enough for me. I plucked up the courage to go outdoors:

and let out my anger: vandalising an underpass:

Vandalising a Jaguar:

Getting carried away:

Getting married (at Manchester Mardi Gras)

Tucked penis 2

On Fiona’s boat on the Norfolk Broads:

and on the set of Gladiator:

It could get tiring:

My girlfriend at the time lived in Cottingley,
and I found after much searching that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was right:

On the way, I learned that forewarned is forearmed:

and that you should never photograph someone in front of something
so that it looks as if it is sticking out of her head.

I was terrified of going to the supermarket expressing myself female-
what will people think? So this stunt emerged,

and no-one took a blind bit of notice of me.

I have always known where the sun shines from. Here is the proof:

Birds gotta swim, and fish gotta fly, and I have to dive in:

If you search for tranny pics, you get porn. Yuck. These are far more fun. But I have photos of shemales here.
Alternatively, why not stick around here and find out a bit about
what transsexuality is really like?

Or, you could look at some more pictures.

53 thoughts on “Snap snap, grin grin

    • Well, yes. It is. It was the only spray can I had. Well spotted, though, not much of the can is visible. There is a certain amount of pretense in these photos: I did not actually smash the rock down on the Jaguar. Nor was I actually married, I just swanned around in a wedding dress for the day at Pride. Welcome, blogger, I wish you blessings and success in your transition.


  1. Clare, these are fantastic! My absolute favourite is the jaguar one. The outfit and the threat of violence make for quite the image. Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment.


    • Thank you. What you and your daughter are doing is so courageous- what I do is courageous enough, for me- that a bit of larking about is always a good thing. I have another London Eye shot on my computer, of the glorious woman who took that picture, whom I am still pining over.


  2. Definitely the first one in front of the books. This is my kink. Beautiful women and books. Could look at that all day. May not be as exciting as some kinks but it’s respectful and contains no nudity or violence.


    • Thank you. Your acceptance and care means a lot to me, and I am practising with my rage, to make the energy creative not destructive. I love your journey into meditation and Goddess spirituality. Be fruitful, beautiful Juliana.


  3. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I like your style – both written and your personality – from what I can glimpse through your words. Honesty and guts! I like it. My guess is that you, like me, find writing purifying! Keep writing. I will be back. (without Arnold)


  4. Hahaha. Thanks for cracking me up this morning 🙂 I found your site from your comment at “The Daily Press’s” Community Pool. It lookds like you have a lot of good stuff going on here!


    • Welcome Jenny. “Urban appreciation by hook and by crook”. I love what you write, and wish you wrote more of it. Community Pool seems a great idea, getting people reading and commenting beyond our normal interests. I am glad you found me.


      • Thanks Clare! I will be writing more, I promise. I appreciate that folks such as yourself have encouraged me to keep up with my resolution.

        I agree about Community Pool! I’m excited to get some feedback there, too.


  5. LOL – I just stumbled upon you because of your lovely writing and great art selections. But this is a treat in itself 🙂 Still, with all the “sex scandals” that seem to dog our Republican party here in the US, the dialogue you have created here makes me think of some ultra-Christian, self-righteous, “pro-life” (what a misnomer!), anti-gay, hypocritical, sexting congressman trying to sneak a secret thrill in a bathroom stall somewhere…and finding your breath of sunshine instead. Too funny!

    Oh – and I particularly LOVE the pink satin cocktail dress for grocery shopping. FABulous.


  6. Clare, doll, I just revisited this and remembered with joy some of those early pictures. Is it just me or are you so much more comfortable in your skin? Honestly, it’s a joy to see. Blonde is much, much better, and subtle makeup highlights your natural beauty, in MY humble opinion.
    Clare, I must ask you something in all seriousness. Would you consider, just think about perhaps, reevaluating the presence of pornography on your site, and this post? I am midway through a graduate course of study in Criminology here. We just completed a unit on pornography. Pornography is not funny, you are hilarious. Hermaphrodite art is engaging, pornography is distancing. Your artistic choices are thoughtful and your words inclusive, pornography is exploitive and marginalizing. Just a thought. Much love, -V


    • I never forgot this comment, and now have removed all such photographs. I have some nude paintings which come close. Part of my reason was infringing copyright. The post with most of them has stopped getting views! I intended to illustrate what I was discussing, but it is easily available elsewhere and you are right.


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