Works of Art

Here are my works of art.

le déjeuner sur l'herbe, by Édouard Manet:
The Good and Evil Angels struggling for possession of a child, 
by William Blake:
The Awakening Conscience, by William Holman Hunt:
The Awakening Conscience
Ophelia, by Sir John Everett Millais:ophelia-millais

20 thoughts on “Works of Art

  1. Clare, have been buried under lots of work and am just emerging with time and space on my hands to look back at some of your blogs – this is so funny! Thank you. I especially love your
    The Awakening Conscience, by William Holman Hunt. Have you read ‘The Crimson Petal and the White’ by Michael Faber? I actually saw it on BBC2 last year and feel the book/TV drama brings to life the lives of the two people in the painting. If you get chance to watch it, do. It’s beautifully and lavishly filmed, has a brilliant cast of actors which includes the divine Gillian Anderson.


  2. Absolutely! Her disintegrating Miss Havisham embodied a really creepy and multi-layered lost soul which was reflected by the way she spoke in a voice which seemed to be peeling (like her skin) into paper thin tissue … everything about her was spidery!!!


  3. hi clare, i just found your page by a post that you made on “cauldrons and cupcakes”. i love your page and i especially love the “ophelia” piece. i did that myself many years ago in the grand canyon in arizona while i was on a river trip. love, pamela


  4. thank you Clare for alerting me about my shop announcement section for The Flaming Pearl. when i got back from my holiday I forgot to change that section! ooops! I think there are a couple more pictures of me in my Gravatar profile. just click on my picture and it will take you to them.

    i had a dream last night about shaving my hair off. i have always wanted to do that but as i have aged it has become less appealing to me. the closest i got was when i was 45 i cut it all to about 1″ all over. in the dream last night some men were after me to cut my hair because they wanted to sell it. so i knew they were going to overpower me and take it anyway so i thought i would just do it myself and then not give them the satisfaction of taking it from me. so i took scissors in hand and went into the bathroom and cut it all down to about 1″ again. it look really cute and i then hesitated once more to shave it all off. i woke up this morning late as i haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights and remembered the dream. it was a bizarre dream, but then that isn’t unusual for me! i have vivid bizarre dreams quite regularly.

    hope you have a lovely day! pamela


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