Trans, toilets and the House of Lords

I should be able to march into the Ladies over there just because it is a nicer facility than the Gents and I feel like identifying as a woman at the moment. Ralph Palmer, the twelfth Baron Lucas, is a Tory peer, Epsilon semi-moron, and transphobe. He appears to have worked as an accountant, and voted for idiots on horseback to be allowed to torture foxes. In the House of Lords he used his well-paid and undeserved platform to attack trans women. Much hilarity arose on his suggestion that women washed their underwear in toilets, when they were menstruating, rather than “Put it in a ziploc bag and take it home,” like my friend does. His tweet asking “I should like understand how menstrual flooding is handled, and what makes for good practice” appears to have been deleted.

His transphobia is malicious as well as buffoonish. Why are we seeking to make women feel unsafe in the toilet provision we make for them—unsafe and uncomfortable? No-one desires that. He claims to want to break down gender boundaries, but acts to prevent trans people doing just that. He criticises Stonewall and the Fawcett Society for being trans inclusive and supporting Gender Recognition Reform.

Lord Blencathra’s worst transphobia needs whited out. Select text to see: when will you stand up to the small, militant, transgender fascist lobby and say that the rights of 32 million real women and 800,000 wheelchair users are more important than the rights of tens of thousands who identify as transgender? He refers to us as “hulking male brutes” terrifying women. He would keep us out of all women’s space until we had satisfied the Real Life Experience for two years. David Maclean, also a hunt supporter, should take care about calling people fascist, looking to his own party’s glass house. He avoided capital gains tax on his house, saying it was his main home, but claimed £20,000 in parliamentary expenses to do it up, claiming it was his second home.

I have heard racists claiming that if only they were asylum seekers they would get anything they wanted, and now Blencathra claims that wheelchair users need only identify as trans, then a whole industry would have moved into high gear to get us access to anywhere we wanted in the country, and no doubt we would have had the police running around as well, checking out wheelchair transgender hate crimes.

Emma Nicholson said that trans women should undergo physical changes before being allowed in women’s space- surgery or at least hormones. She claimed that the Equality Act required that. The minister, Olivia Bloomfield, pointed out that was not true, and that trans people should be treated according to the gender they present.

Baroness Grey-Thompson wants trans folk consigned to gender-neutral toilets, and talked of “horrible” sex abusers.

Not all the Lords in that debate were transphobic.

Baroness Brinton said, The data does not show us that transwomen are more dangerous than anybody else. On the contrary, there is considerable evidence that LGBT people, especially transpeople, are more likely to be attacked, more likely to suffer abuse and hate crime and more likely to be at risk of suicide because of the pressure. I just hope that we can pause for a moment and consider how a transwoman, portrayed as a possible danger to families by some, might feel.

Baroness Elizabeth Barker said the debate continued without moving on. I do not think that we are doing women any great favours by increasing their fears without an evidence base on which to do so. Where there are toilet scares, she says, lesbian women who look very butch get challenged going into women’s toilets… it is men whom women should fear: it is not trans women who are the perpetrators of the crimes against them. It is tragic that needs to be said.

The debate is here.

4 thoughts on “Trans, toilets and the House of Lords

  1. Much ado over the Loo….
    Writers note: If ever you have seen/heard the American 1960’s sitcom “The Andy Griffith Show”, it would behoove you to read this commentary to yourself in that soft, warm, Carolina drawl so epitomized by actor Andy Griffith. Best if you also locate a video clip before reading….Also do google a video of his deputy Barney Fife……Played by actor Don Knotts….

    Hi, I am Sheriff Andy and I gotta add my too cent in this whole bathroom mattah….
    Down heah, in the ‘southern fried’ state of Nawth Carolin-er, we done went throo this whole thang ’bout the “Potty Po-lice”.
    You could say that, we heah, done started up the whole dang bathroom /gender thang. So we tried to get our laws written so them ‘strange trans folks’ had to just ‘hold it’ rather than use the restroom over at the Luncheonette, or down at the Piggly-Wiggly.

    Iah put my dep-ty, Barney Fife on the case….. Turns out that Dep-ty Barny did a bang up job, or at least he tried… Barney offered up his best, nasally, ‘somewhat authoritative leader’ voice to interrogate folks who he thought were ‘not who they appeared to be’ when seen goin’ into the ladies room down at the ‘Whatta Burgur’ and our other fine dining establishments.
    When Barney went to inquire the gender of a rather tall, mannish lady as she made her way to the restroom door marked “INBOARD” instead of the restroom door marked “OUTBOARD” over at the Downtowner Fish House, she slapped Barney up-side his head, when he failed to recognize that she was the wife of the Captain of the County Volunteer Fire Department!

    Turns out, these laws are dang near IMPOSSIBLE to really enforce! After all, if ANY person simply walks into the restroom of their identity , and does their business, and leaves expeditiously, who witnessed what? Did a transgression really occur?
    If Barney or a citizen confronts a suspect, and the suspect merely decides to deny any accusation or circumstance of exactly which restroom used, it is one persons word against an other. Furthermore, why should a trans person (or anybody for that matter) stop for an accusing citizen? (Citizens Arrest! Citizens Arrest!) Merely go on with your days business and calmly leave the premises. If anyone makes accusation, merely ignore. Remember, the accuser has the burden of proof. Velma
    PS Velma has used ‘loo’ facilities many times in public places of all varieties in North Carolina. So far, no incidents…..

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      • Well, ah de-clair [sic] Claire! Much obliged, Claire!
        Wouldn’t Barney Fife make a GREAT ‘Restroom Po-lice’ officer?
        The young guy in the above frame? Ron Howard!
        T-rump having rally here today. Having to hold down burps of vomit….
        Local TV news bite of elderly, toothless woman declaring: “He’s a GENIUS!”

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