Detransition Advocacy Network

Trans people should be allies to detransitioners. They like us have problems with gender stereotypes. The Detransition Advocacy Network was launched on Saturday 30 November. Added: Checking back in 2021, there is little left.

They say, We are a group of detransitioners and desisters who have either decided not to transition or have stopped transitioning. Currently, there are no organized places for us to go for support.

We’ve started an advocacy charity to support people like us. Our aims (for now) are simple and will be built open over the next few weeks.

– Build a support network.
– Connect detransitioners.
– Record our numbers.
– Provide resources from professionals covering legal and medical advice.

We are officially launching our charity in Manchester on the 30th November.

You can follow us on Twitter.

Mumsnet said they were a group of women (F-M-F). This isn’t clear from their sites. It fitted the launch event: Make More Noise will be hosting an event discussing the ethics of the social and medical transition of gender non-conforming women and girls.

Nutcase anti-women Christians “Life Site News” were breathlessly excited. People are encouraged, affirmed and assisted in “coming out” as transgendered, often without one word about the dangers of that path. Today, the politically correct response expected from adults, especially parents, is to affirm children and adults in their desired gender. But affirmation gives people false hope that they can really become a different sex. It is a lie.

They quoted Charlie Evans, founder of DAN, I’m in communication with 19 and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn’t, and their dysphoria hasn’t been relieved, they don’t feel better for it. Another detransitioner said she felt shunned by the LGBT community for being a traitor. So I felt I had to do something.

Well, obviously they are not traitors for detransitioning. They tried it, dysphoria continued, they are trying something else. It would be good to know how many detransition.

I would like psychiatrists to have time to consider other mental health issues alongside gender dysphoria.

We change our bodies so we can be seen as we really are. I would like us to be accepted if we just change our clothes. Charlie could be a man or a masculine person, pronouns he/him, without any changes to his body. In that case a psychiatrist could say, you can have T and chest masculinisation when you like, but I would recommend you try expressing yourself male for a bit by clothes and style. Unfortunately with all the fear-mongering about trans people, “male-bodied” people in women’s spaces, that is very difficult.

I don’t think we find greater acceptance generally from society after body modification.

They say Our aims briefly are to provide a support service to all detransitioners and gender-nonconformists of both sexes, and regardless of ideology. We have a formal document we will share soon (though probably closer to our official launch date).

Here is their Twitter account.

There are people desperate for gender surgery who cannot get it, and people who have had it who regret it. We need a better answer than to make it more difficult to get, distressing the transitioning group.

For me that answer is a push for social acceptance for everyone who is gender variant: those who would never transition, those who transition socially but not physically, those who detransition, those who want surgery. None of us gain if any rights of gender variant people are ignored. And detransitioning physically is difficult and should be supported. Charlie is not a traitor but someone seeking to help others and have their experiences heard.

Charlie appeared in this radio programme. She marched at Pride with a sign saying “transgender ideology harms lesbians”, which is untrue. She claimed that gender variant people had welcome and acceptance in the radical feminist community, which at best is true; unfortunately some want to use them to campaign against transition, and prevent trans people getting the care and acceptance we need.

When gender variant people oppose each other we all suffer.

April 2021: Their twitter account was suspended for breaking twitter rules. Charlie Evans also ceased to tweet. Their website,, is no longer active, and it all seems to have collapsed.

6 thoughts on “Detransition Advocacy Network

  1. I’ve been part of trans groups that include detransitioning people. I wish them all the best. I looked into the detransitioning process myself, as part of my pre-transition research. Nobody could accuse me of rushing into things, lol.


  2. I see the transition process as just that – a process. It does not require moving toward something specifically, and it can move along in any direction. Since each individual who transitions is the one who must decide what is best for them, there is no difference between moving forward or backward. The thing I think that is the most important is to not let one’s dysphoria be the main driver of their transition. For some, the lack of dysphoria does not equal happiness. Still, so much of it is trial and error.


    • When I was transitioning, I agreed with a friend’s idea that I don’t have to make great decisions. Shall I transition at work? Don’t know. Shall I have electrolysis today, was the question.

      I would like it all to be acceptable. The anti-trans campaigners often endorse the idea of the “true transsexual”- revolted by her penis, wants to pass- as the kind of person they will tolerate. Instead we need more people identifying as non-binary, and finding what sort of social role they like, getting a good binder (and not wearing it all the time) rather than rushing to chest masculinisation, moving in society as visibly queer rather than trying to pass. Then no one would dash past their comfortable space in the rush to “true transsexual”. There are true transsexuals, of course, fit the stories, knew aged three, want surgery; but they aren’t the majority of gender variant people.


      • I guess I would have to call myself a Pragmatic Binary Trans Woman (I should probably add Procrastinating to that, and maybe some day I will). When I decided to transition a number of years ago, I knew it was going to be a process that would continue for the rest of my life; there was no final resting point. Making the social transition was relatively easy for me, and, because I am perceived to be acceptable in my feminine appearance and actions, people may only guess what my body looks like under my clothing. I’m not interested in showing anybody my naked body, anyway, so what’s the problem? My own dysphoria, that haunts me every morning as I proceed to get myself to that acceptable presentation – not just for others, but myself. Unable to take advantage of chemical or surgical remedies, for health reasons, it may seem as though I transition every morning, and detransition every night.

        I was once told by another trans woman that I could do no better than to be a “professional cross dresser.” I totally reject that, as I know what my state of mind and gender identity are. It would be more difficult, emotionally, for me to skip the makeup, wig, breast forms, and feminine attire, in order to face the world in the morning, than it was for me the first time I did all of those things with the intent of showing my femininity. Doing so may well be an act of professional cross dressing, but nowhere near a detransitioning. Even if it were, however, it should be of no-one else’s concern but mine. Wherever, or however, any of us exist on the gender continuum should not matter to others, That we actually exist, at all, should be the main concern.

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