Vittorio Reggianini

Kitsch! Cloying sentimentality! Ridiculous, silly images with an attention to detail on the dresses, especially the fabrics, which may indicate Crossdreaming tendencies. There is normally a glimpse of stocking. However much the serious, high-brow part of me disapproves, I love it.

She has dropped her book. How sweet!

VR The interruption

Even where there is a man, his fabrics are so girly, his attention so foppish-


We see the woman with her Good Companion from a dog’s eye view:

VR Good companion

He lived from 1858-1938, but all these dresses are Empire-line, fashionable in the 1800s and 1810s. Also, sleeves changed after that. He is painting nostalgia even then.

VR 2

Women drape over each other in such a relaxed fashion

VR 2

Here, too-

VR Women reading a letter on a couch

And especially here

VR tempting-cupid

This man looks suspicious:


If it is kitsch, it is especially good kitsch, I waffle, seeking a reason for liking it. For someone who specialises in painting people, his range of facial expressions is limited. And- I just like it!

If you liked these paintings, you may also like Giovanni Boldini.

VR An_Amusing_Song VR Anticipation VR Elegant_Figures_In_An_Interior VR Elegant_Lady_in_Pink VR Surprise VR The Answer VR The Coquette 2 VR The feathered friend VR The fish VR The pearl necklace VR The_Piano_Recital VR The_Poetry_Reading VR woman with dog vittorio-reggianini1 VR a poetry reading VR A secret invitation VR A Young Beauty VR An Idyllic Afternoon

VR La Collezionista Di Stampe

A musical interlude

VR Seduction
VR Laudanum
National collection

11 thoughts on “Vittorio Reggianini

    • Welcome Gaelan, and thank you for following. The fashions are not 17th century. I am not sure about the furniture, but I think it later. The people are in ordinary interactions: sitting around in rooms, chatting or listening to music, but they are hardly ordinary rooms.


      • Ah,18th century, I meant. The rooms are exquisite, and yes, not ordinary at all, but people were surrounded by that sort of thing.
        I have a little collection of Avon cologne bottles from the 1970’s, all made to look like things from the 40’s. The pinnacle, for me, is a radio. The box says a eulogy on it, about how good it was when everyone gathered around the radio, and the voices alone would bring to life the Shadow, and all the others.
        The point is, what if nostalgia from another time is fascinating?


        • If you find anything pretty, or entertaining, or fascinating, go for it. I use art for many purposes. I must go to the Klee exhibition. Looking for other Reggianinis on Google Images, I found they began to pall- but I like them, and that is enough.


    • I am delighted that they please you.

      I love the level of detail. Sometimes on the net there are two versions of a picture, one just with luxurious wallpaper in the background, one with paintings on that wall.

      I am still thinking of a Klee post


      • Like these painting, Klee’s also engage the mind to look and discover details although Klee is more engaging as his often abstract-like sets have a knack of hiding the focus from first glances. These paintings in this post bear all at first glance but one is somehow drawn to study the details perhaps because they’re so “pretty” and done exquisitely


      • Thanks, Clare. I like the little harp. And no, I’m not sure I’d like a whole exhibition of them. I’m visualizing a huge gallery of paintings with those giggly grins and since smiles are contagious, all the art lovers looking the same way. Might make an interesting documentary, though…


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