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Something is wrong on the Internet

Vittorio_Reggianini_1858-1938_Music_scene 2Why is blogging addictive? I am desolate to see Violet joining Bloggers Anonymous, but as she says, will I have a shower or rant at this wrong person, will I go for a walk or lurk on this blog, will I have nap or check my reader? Blog wins at every turn โ€“ I smell and am very tiredโ€ฆ

I went from there to put a comment on a blog saying homosexuality is sin. The usual stuff: you quote Leviticus, do you really want us dead; on the Pastoral Epistles, what do you think of Cretans? Golly, it makes the endorphins flow. My righteous indignation rears up at this poor silly woman who mouths the brain-rot she has been fed since childhood. Ha. That’s her told.

It is far more difficult to comment on Freya. She writes worthwhile things here, and I want to reciprocate. How can I say something intelligent to someone I admire? Far easier to mock homophobes.

My colleague nearly got sacked for her compulsive use of facebook, Vittorio_Reggianini_1858-1938_Music_scene 1which I got sniffy at, not using facebook at the time. She was redundant in the next round of funding cuts. Now I use facebook, and see all these videos. This one, for example, shared by two friends: it is moving, it makes a necessary point well, and it gives me a shiver of distaste at the World, without either arming or motivating me to do anything about it. That and the documentary on factories in Bangladesh make me miserable- too strong meat for addiction.

I am sorry that spEak you’re bRanes is defunct. While the comments it mocked were badly expressed, and stated opinions I found repulsive, for the most part, it was mocking what I do: expressing anger into the ether, then excitedly clicking to see if there is a response. I do real human interactions with people I will see again, needing frontal lobe activity, and I do angry or mocking billets aigre to homophobes in Texas, giving instant satisfaction with minimal cost. It is obvious which I prefer, and why,

So, I sit myself down for a serious chat. By all means seek to establish internet relationships with attractive and intelligent people, but stop ranting. If my forefinger is sore from friction burns on the mouse-pad of my lap-top (a moment’s googling taught me a new word- it is a “touchpad”) then I spend too much time with it. For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the Universe- worrying about problems I cannot solve is a seductive distraction from the problems I must address. Yes, recently in one day I got seven times the page views of two days previously for some reason, but checking the stats page several times a day does no good.

I probably won’t work this blog up to a huge circulation by commenting, or liking, and certainly not following. I have no idea how many of my 592 followers get my posts by email.

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15 thoughts on “Comment policy II

  1. To reiterate Jim above – I like the feisty Claire very much! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am honoured to be mentioned in such a favourable light here, thank you! As for being lost for comment words – don’t be! I am happy with inanity, LOL and suchlike too – I’m just an ordinary(ish) gal who sees for to spout innermost thoughts mixed in with fiction in various forms. I’m glad you enjoy my blog so much though. Since I admire what you share and write, I consider myself to be in very good company!

    As for stepping down as universe leader – yes, every now and again it’s great to have a day off ๐Ÿ™‚ We need to work out a shift rota ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Clare, as a follower who does indeed get your posts by email, I will share something I’ve been thinking for some weeks now: your entire post comes through my inbox, so I don’t need to click through to your blog… if others are doing the same, you are missing some stats! Another friend’s blog only shows me the first 4 or 5 lines of her latest post in my inbox, so if I want to read it in full I have to click, open, and read it on her blog. Admittedly, I’m not sure I do a service by sharing that with you, given the delightfully insightful yearning for balance you write about here. But it was the perfect opening to share it. And so I have! >=]


    • The fact that you continue to find this worth reading makes it worthwhile.

      I have been searching Support and the various dashboard commands and settings, and I cannot find how to do that. I have a blogamigo whose posts I always click through to, just because of that, but she posts less than once a month.


  3. I go through reading spells mostly dependent on my time and mood. The reader on the phone sucks since WP updated their app. I hope they notice the issues with the changes made.
    Comments are always exciting. I look at my stats and wonder what the others readers thought. Did they hate the post? Maybe it wasn’t good enough to merit a quick like at least? I suppose we’ll never know.


    • I had a day’s page views in an hour, and either this is someone fascinated, and devouring; or someone reaching the home page from an image search, and scrolling endlessly to find the image which is deeply buried. And, given that some comment so you will comment back, you don’t even know necessarily what the commenters thought.

      Just to cheer you up, you know.

      I don’t have a purpose for this, that I know my actions will achieve. So, do something- post, comment, whatever- if I enjoy doing that individual thing, at that time. Except that now I could be replying just because it is courteous. Er-


  4. Just wanted to comment on one of your topics. Christianity and homosexualiy. To tell you the truth, I haven’t known anyone in person who is gay since I was in college and that was 10 years ago. It was through blogging and reading comments of yours and others that I came to a more open minded stance on the gay issue. Before that, it is true, I was regurgitating just things I’d heard. It’s easy to speak against something when it has little to do with your life. But when your dealing with actual people it becomes a different story. Ironically, it seems like I have a lot more in common in my beliefs with the gay community than I have with most “normal Christians” I meet (I don’t know how to refer to them. Fundamentalist? But a lot of the homophobic crowd aren’t even fundamentalists.)


  5. I find it slightly ironic that you pounce on me for condemning sin (which I happen to have come to a conviction about on my own, with the aid of the Bible), yet you have no scruples about attacking me on your own blog. Did you read my response to your comment? As I have stated, I do not hate homosexuals, nor do I wish them dead! Please be careful when you’re hurling accusations!


    • Yes, this post was the one I was referring to. My intention is not entirely clear, I suppose: I meant to mock myself. What I say here is that I go through the motions with you, about that chronic disagreement which fractures the church, not really adding anything, and that my comments are like those on spEak you’re bRanes where I express anger into the ether. I did not feel I was attacking you.

      I am glad to see you here, despite our disagreement. Welcome, and thank you for commenting. Though I hope you would not have thought gay sex is sin on your own. It is a silly view. And taking the Pastoral Epistles’ internal claims to be by Paul- it does not fit the style. It is akin to Sebastian Faulk’s James Bond book: different author, different vocabulary, different writing styles. Paul’s earliest letters were written in the 50s, but the Pastoral epistles have advanced church structures, such as bishops, elders, and deacons, and rules about widows. The vocabulary is different.


      • Glad to see that you are not angry with me for writing about a topic so controversial. I will continue to disagree with you on the matter regarding Paul. There is no reason why the author would lie about his identity. If indeed he had, the whole Bible would be under criticism, thus eliminating the whole debate altogether. Using this reasoning, I can see how you reached your conclusion; however, I refuse to question the Bible as you have. It is the inerrant Word of God. It is God-breathed. It dispenses wisdom to the one who searches. It is a Christian’s Rock.
        As far as the position I have taken being a “silly” one, may it be completely clear that no amount of ridiculing will dissuade me from a Biblical view of the matter.
        I pray that you will continue searching out God’s heart!
        Happy writing!


        • Dear Michelle,

          I would distinguish your value as a person and as a writer from particular opinions you hold. I can respect you while disagreeing with you.

          Sexuality is different from an opinion. I change my views all the time, as I mature, and experience, and meet people. Sexuality is at the heart of a person, how we relate to everyone, not just partners.

          I call my view Biblical too, valuing and respecting it.

          Do come back. You are welcome here.


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