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My latest follower is “Apostolic Mommy and Wife”. I am delighted that she should take an interest in this Christian blog, for much of my posting is about Biblical interpretation and Christian relationships with God and creation. Unfortunately I find her account of Christian marriage wanting.

It was a shock to find the writer on such a pink site, so clearly aimed at women, refer to “our wives”. Is this a man writing? It is unlikely to be a lesbian. I googled it, and found the article was plagiarized from here, or possibly this pdf:  lifted whole, rather than “adapted from” as she claims. This is objectionable, given that she wishes to make money from her site, asking readers to “Donate”, “Advertise with us” or go to “Our Youtube channel”. I am unclear whether the companies she reviews, including Kosher CasualI wore this dress to church today. I was able to sing, dance and shout to praise God’s name – All while feeling assured I was modestly covered- paid for the review.

On modesty, I saw a woman in a niqab yesterday walk across the square. Her loose summer burqa did not disguise the glorious sexiness of her relaxed, confident walk. Modesty rules can never prevent free people expressing ourselves; and as the Muslims recognise, arms and ankles, and singing and dancing, are sexy. The only way to be “modest” in this sense is to erase yourself.

The real author, Dennis Raney, recognises that some women wear the trousers, and even that some men are not strong or natural leaders, but still says that men should lead. God has placed the husband in the position of responsibility. It does not matter what kind of personality a man may have. Nor the woman: in fact Raney does not acknowledge different personalities among women, claiming that all wives want and need leadership.

Raney says husbands should give to their wives, but bizarrely claims it should be giving up: something you genuinely valued, like your golf game, a fishing trip, or your hobby. Rather, he needs to find ways of being with her to enrich them both. There must be room for two in a marriage. I get the impression that the husband Raney writes for finds his wife a mystery, but gives up his golf game because them’s the rules- rather than choosing to do something with her, because he prefers to. No wonder she “resists, fights and spurns” him. I am horrified that Raney imagines that couple could have been living together so long that their children are grown and gone.

The article is not wholly worthless. He correctly says women at different stages of life have different needs; but gives no Bible quote for that. The tiny amount of sanity in the article comes from contemporary morality and understanding. The Biblical bits lead him to make ridiculous assertions, missing the complexity of real life.

Cranach, Judith and Holofernes IV

12 thoughts on “Biblical leadership

  1. As a man recently married, I am learning that marriage is a glorious synchronized flight of two birds–both free. Anything less is a trap, trip, coffin, sham, or anesthetic.

    Stereotypes don’t get married; people do.

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  2. Blessings! I am the blog administrator of Apostolic Mommy & Wife, nice to meet you 🙂
    My intentions are to bless the reader with several different articles from diverse Christian bloggers. I repost and share articles with authors permission and reference only. (Some articles are mine/ some are contributions) Although my blog is mostly for women @ different stages of life, I also have male readers and I enjoy blessing them as well. I am very open transperant…I simply recievet free product for the review, I enjoy blessing and promoting fellow Christian sites. In regards to marriage, I do believe the man is the leader, yet the article also talks about respect and love towards the wife…as Jesús loved the church.
    Blessings to you, blessing upon your blog…Thank you for your honesty in posting your point of view Re my blog 💜 I assure you I only desire to bless ☺ Be merciful on a fellow blogger please…lol


    • Welcome, Sandy, and thank you for commenting so emolliently, especially as I was so dismissive. However we disagree almost completely. Why should you imagine that homophobia is the Biblical world-view, if you don’t support slavery? I find your view of Modesty ridiculous. Did you know that the divorce rate is higher in those US counties which have a high proportion of conservative evangelicals?

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      • My point of view may offend you, however I am simply trying my best to live for Christ and live by His word. In my household my husband is the head, yet that does not mean he is stepping all over me, or treating me as an inferior. If a husband is living according to the word and is guided by the spirit of God, he does not abuse of his authority in the him. He understands his responsibility is great, and loves his wife as Jesus loved the church and gave his life for it. He treats her as a frágil vessel according the word. By allowing my husband to lead our home (spiritually) I have grown and been delivered from low self-esteem, his prayers over me have been a blessing. I think we may be understanding the word submission differently, we are simply using terms found in the Bible.
        In regards to modesty, I am not forced to cover up, I chose to do so by personal conviction. As the Lord began to work on my interior self, I began to feel the need to dress modestly on the outside. There is much I could say in regards to my point of view, However I do respect and do not look down on anyone who chooses to dress differently. I am simply sharing my convictions on my blog, and have found many share the same view and same spiritual experiences. My apology if it offends you, it is not intended to.
        I pray Blessings upon your life and thank you for welcoming me.


        • Sandy, I am delighted that you have something that works for you, but many of us seek to follow Christ.

          I would like you to consider the breadth of service to Christ in your country. Mary Glasspool is a bishop: consider how Christ followers would place her in authority like that. There is a more truly Biblical Christianity than you know: read Marcus J. Borg’s book “Jesus” and know Him in a new way.

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          • I am a follower of Jesus Christ, it is through His name I do all things. There is biblical reference for everything I do on my about page. I am very clear in mentioning the name of Jesus on my blog. I do not simply refer to a supreme being, the light or an entity. I can see we clearly will not agree on many things, yet as I stated before, I respect you and am not trying to offend you or force a way of thinking upon you. Once again, I bless you and ask that you be be respectful, then will we reflect the love of Christ. 💜


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