What I write about


Posting daily, things get lost, but I have said things here which I want to remember and would like to introduce to you. Some of these sequences show how my thought has evolved over the last year.

The Autogynephilia sequence: why being lesbian and transsexual does not make you a pervert, and is just as natural and acceptable as being a “primary transsexual” or being a cis-sexual lesbian, or indeed a WASP: Autogynephilia, Autogynephilia Revisited, Autogynephilia III, James Cantor, and Reverting.


The Choosing Transition sequence tells how I came to the decision to express myself female all the time: Aversion Therapy on fighting my impulses, Northern Concord on meeting others,  Primary and secondary transsexuals on the quandary of whether I fit the theories of transsexuality, Choosing transition on making the decision, Envy on how I envied a woman in a wheelchair because she was unequivocally female, and the Road map, on how constrained the “acceptable” way of transitioning is.

I have written on gender reassignment surgery: Orchiectomy and homosexual transsexuals. A tranny paradox on why I had my balls cut off.

Some other trans stuff: Variation, Genetic Women Only, Polemic and Eirenic on the Radfem critique, Adverse reactions on losing friends, Trans-sex-ual on how it really is all about sex, Like Hayley on people groping towards acceptance, Shrugging it off on my response to (in)tolerance, Naturally feminine on my response to compliments, Transsexual children, Delusion or Reality on surrendering any need for a theoretical justification for transitioning beyond I WANTED to, Tranny blog on tranny porn, Lace on getting a bra that fits- not just a problem for trans women, Trannies on some of our difficulties.


I am a spiritual healer, just beginning on this path, and I have had emotional resistance to this. Crystal healing says it is NLP; Healing expresses doubts; in Quack Quack I give full vent to angry resistance, then in Trusting my emotional being I, well, Trust. In Spiritual Guidance I balance rationalist and Spiritual explanations of Inspiration. Over Coffee with T I accept my own perceptions of Qi, then in Chakra reading I experience healing. On the bus, I delight in the ridiculousness of it. In Qi Ki Prana, I say something of energy, and call what I do Healing. In Untestable Hypothesis I state I have faith despite the impossibility of proof, and in Iced Coffee I say I have doubt despite the value of placebo.

Some posts record what I believe are steps forward on my spiritual path. These include Learning through Joy, Trusting my emotional being, Both- And, the Apple tree, the Inner Child, A Ritual (from Caitlin Matthews), Everything is beautiful, Being and seeing (on enlightened consciousness, wakened awareness and the unmasked self), Conscious incompetence I, II and III; Open to the Goddess, Possibly, the Beauty myth, Declaration on accepting how hard my path has been, valuing Resentment, recognising that Everyone has been a blessing on me, If seeing possibilities, Cusp on finding Presence,  At Camp; Forgive, and Explosions on how difficult that is, Real Self, La Marquise de Citri on what gives me joy, On the other side of fear.


I wrestle with my current Life problem: inching forward, An income, That job, The right No on my saying No to life, Beliefs about self, Toddler.

I write of karate. Go Kan Ryu, Empi,

I write of Jung: Memories, dreams, reflections,

Why, and how, do I call myself a Christian? Easy targets, The Nature of God, Bad Jesus.

So much of my blog is about that. Desires, Facebook, Masks, The Blue Pill, Releasing a fantasy, Let’s be friends, A partnership, Fear and illusion, again  At Camp, Forgive, Nourishing the soul, Party wear, Truthfulness.

ducks in the mist

I have written a bit on being Queer and Christian, including on equal marriage: Witnesses of Hell, Arguing the Bible, Poor Christians, Gay marriage, David and Jonathan; an argument that a good Bible-believing Christian should support Slavery, Words of encouragement on using the Bible to support us, Jesus and Hell, Gospels, A better “Normal“, Saying Nothing on the option of just shutting up about homosexuality for a bit, Jellie-babies, Empathy on how difficult some straights find it to empathise with gay people, The Word of God on how it is difficult even to know what the Bible says, how the Bible is full of Contradictions, The Hell people on an unhealthy obsession with Hell, Conversation on seeing the World in black and white, Sibboleth on the undue weight given to the issue of homosexuality, Hatred and persecution on how those who condemn gays are the oppressors and not the victims, a further loss on how everyone loses because of the persecution of gays; tolerating intolerance on forgiveness, Evidence on how beliefs affect assessment of scientific fact, Agree to disagree? on tolerating homophobic “Christians”, Moral objections to gay sex, on how there are none, Christian hate.


I write on political and social issues. Child benefit, Sunlight, Cui bono? on fracking for shale gas; on War: in the Dinghy, No out-group, and Vernon Scannell; Cadbury’s on multinational business, Theorising enables on how classification and description can either permit or restrict action, Denying reality on an evil act of the Republican party.

Some posts I just like. Elegant idiocies, Turner- Picasso, Snow, Believe in America!, SHYNATT, Snakes, Still hormonal, Party!, London, Trust, Giving ministry, Bravery games on swimming.

Have a look at the Tags and the Categories. The tag cloud is limited to 45, otherwise it would take an age to load, but here are a few more:

Astrology, benefits, blessing, bloggingbuschildren, citizens advice bureau, communication, conversation, dancing, Episcopalian, Evangelical, feminism, go kan ryu, Goddessgolden light, Hafiz, Hoffman Process, JungMadonna, Manchester, marriagemasculine, morality, organismic self, projecting, QiRosetti, self-consciousness, shame, spiritstand-up, suicide, synchronicity, Thomastransgender, transition, weeping, wig.

There are pictures by Luca Giordano, Frank Auerbach, Guido Reni, Father Pefkis, Fra Angelico, Simone Martini, John Collier, Phillippe de Champaigne, Julia Fehrenbacher, Martin Schongauer, Jean Michelin, Petrus Christus, Laurie Zagon, Pablo Picasso, David Hockney, Paul Nash, William Gainsborough, Thomas Gainsborough, Allan Ramsay, William Holman Hunt, Charles Meynier, Evelyn de Morgan, Cima da Conegliano, Henry Fuseli, Jules Lefebvre, Charles Willson Peale, LS Lowry, Modigliani, Grant Wood, Munch, El Greco, Alphonse Mucha, Klimt, Samuel Cooper, Matisse, George Stubbs, Raphael, Masaccio, Lucas Cranach, Giotto, Edouard Detaille, Hieronymous Bosch, Joan Miro, John Martin, John William Waterhouse, Caravaggio, John Constable, Hokusai, Gauguin, Jan Brueghel, Hogarth, Millais, Pieter Bruegel, Botticelli, Monet, Michelangelo, Burne-Jones, RembrandtVan Gogh, Rosetti, JMW Turner, and others.

Updated to 31 July.

2 thoughts on “What I write about

    • 1. what makes your heart skip a beat?
      2. what qualities do you like in people?
      3. what is your passion?
      4. Why are you blogging?
      5. What is your dream?
      6. If you had to give away a million dollars, what would you do?
      7. Who or what inspires you?
      8. How old would you be if you didn’t know old you are?
      9. When it has all been said and done, will you have said more than you have done?
      10. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
      11. If someone offered you a million dollars for a night of sex, would you do it?

      Mmm. Thank you for those. I will consider, and get back to you. Actually, the word blogathon makes me think of a marathonathon, eating lots and lots of Snickers bars.


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