Slut Hate

I started having a large number of views from a site called Slut Hate, so thought to have a look. It is a forum for would-be PUAs.

“Pick-up artists”, in case you did not know. I did not understand the thread at first, but it seems Stirner is getting at a character called “Norwood Cemetery” by claiming that photos of me expressing myself female are photos of Norwood Cemetery, and also implying that the claim is as accurate as those of Norwood Cemetery about Stirner.

SlutHate is a vision of Hell: people being horrible and alone. They try to trick women and imagine the women are victims rather than playing their own games, and they bitch at each other. I thought of commenting, “Oh, you are such lovely boys! You must get laid so much that you have to join a web site to try and learn how to get laid!”

I joined, actually, and had a private message from someone: “chimp chump nigga”, which I think is insulting. I thanked him for his lovely welcome.

Then someone suggested that my features indicate I am a “Slayer”- an alpha male who gets laid a lot. They have a lot of jargon like that: hypergamy is dating above your league, and they give this insane explanation- note the mimicry of rationality: When women practice genetic hypergamy, this often leads to pregnancy. The good looking guy who impregnated the woman leaves her, so the woman now needs a source of income to care for her child, so she resorts to financial hypergamy. In other words, she marries the wealthiest man she can get. She then uses this beta provider’s money to care for her child she had from another man. Oh, do they? Really? Never marry, obviously: you would be being fooled and exploited, and get only illusions in return.

I suggested they look at another page of mine, which of course stopped their interest. They only look if they imagine they are being mean to someone.

Consider the names of the members on-line when I last looked:

Aristocracy, bennyb, Bing [Bot], Clare, gandytime, gold, Google [Bot], Icecutter101, Jack_the_raper, John Rambo, MiddleChild, Nightporter, OmegaKV, Perfectionist, PinV, Severe Aspie, ThereIsNoGame, thereturnofabulldog, Yahoo [Bot]

“Jack_the_raper”? Seriously? Some might be pitiable, some moderately clever with repartee, but some of these blokes are really nasty. Or just want to be seen that way, as a oneupmanship inexplicable to me.

Rules: Encouraging homicidal behaviour is prohibited
Any content that obviously and not out of jests advocates for suicide or the harming of another person. Saving for philosophically in depth thoughts on the subject

What do you think? Are they all as vile as they affect to be?

Added: not pick-up artists, but incels. It was the first time I heard about incels. Now, the forums appear to have been taken down.

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