Afghan heroin

Afghan opiumTankers Take on Route ClearanceTony Blair on the invasion, in October 2001: We act also because the al Qaeda network and the Taliban regime are funded in large part on the drugs trade”. Consider the chart: Toenibbler is proved again a liar and a fool. Indeed the invasion was a disaster for “The West”, even by Afghan standards of resistance. Blair should have remembered we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills, we shall never surrender. If in late September 2001 the US had sent a courteous man with some photographs of US military might and a polite request to Mullah Omar, they could have arrested Osama much earlier. The quote is a classic example of Blair lying to tell British people what we want to hear; he lied to cover up the true justification- keeping in with the Americans- with cobbled-together rationalisations.

Quickly I find this chart is misleading, though the figures tally with other information. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ruled from September 1996 to December 2001- not the whole country, but significant portions of it. I imagine Blair was blinded by George Bush’s insane view of us against them, the Bad people being entirely Bad, so could not realise that the Taliban found heroin production immoral, and reduced it; but I wonder what intelligence he had about Afghan poppy production. And were the Taliban seeking to suppress poppy production, or take it over?

The war has been a disaster. Islamic terrorism has moved to the Yemen and elsewhere, and the UK has squandered £37bn (or £19bn, depending whom you ask) for little result. This is a lot of money to keep in with the Americans, especially if the recent Commons vote on Syria has messed that up. British soldiers remain in Afghanistan. I would like to know why. The question should be, does their presence do good, proportionate to the costs? It is a pity that is a political question, rather than a practical military one.


Poor Patricia does not like the Pope. Here she is on the radio, going on about how the message of the Catholic church should be that homosexuality and abortion are sins deserving Hell, and if gay couples don’t just stop they will go to Hell. That first, anyway, and the Majesty of Tradition: love later, maybe. She sounds like a fishwife, as one of her usually sycophantic commenters said. I wondered if she was angling for the Anjem Choudhury role, for Catholics: he is a nobody who says things like “British forces murder Muslims so all British non-Muslims are a legitimate target” and so gets on the telly when they want to give us the shivers. Sadly, Patsy has neither the shock value, nor the interest.


 Tuck your penis, as if it was not there

How to tuck your penis, to achieve a feminine profile, so you can wear swimming costumes like the one pictured.

Julie Bindel insulted a trans woman: A male to female transgender person pre-op, came in, and obviously had male genitals.

You can avoid this problem.

When I dressed female before transitioning, I learned to “tuck”. I pushed my testicles back into the inguinal canal whence they descended before puberty. I then folded my penis back between my legs, and held it in place with control pants, which also pull your tummy in. I did this when wearing a ballgown with hooped underskirt– tranny dos are flamboyant- leave alone a short skirt. When I transitioned, I tucked all the time until I had my operation. I was concerned there might be risks in this- twisting the testicle and reducing its blood supply- but took care, and took the risk. The risk seemed worthwhile.

tucked penis 1

Take the scrotum gently with the fingertips of both hands, then exert gentle pressure on the testicles, upwards, moving each around slowly until you feel a little give. Push the testicle up, there, and it will slip into the canal.  Each testicle has its own canal. Then fold the penis back between the legs, and pull on your control briefs to hold it in place. I did this daily for 18 months with no ill-effects. It was perfectly comfortable, and I could look down and see a feminine shape, which was reassuring as I grew to dislike my penis more and more. The photos are me in a swimming costume, pre-op. Have a look at more photographs.

The testicle descends of its own accord when you untuck, but if it does not and you really want it to, gentle pressure behind the scrotum does the trick.

Tucking and taping

Tape is unnecessary, if wearing a mini skirt. When you are taking hormones, ordinary panties will do, especially with tights, but I wanted to be sure, and I wanted my penis tightly held back, so used control briefs. Brevity is the soul of lingerie, but when it has to be firm and extensive it can still be pretty enough.

But if you want to wear a thong or bikini bottoms, you need to tape.

Micropore tape is flesh coloured and gentle on your skin. Cut two lengths long enough to stretch from the base of your penis to the top of your anal cleft, when tucked. Stick these to your penis, and wrap a third length around the penis, loosely enough not to constrict the blood supply if you get an erection. Tuck your testicles, pull the tapes back and stick them inside your buttocks. You have a feminine silhouette, under the briefest panties. Practice makes perfect, and you can tuck with complete confidence.

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“Autogynephilia”. No, we are not perverts, we are women.

Tranny blog: on tranny chasers.

Try the Home Page. All human life is here: see the guide to Trans life. And- leave a comment! What would you like from this blog?

Tucked penis 2


File:Albert-von-Keller-La-Descente-aux-Enfers-1912.jpgI have a hot bra.
-The padding is too warm for anything but winter hiking!

Actually, it is unusual. I thought my padded bras would get waterlogged in washing, and go out of shape, but they usually dry quickly, keep their shape, and are comfortable, not too warm, to wear. They even manage to look almost pretty. And, I have a lace underwired creation which manages to pull me forward, display me to my best advantage, and is (apart from the well-concealed wire) pretty gossamer. I was abashed, wearing it: it is hard to accept that my breasts might look attractive.

Kaspar Juul, spin-doctor to the Statsminister in the Danish political drama Borgen, lies about his father. He pretends that he is the son of a wealthy industrialist. He ran away after his father sexually abused him, and told him not to tell his mother as she will not understand, and will be angry with him (Kaspar). His on-off girlfriend finds out about his father’s funeral, and goes. Only the two of them are there. She reaches for his hand, and holds it.

She points out is not the funeral of a wealthy industrialist, and he snaps that he has fantasised a wealthy father. He has seen a psychiatrist about it. She says she could love him if he told her the truth, and he cannot tell her that he was abused, cannot give the reason for his hatred, rejection and lies. Watching, I think that she would understand if he did; and he is ashamed of having been abused, ashamed of being angry, of being unable to deal with it. He so needs his pretence of not caring.

I lied again last night. I found something embarrassing, so I pretended it was other than it was- and held to my lie, though I was still embarrassed, and embarrassed more at my lie. And the lie cuts me off from sympathy, because I fear mockery. And yet I imagine I could not tell the alternative therapist’s lie, “I am fixing X by a little pressure and a little pulling” which if placebo has any meaning becomes true in the telling of it, and is a valuable part of that placebo. Part of the performance.

I imagine my lie last night was transparent, as my embarrassment would show. I do not want your sympathy, because it obliges me to you- yet I delight in giving sympathy. Two things so close, a society of equals all standing up for themselves and a society of equals, all supporting each other, and the fantasy of the first stops the second from coming to be.

And my breasts can look good, with the right support, in the right light, to the right eye.

Agree to disagree?

Here is a blog which “deals with same-sex attractions (SSA) from a Christian [ie, hate-filled oppressor] perspective”. He writes,

To my readers who are happy, satisfied and fulfilled in their self-identity and sexual identity: Please respect the rights, needs and viewpoints of my other guests. Let us agree to disagree.


Why not? I could complain about the phrase “Same-sex attraction (SSA)” which makes it sound like a disease, but we do need a noun for homosexuality, simply to refer to it. Gay is a word I can take pleasure in, it is Our word, but it is an adjective. So- Gayness? Queerness? Being gay? Any suggestions? SSA is the term coined by the ex-gay movement, can we do better?

Then I could object from a Christian perspective- here is this man telling untruths about God, humanity and the Bible- but then, he could say the same about me, and so his “Agree to disagree” becomes the best way to coexist.

My objection is that his position is used by the oppressors. Perhaps he has lived in a completely tolerant environment all his life, and converted to Christianity as an adult, and made a completely free choice of a hating church rather than an accepting church, and is gay himself, and so has some right to his opinion. However other gay people do not have such a free choice. They are forced, wrongfully, into self-abnegation. What he says gives aid and comfort to the Oppressors, and hurts and confuses their victims. So. Agree to disagree? Hell, no.

Let my people Go!

I would have left it at that, but then I had a look at the rest of his site.

Embracing a homosexual identity (or the gay culture) can be extremely dangerous and damaging to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and development.

What? Here, he is deliberately increasing self-hatred and doubt. This sort of lie has the potential to destroy a person’s confidence. It is evil. He goes on to say that it may be an illusion, and the person will realise in his twenties that he is not really gay. Well, no. He could be bi, and labels are reductive and inaccurate; dividing everyone into Gay/ Not gay is impossible and untruthful; but that does not mean that a gay attraction is worth any less than a heterosexual attraction. Worth spelling out: if in this moment I am attracted to a person, that has equal value whatever the gender of the person, and may be noticed and accepted. Though saying I am lesbian is a useful generalisation.

What are the risks? Suicide, depression, drug abuse- he blames gayness for the problems he himself causes. Then he goes on to say how angry he is with “gay-affirmative education” because it isolates those children who are defined as gay but do not want to affirm that. Total mindfuck.

Look at the site, to see how he steals the language of concern and freedom, and with half-truths and outright lies makes it Oppressive.

A significant percentage of people with SSA as adults had symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder in childhood that was not properly addressed.

How does he think gender dysphoria should be addressed? I am not Disordered or Deviant, I am Different and Diverse. But I have spent too long on this evil rubbish. I need a shower.