Qi ki prana

Qi is the same word as ki, as in reiki, explained D. Chakras come from yoga. Yoga uses the idea of fields of energy in the body, and calls it “prana”. So my spiritual healing with the Friends Fellowship of Healing or the Healing Trust is an eclectic mix of Eastern ideas of different traditions, building on a Christian idea of healing by the laying on of hands, which can also be found in Hippocrates; and the locations of energy centres, and their meanings, are different in different systems.

I had thought that I wanted to develop my own understanding, my own intuitive feeling with my healing, but now I feel moved to investigate the observations of others, and the dogma, if any, which has grown up around this. I also want to spend more time with people whose hands get warm. More training beckons.


My morning and evening ritual now begins with ten minutes kneeling, opening my chakras.
Open the base chakra, open the connection to the Mother Earth, Gaia, life and growth.
Open the creativity chakra, spinning, glowing, making.
Open the solar plexus chakra, projecting my power in the world.
Open the Heart chakra, open in love of all things.
Open the throat chakra, to speak my truth in the World.
Open the third eye chakra, to perceive Truth.
Open the crown chakra, open to Spirit Love and Truth.
Open the past life chakra, a source of love and energy
Open the Soul star, my connection to all living things with whom I connect.
Open the Stellar gateway to the Light of Spirit Who is God.

The last three I hear of through the golden light project. They have meaning for me.

Also, I am standing on one leg, to develop leg strength and balance, and punching a shoulder level punch, one hundred at full focus, to develop a beautiful first kata.

I am considering focusing on these energies to mitigate insomnia.


M sat down, and I did a-

you know, my thing. I stand behind her, and stick my hands out, not touching her. I move around her. Her mind’s eye saw various things, I had various intentions. My intentions were good, and she liked it-

It seems presumptuous to call it a “healing”. She had told me of things in her life, physical and psycho-spiritual, and to imagine that I-

It is not I who do it, it is We, with the Ocean of Light who is Consent and Love. And if I expect all M’s issues to just end, and for her to be Happy, then almost every session I do will be a “failure”. So- I want a Shift, and perhaps a shift which makes progress over coming days and weeks. That is not my responsibility. I do my part.

M sat down, and I did a Healing.

Chakra reading

You may think you only have seven chakras- or none at all- but according to the Golden Light Project you have thirteen. One runs down your back, from the head to the base of the spine. It is your past life chakra.

I did not complete the GLP in thirteen days this time. I have stopped on the past life chakra, and I review my past life, turning memories positive, or finding something positive in them. Eg: the “write a poem about” question in CSYS English just popped into my mind. I did not really work in my sixth year, I had the Highers, I was wasting time before University. So: opportunities missed, but the World is full of opportunity. And forgiving myself for not working particularly hard then. Strange. I had a wee session with memories, got upset, had a cry- hormones- and afterwards felt relaxed, present and happy. F said, “well it feels good when you stop banging your head against a wall”- but I am not sure it is that. I dare to hope that things are shifting. Or it could just be a temporary effect from crying.

I have spent time giving and receiving spiritual healing. I felt warmth located at my solar plexus, so I opened my eyes, looked down, and that was where A’s hands were. Another sensation which indicates to me that it is at least worth while pursuing this further.

After, she told me what she had seen. I was dancing freely, wearing a beautiful dress with a yellow bodice. She passed me a blue cloak from the Lady, and fastened it about my neck. (We are not talking about the Virgin, here: calling her a virgin is an attempt to distort and limit her.) After, she sought to fill me with white light, but I resisted: I would accept yellow only. In her system, the seven chakras match the colours of the rainbow from the base, so yellow is the solar plexus, which I understand as my Power.

Later S performed healing. My mind flooded with random thoughts: Oh well. That was what happened that time. I would approve of a serene meditative calm, but one cannot always be happy with ones state. After, she reported very strong energy at my solar plexus, again, and in my brow chakra, strong intuition and intellect. She sought to pass some of that energy into my heart, and also over my shoulders and down my back- which is where my past life chakra is. I do not know if S  accepts the past life chakra or not.

I sit lightly with all this. If we share a set of symbols, and spend time together, intuition may pick on individual symbols and bring them to mind when we seek it out. The pronounced feeling of heat is the most interesting symptom for me. These are experiences I find worthwhile.

Golden Light Project 10

In the northern hemisphere, the Spring Equinox is on 20 March. As I write, the daily meditations for the Golden Light Project for the winter solstice remain available on the website. Previously, they have been withdrawn and republished daily from a specific start date: if Renata does not do this, I will begin on 14 March and continue for thirteen days, and may continue thereafter. I call Golden Light into the Earth through me, and into every part of me.

Update: it starts on 19th March.

Here is a picture of light, playing:

I loved the way the water broke over that branch, gushing forward above and making a sheet of water. I loved the way it rose over the tussock of grass, making an unbroken covering, flashing in the sunlight. I would not have dreamed of photographing this on film, I love the freedom and abundance of digital photography, snapping away at anything in the hope that some image may be found which appeals: for everything that is, is holy.

Helpful suggestions

How can we deal with the financial crisis at a time of low growth?

What is happening is the withdrawal of democracy. Mario Monti, new prime minister of Italy, is appointed, not elected: he is not a member of Parliament. Lucas Papademos is a former banker and academic, also unelected, whose rise to be father of the people began with Mr Papandreou’s suggestion of a referendum, which could not be allowed. Could it happen in this democracy? Lord Salisbury was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1903. That is recent enough. Yes it could.

The Spectator had some suggestions: cut taxes on the wealthiest, cut welfare benefits, cut the minimum wage, get rid of the right to contest unfair dismissal in an employment tribunal. The Government has only been talking of limiting it. Well, what do you expect of the Spectator? I am far more concerned by people I expected to be bleeding heart liberals. I quoted from the test for “Employment and Support Allowance”, which is the benefit one must apply for if unfit for work. I think that lots of people who are unfit for work will be refused that benefit, because the test is far too restrictive, and in support of this quoted

Because of a specific mental illness or disablement, frequently cannot, due to impaired mental function, reliably initiate or complete at least 2 personal actions (which means planning, organisation, problem solving, prioritising or switching tasks).

I thought that made anyone unfit for work by itself, but it only scores six points, and you need fifteen points to get the benefit. And my friend asked, who decides? His concern is that points will be awarded incorrectly. I said that to get points, you need medical evidence that you cannot control such behaviour, because of a medical condition. He was unmoved.

I met a survivalist at a shotgun club (shooting at targets, not birds) in Aberdeen in the 1980s, and thought him an idiot, but recently I have come across two men with such concerns. First the global economy, then society, will break down, they think.

I remain sceptical of all the 2012 as a Spiritual Watershed hype. It will happen if we human beings make it happen. And so I recommend the Golden Light Project starting on 19 December.

The Golden Light Project

I am intensely grateful for having taken part in Golden Light Project no. 8, around the September equinox. I saw guided meditations inviting the light of Spirit into the Earth through me, and I thought I can do that, it seems worthwhile to pray with others, just knowing that others are praying too. I was not expecting the bounty I received.

The meditations invite the Light through the thirteen chakras, cleansing and purifying each one. Preparing myself by the ritual of the medicine wheel I brought myself into the space of worship and meditation, where I found senses of purpose and joy. Then on successive days I brought the Light into my connection with my highest self, into those people and situations which have most affected me in the past, into my memories of all that has happened to me, into my vision, intention and intuition, into my truth and creativity, into my place of unconditional love; into my inner child; into the Purpose of my life; into my strong, capable Power; into my creation of myself; into my base chakra, my relationships; and finally into the Earth into my Earth Star, which anchors me in the Earth and is my footprint there. I have seen some more of my potential and moved old patterns, resentments and fears so I am more free.

I loved the strong and gentle voice of Renata Ash leading me through this, and the singing of her partner Steven. The meditations are also available in German. I intend to be with them in December, at the Solstice, purifying and healing further.

Golden Light Project

David Tenn’s comments led me to the Golden Light Project. I love the idea of this meditation: knowing that others around the World are meditating alongside me with the same purpose increases the power of it for me, doing it at the Equinoxes and Solstices with people in the Southern Hemisphere as well, people at the complementary part of the cycle of planting and harvesting, increases the sweetness. So, yes. I am up for that.

The site says,

we can feel a beauty beginning to unfold, the promise of a world governed by peace, compassion and respect for all life. We are all part of this unfolding.

Yes. I am part of that too.

My minor quibble is the comment about entering in 2012 the Mayan Age of the Fifth Sun. I thought, that is a mere coincidence of the Mayan numbering/dating system. I partied in 1999, but that was a coincidence of the numbering system, and possibly Jesus was born in 7BC. The New Age is not Mayan. Nor is it “The Age of Aquarius”- the procession of the Equinoxes, the natural wobble of the Earth’s axis and the names the Ancients gave to certain stars does not influence it, says my inner Rationalist, or perhaps my Quakerism, always suspicious of doctrine or dogma. But whether the New Age is simply Human, or from the interaction of Spirit and Humanity, it is Real.

Do have a look, see what you think, perhaps join in.