Comment policy III

AdamDisagreement is welcome. Please don’t call me an idiot.

I admire Less Wrong. Rationalists will have a great deal of fun there, and I earned enough points to post articles. See also RationalWiki. There, I read “to agree to disagree is an expression of contempt”. People capable of rational thought and argument should be able to assess evidence and come to an agreed rational conclusion. Academic debate does not refute this: people craft their papers, which disagree, and continue until consensus emerges. But that occurs over years, not in the rapid to and fro of a comment thread.

One of my themes here is that the concept of God has value. The word “God” is a useful tool to describe human experience. Dogma is not a matter of certainty, for me, but story: what value has the story? The story may not have value, to you, and the Bible might seem an endless series of horrors perpetrated by a bloodthirsty Yahweh, but “this story is valueless” is a matter of judgment and taste in a way that “humans evolved” is not.

I spammed Arkenaten, after more than twenty comments on one post. I was fed up. I won the argument, because he chose the wrong ground, asserting that If you can find a single line of biblical or religious text that clearly shows the character Jesus saying I am God then I will retract my statement. I quoted “before Abraham was, I am”, and unpacked that. He did not choose to argue whether the person Jesus had used those exact words, but accused me of dishonesty in his second comment (though he was too cowardly to make that accusation directly).

So I asked My Atheist Life what he thought about the argument, and he said “Jesus never claimed to be God”. :facepalm: Facepalm. :facepalm:

You will not persuade me that THERE IS NO GOD, or that Christianity is an incorrigible monstrosity. Certainly not in the space of a comment thread. I am Christian because I was brought up Christian, I might not have chosen Quakers had I never been Christian, and still I persist in finding value in it.

I let almost anything through, have felt that courtesy obliges me to reply to acknowledge, and if the commenter comes back I usually give her/him the last word. But WordPress is an open forum consisting of a large number of personal spaces. This is my space.Fallen Caryatid carrying her stone

Wxhluyp wants to persuade me that I transitioned because I wanked too much, and to the wrong fantasies. If you want to see why her/his argument is completely worthless, consider this comment thread. And that one.

I could let things through, and just not engage. My silence does not demonstrate that, faced by the brilliance of your argument, I have caved in. Here, My Atheist Life tells me lots of things, including that my search for value in the Bible is a complete waste of time, a desperate attempt to deny the obvious truth that my Christianity is merely harmful, and that Christian = Hypocrite. Thank you for commenting.

If I delete your comment, it could be a sign that you have got under my skin. If you like, believe that means you have won. By all means, tell me I am wrong, even tell me I am an idiot- but if you comment again on the same post, add evidence or The Burghers of Calaisanother instance, or something. Please do not just keep repeating that I am wrong, an idiot.

Why do you comment on blogs? Why do you comment here?

God was not a fun one

I had this comment:
قل هوالله احد الله الصمد لم يلد ولم يولد ولم يكن لهو كفوان احد

Well. There is always Google translate: Say Hoallah one God Samad begets not and was not a fun one Kovan. From the context, I thought Samad meant LGBT, but in fact it is The Eternal, a name for God. Instead of cursing the gays, he is denying the divinity of Jesus, a doctrine about which I am agnostic. Kovan is more difficult. It is unlikely to mean the suburb and Underground station in Singapore; Google gives me no likely meaning.

I understand that some Muslims believe that the Koran should not be translated: the revelation was in Arabic, and translating it changes the words. Revelation says, If anyone adds anything to [the words of prophecy], God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. In Oldham, the Asian children go to Koran classes after school, and learn the alphabet and how to read it by rote, with little understanding. The trouble is that I do not understand it. If you speak to me, please make some effort to help me understand. I am doing all the work here.

I replied that Jesus is God’s son, and we are God’s children. He said,
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة يا اهل الكتاب تعالو الي كلمة سواء بيننا وبينكم الا نعبد الاالله والانشرك بة شيء فان توليتو فشهدو بانا مسلمون المسيح علية السلام رسول عظيم من رسل الله وفقك الله الخالق لم يحب ويرضا

Google translate gives “Peace, mercy and blessings of God, O People of the Book ĘÚÇáć word to both you and us, but we worship and Alllah Alanscherk expe something the Tlito Vhhdo PANA Muslims Christ peace be upon him a great messenger of God’s messengers of God the Creator and enabled you did not like and Aarza”. Unhelpful.

They deny that I am a follower of Jesus. Oh. OK. Well, the Koran has Jesus deny his divinity: God will say: “O Jesus the son of Mary! Didst thou say unto men, “Worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of God”? He will say: “Glory to thee! Never could I say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, thou wouldst indeed have known it. Thou knowest what is in my heart, though I have not known what is in thine. For thou knowest in full all that is hidden.

More googling. I found a page which says how Muslims should address Christians: dispute ye not with the People of the Book except with means better (than mere disputation) unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong (and injury): but say “We believe in the Revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our Allah and your Allah is one; and it is to Him we bow. So, perhaps this commenter only wanted to say what he was commanded to say, in the way he was commanded to say it- “I’m right, and you are wrong”. And, having said it, he is absolved from any responsibility for my descent to Jahannam. Oh well. At least he wanted to say something.

Comment policy II

Something is wrong on the Internet

Vittorio_Reggianini_1858-1938_Music_scene 2Why is blogging addictive? I am desolate to see Violet joining Bloggers Anonymous, but as she says, will I have a shower or rant at this wrong person, will I go for a walk or lurk on this blog, will I have nap or check my reader? Blog wins at every turn – I smell and am very tired

I went from there to put a comment on a blog saying homosexuality is sin. The usual stuff: you quote Leviticus, do you really want us dead; on the Pastoral Epistles, what do you think of Cretans? Golly, it makes the endorphins flow. My righteous indignation rears up at this poor silly woman who mouths the brain-rot she has been fed since childhood. Ha. That’s her told.

It is far more difficult to comment on Freya. She writes worthwhile things here, and I want to reciprocate. How can I say something intelligent to someone I admire? Far easier to mock homophobes.

My colleague nearly got sacked for her compulsive use of facebook, Vittorio_Reggianini_1858-1938_Music_scene 1which I got sniffy at, not using facebook at the time. She was redundant in the next round of funding cuts. Now I use facebook, and see all these videos. This one, for example, shared by two friends: it is moving, it makes a necessary point well, and it gives me a shiver of distaste at the World, without either arming or motivating me to do anything about it. That and the documentary on factories in Bangladesh make me miserable- too strong meat for addiction.

I am sorry that spEak you’re bRanes is defunct. While the comments it mocked were badly expressed, and stated opinions I found repulsive, for the most part, it was mocking what I do: expressing anger into the ether, then excitedly clicking to see if there is a response. I do real human interactions with people I will see again, needing frontal lobe activity, and I do angry or mocking billets aigre to homophobes in Texas, giving instant satisfaction with minimal cost. It is obvious which I prefer, and why,

So, I sit myself down for a serious chat. By all means seek to establish internet relationships with attractive and intelligent people, but stop ranting. If my forefinger is sore from friction burns on the mouse-pad of my lap-top (a moment’s googling taught me a new word- it is a “touchpad”) then I spend too much time with it. For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the Universe- worrying about problems I cannot solve is a seductive distraction from the problems I must address. Yes, recently in one day I got seven times the page views of two days previously for some reason, but checking the stats page several times a day does no good.

I probably won’t work this blog up to a huge circulation by commenting, or liking, and certainly not following. I have no idea how many of my 592 followers get my posts by email.

File:John Martin Le Pandemonium Louvre.JPG

Comment policy

/.jpg/476px-Vittorio_Reggianini_Eavesdropping.jpgWhat do you want from comments?

I want to enjoy blogging. It most interests me when it is a dialogue, responding to what someone writes. Comments, generally, please me.

I have some fun with nutcase Christian blogs. When they say that God abominates gay people, I tell them to repent. Here is a man who says women should not be police officers because that is far too manly a role for women, and therefore it goes against God’s design. My comment that he is a fuckwit got through. Other comments are more BDSM than Christian. So what if he commented here? Should I reciprocate his publishing my comment?

No. I might let through one, if it showed quite how appalling he is, but I do not want that level of stupidity here. I am psyching myself up, really. Usually I want to be Nice, but why be nice to someone like that?

It is only not “My blog my rules” because there are no rules. What I don’t like may be trashed. If there is some meeting of minds, I might engage in argument, until it bores me. I find the bee in Spookchristian’s bonnet, that the Pope is the Antichrist, equally repellent and ridiculous. I let his comments through for a bit, because his coming here after I insulted him and saying things like “hope you forgive me” is pitiable, but he adds nothing here.

I welcome disagreement, especially if amusingly expressed.

File:Reggianini Frau mit Kätzchen.jpg

And feel free to tell me how wonderful I am.

The basic comment policy is, don’t piss me off. It has to really piss me off- one woman escalated, and had to call me “you sick fuck” before I trashed her comment- but I can’t, at the moment, put in words what might and might not piss me off, even with the standard disclaimer “my decision is final”.

Here is a sample comment policy. The owner of this blog reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog without notice. This comment policy is subject to change at any time.  Well, yes, and it should not need saying. But I won’t necessarily delete profanity, or personal attacks, if I find them witty, or enjoy insulting the commenter. I cannot draft all the exceptions. But I won’t edit comments, unless followed immediately by another saying there is a mis-type: I may correct mis-types, but editing the comment offends me.

The Catholic News Service tells us to be positive: Just stick to the issue being discussed and leave out the personalities. Back up your argument, telling why you disagree instead of saying that someone’s suggestion is stupid. Remember, Jesus had strong views, but he didn’t tear us down to illustrate his points or bring us salvation. I searched that blog for gay marriage, and found an article so anodyne– some people are against it, some people are for- that it attracted no comments at all, or comments so insulting, foul or spammy that they could not get through.