Trans blogs

Who is blogging on trans?

Here is Dee, who is early on in her coming out. Her sister, niece and nephew know and are supportive, and she has told four friends. It is lovely to read her new year post expressing her delight in that support and her explorations. She will explore further, and share it.

I went to the WordPress tag “trans” to find what people would see there, apart from me. I was so put off by the first post that I went to the tag transgender to see if it were any better. Michael Coward claims that Christians are doing a great deal of damage. He has a long screed arguing that the Bible does not condemn LGB people to a life of celibacy, and reporting trans suicide attempt statistics. God, it’s depressing. He explains that “Evolution is not a theory in crisis” and links to an earnest site arguing that, but also saying that Christian leaders challenging the theory may be “well-intentioned”. I don’t believe that. Christians should have a respect for truth, and natural selection is clearly evidenced. Those Creationists are denying the truth. In the same way, when Michael challenges the assertion that LGB people should be celibate, I no longer care. Yes there are Christians who believe that, and he describes conversations with them, showing how closed-minded they can be. I have mostly given up debating with the sickos who condemn us. I used to visit their blogs, and even made friends there, but now can’t be bothered. There’s only so much stupid one can take.

According to this blog, wherever the writer is, “Chakka”, meaning transgender, is a playground insult. He likens it to Muslims being called terrorists. Still, I learned something:  मादरचोद is Hindi for “Motherfucker”, pronounced maadarachod. Someone who confesses to being “conservative”– never a good sign- says the “transgender cult” is pushing women out of women’s sports. everyone outside of brainwashed gender studies professors knows these scientific facts. I could of course rip this to shreds, but can’t be bothered.

I liked the look of Geansworld on “New Years Joy!”. Gean is an intersex woman. I don’t know why she tagged transgender, but enjoyed reading of her adopting a cat.

Tomcat has been on disability for months, after his transgender surgery, but the pain of being in a body that does not match his brain is a lot less. He’s feeling better and rebuilding his life. I wish him well. He writes, We’re all surviving, one way or another, with what we have right now. Some of us are fighting to survive in ways others will never see or understand. 

Charlotte, from North Carolina, has a trans daughter called Heather and another daughter called Abby. She gives thanks, for she has found friendship and support when she had feared losing friends when they found out about Heather. It’s the same theme as Tomcat for the new year: survival, and slight surprise.

Scroll a little further. Another fool blogging endlessly about LGBT from an American Family Values perspective, without any comments or likes at all and perhaps no readers but me. This is why you should find your trans blogs on T-Central, which lists dozens of trans blogs and news sites.


All my windows are open, in the glorious weather, for the breeze and the scent of the roses.
Neighbours’ cat pops in for a look-see.
Neighbours’ cat is housetrained.
Neighbours’ cat thinks my house is “Outside”.

Had I written “Neighbours’ cat scent marked my flat” it would not have been funny. This is an attempt at a joke, with allusions to the punch-line throughout, all the weight on the last word, the last word making everything clear without actually spelling it out. What do you think of it?


I am chatting with Nichola and Regina. Regina asks Nichola how she likes to be called. Nicki, or Nichola?
-Actually, I don’t care. I can’t control it, and either is OK. Some people call me both. Though I too like to get names right.

Regina says “OK, I will call you Nichola. It is pretty,” though she has misunderstood: Nicki meant, get other people’s names right.

Later, I hear that Regina hates being called “RegINa” as it sounds like vagina, and wages fruitless battles to get people to call her “RegEENa”.

On another occasion, I am fully aware of the line I should take. When this particular friend compliments my hands, I say that hers are the perfect balance of femininity and strength. After all, I have been here more than once before, it is almost a ritual between us. The first time I did not get it at all.