Facebook transphobes, and the silly things they say

Is there any end to the self-righteousness and victimhood of transphobes? From one post on facebook:

Phyllis: “I respect trans people and want to protect their rights! And women have an absolute right to penis free zones! Don’t cis me!”

Phyllis cannot go into a toilet without speculating on the genitals of other people using it. She thinks she and her fellow phobes should get to judge what trans rights should be. And the words she uses have her specific meaning- so her term “trans rights” does not mean our human rights, or legal rights, just the rights she would give us.

“Women’s safety comes before men’s feelings!”

She has been reading phobe sites so obsessively she can quote slogans verbatim. Of course this is true. Women’s safety is orders of magnitude more important than men’s feelings. But applying the slogan to trans rights is dastardly.

“Men’s feelings”- trans lives and trans people don’t matter for her: trans women are just men. And the only thing at issue for us, she thinks, is “men’s feelings”. We should get over it. Believe me, I’ve tried. Saying men’s feelings don’t matter entrenches the gender stereotypes Phyllis thinks she opposes.  Trans women are not a threat to cis women’s safety. She is saying that trans women are a threat, simply by existing, not for anything we have done. Don’t judge us by our worst. Phyllis would not like to be judged by the actions of Myra Hindley.

Four sentences, four exclamation marks. That shows her level of excitement. The slogan has achieved all its creator could wish: she is certain of her righteousness, her victimhood, and her enemies.

“Gaia”, a man, says “Natal men wish to close the debate”. He wants the right to define us, by part of us, or an idea of us. Whether calling us “penises”, “natal men” or “biological men”, he will not use the simple term trans women. Then he drivels on about “women’s concerns” and phobes being “hounded and bullied”. His martyrdom is always on his mind.

Such men want to bully people they think weaker than themselves, and claim righteousness because they are protecting women. Such chivalry also entrenches gender stereotypes.

Ben, a man, has read the BBC’s foul article claiming trans women tried to force lesbians into sex. The article is discredited. They could not verify an example of this happening. They have belatedly removed the quotes from one source, because of her history of abusing others, and her insane blog post calling for trans women to be lynched. But Ben has read the article and taken it on trust.

“women who are equipped with what has been traditionally recognised as male genitalia”- the circumlocution fools nobody. He thinks of us as penises.

Becky, obsessive anti trans campaigner for years: “When it comes to trans rights it seems people born male are more worthy than women”. Why can’t she use the simple term trans women? And who says we are more worthy than cis women? That’s just in her imagination. But it lets her feel martyred, and self-righteous, so she feels entitled to do anything to oppose trans rights.

“No-one wants to call someone the wrong thing”. What? She’s just called us “people born male”. She delights in calling people the wrong thing. But, she still complains about her language being controlled, revelling in martyrdom.

“The loss of language to describe reality shows this is one group exerting power over another”. Yes, the “debate” goes into what language people may use, but it is the phobes who have the power.

Lorna, florid phobe and obsessive anti-trans campaigner, claims there are “legitimate concerns about the rights of women and LGB people”, shared by “many people”. However ridiculous or imaginary a phobe’s concern is, Lorna calls it “legitimate”. The word has no meaning, here. It is used to stop her thinking and emphasise her rightness in her own eyes.

Lorna claims “these lesbians – real, breathing people, not generalities – were abused. How do we bring their abuse to light, allow them to be heard, and prevent it happening to others”? When someone protests, “did i not just say prosecute the abusers instead of demonizing all trans people???” she responds, “I will always side with the victims of abuse, and their rights to tell their stories however they like, even if talking about that abuse makes their abusers look bad.”

Women’s right to talk about their abuse varies by circumstances. Black men were lynched because white women talked about sexual assaults, whether those allegations were true or not. Lorna does not see the difference between speaking out about an assault and punishing the abuser, and using the abuse to attack a whole demographic group.

Janet refuses to recognise the distinction between punishing an abuser, and attacking all trans women. “The lesbians who are being told not to speak about their experiences of sexual abuse are encountering a very old pattern – of women being told to remain silent because there is a risk they will hurt the reputation of the assailant or of the whole community.” Then she conflates these allegations with rape in general: “This mass pressure from people calling them liars is one reason only 18% of rapes are reported to the police.”

For Janet, trans women opposing demonisation of trans women is the same as silencing women who are abused. She does not see the distinction.

Then there’s Moyra. “You are in favour of self-identification of sex. What safeguards do you think would be necessary to prevent misuse of that self-identification by predatory men who claim to be trans?” She just writes off the last thirteen years. There have been no safeguards, particularly, beyond the fear and nervousness of trans women. Why on Earth would predatory men pretend to be trans? They just push doors open.

Then there’s the direct falsehood. “Under the Equalities Act women, as a sex-based class, have the right to certain single sex spaces for their dignity, privacy & safety.” This is not true. She continues, “This is for good reason & to stand for this is not to fail to have dignity & respect for trans-identified individuals.” So she feels entitled to shout rudely and perhaps even bar my way, and imagines doing that she would be treating me with all due respect. Where does she get these harmful ideas? “I am part of a Quaker group considering women’s rights as a sex based class.” Quakers, spreading disinformation and self-righteous transphobia.

The demand to allow women to speak of their victimisation is a direct echo of the accusations of lynch mobs. The demonisation of a whole demographic group by accusations against a few of them is as bad as fascists demonising Jews. The problem is, these oppressors think they are oppressed, and that makes them feel entitled to lash out and hurt trans women. We are not fully human, to them.

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