The Times transphobia in April

We know The Times is transphobic, but seeing how obsessed it is with transphobia is breathtaking. These are the articles in April:

9 April: our pick of the books you may have missed includes a “fearless” “bleak” book warning of the “craze” for medical treatment for trans children.

11 April: Worry over trans reform widespread, survey shows. The Sunday Times commissioned an opinion poll suggesting that 54% were opposed to trans women using women’s changing rooms in swimming pools, and 60% against us competing in women’s sporting events- when don’t knows are excluded. The article calls a transphobe a “women’s rights campaigner” and quotes her at length.

15 April: An Irish broadcasting regulator has upheld a complaint saying a programme was unfair to call JK Rowling a transphobic bigot. The article again quotes Rowling’s transphobic tweets.

20 April: Richard Dawkins loses humanist of the year award. The Times quotes his transphobic tweets.

24 April: transphobes are “daring”. The “Journal of Controversial Ideas dares to say the unsayable”. The “unsayable” thing they say is that “adult human female” does not include trans women, which is said tediously and endlessly by The Times and by transphobes everywhere.

25 April: A review of Kathleen Stock’s new book, by Christina Patterson. I have not assessed how many books by academic analytic philosophers The Times reviews, I may do a more rigorous survey later, but the choice to review this particular book is because it relates to one of Rupert’s obsessions. The book is transphobic, and the review is adulatory. “This author fights back against the modern orthodoxy of gender theory”- The Times used to consider itself a paper of record, but now it is a bold insurgent fighting The Establishment. Yeah, right.

The review claims Stonewall is aggressive, and makes sex give way to feeling, and feeling trump facts. Stock packs a punch, with rigour and courage. She has considered the intellectual background of the theory of gender identity, and written a methodical dismantling of false arguments. Trans activists misrepresent facts. Patterson fearmongers about the “Cotton ceiling”.

25 April: editorial on school toilets says “f****e” is “the gender that dare not speak its name”. Trans people are few in number but “aggressively vocal”.

26 April: editorial on “Freedom to offend” discusses at length Harry Miller’s non-crime hate incidents, and quotes his hate, for the amusement of the transphobes.

28 April: The transphobe Forstater Employment Appeal Tribunal has breathless coverage. Headline: ruling was “Orwellian”. The report quotes Forstater’s statements and her lawyers’ submissions. They therefore put transphobic drivel in a news report: that MF’s beliefs are “fundamental scientific facts”. The arguments of the other side are not reported.

Other Coverage:

10 April: Katie Lam is working on a musical based on The Danish Girl.

28 April: President Biden has not met his pledge to pass the Equality Act in his first 100 days, prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

30 April: review of William Blake vs The World by John Higgs mentions that Higgs suggests Blake’s sense of self may have been transgender, but does not elaborate.

Positive articles:

1 April: Victoria McCloud is the UK’s only transgender judge. She is a Queens Bench Master. The judge “insists that society can accommodate diversity”. I wish it did not need to be said.

5 April: MI6 flies the flag for transgender awareness. MI6 marked International Transgender Day of Visibility and said diversity makes us more effective.

Search machinery is dreadful in The Times- no pages for articles by individual writers, a crude way of searching by date only after searching for a topic, and this did not come up on my initial search for transgender, but the actor Alan Cumming wrote a rare positive comment article about trans on 22 April. He suggests that just as homophobia recedes when people get to know a few gay people, perhaps transphobia is just fear of the unknown and when people get to know us they won’t be phobic. It also published a “news” article by Mike Wade which reported that The Times had printed an article- self-referential or what?- and got comment from a transphobe from Four Women Scotland, a tiny transphobe campaign cabal.

All comments welcome.

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