Is transphobia as bad as racism?

What turns speech into “hate speech”? What should prevent it?

Ruth Smeeth wrote in the Times that an employment tribunal case had placed anti-trans campaigning in the same category as “dangerous extremism” which threatens society. She claimed anti-trans campaigning was not the equivalent to racist hate speech.

Anti-trans campaigning is often couched in terms of safety. But then so can racism be. 1960s America had unashamed campaigners for segregation, who would argue in terms of safety. Black men were lynched after being accused of sexual crime against white women.

Homophobia can claim to work for the safety of children too. Section 28 of the Local Government Act, which was in effect from 1988 to 2003, prohibited the “promotion of homosexuality” and prevented teachers from acknowledging that people could be gay. This tortured gay children. Yet in 1999 in Parliament Jill Knight claimed that “children at school [were] being encouraged into homosexuality and being taught that a normal family with mummy and daddy was outdated.”

Prejudice is also couched in terms of difference. Racists argue that Black people are different from white people. That is the basis of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory. In the same way, trans-excluders argue that differences between trans women and cis women are in some way relevant, so that we should be excluded from shop changing rooms.

The classic free speech defence is that wrong speech will be subjected to the light of truth, and be refuted. This ignores the question of power. Governments of the Right have encouraged racism and homophobia, and governments of the Left have moved to sanction them. Now, racist views are encouraged by the Murdoch media empire, because these views tend to preserve hierarchy and their own power.

Theresa May described her “hostile environment” policy- making sure immigrants without a current visa or right to remain could not work or rent, expelling them from homeless shelters, closing their bank accounts. This, combined with the Home Office’s restrictions on evidence and incompetence led to the Windrush scandal.

The Smeeth article is not an attempt to justify anti-trans campaigning or a discussion of the issues. It uses the word “dangerous” but does not say what the danger is. People who agree with it will be prevented from thinking: they will see the word “dangerous”, agree that danger must be bad, and so conclude that their anti-trans campaigning is unobjectionable. Smeeth uses the word to describe the ET decision- the danger is of restricting speech- but also dangerous extremism, where speech should be restricted.

At its core is an assumption that all good people agree “racist hate speech” is bad, but anti-trans campaigning is not equally bad.

Smeeth claims a right to say who needs or deserves protection. Minority ethnic people need and deserve protection. I agree. She claims, though she gives no reason, that trans people do not deserve the same protection.

Teaching pseudo-scientific claims of racial difference, even where backed up by selected data by tenured professors, creates a hostile environment for Black people in universities. It’s not a question of how language is used or whether it imitates dispassion. The cold hate of Jill Knight is as damaging as the hot hate of the Nazis shouting “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville.

Racists, homophobes and transphobes can easily find powerful backers and ready audiences. They make money from their speech, just as climate change deniers do. Smeeth’s claim that trans people are entitled to less protection than racialised people or gay people makes it easier to persecute us, and drive us out from ordinary society. All transphobia, from debates in university common rooms and Quaker meetings, to assaults on trans people, is linked: it shares a view that we might be in some way dangerous, or not deserve protection, that we have less value than the normal people.

7 thoughts on “Is transphobia as bad as racism?

  1. True! I never thought I would be a protagonist for gay people and transgender people. But as a daughter of Jesus 😀literally😉 and one who loves all real and authentic people, and everyones right to love who they want, I now find myself indeed taking side. I took a little trip into the Orthodox church in my spiritual search and it nearly killed me, at least shook me severly. I understod I had to Save myself or I would be on my way to becoming someone I indeed am not, and I am now so grateful for my little journey. I know a lot more about the world now. And myself! Thank you for existing. You are an inspiration. And you do bring joy. Now I am writing about my experiences in my bookseries Alma Mater.

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  2. Saying racism is worse than transphobia or vice Versace creates a pecking order. All phobias and isms like this are bad, and they’re all equally bad. There are peaks and dips in any hate movement ie 1939-1945 anti Semitism was massive in Germany. After the attacks of 9/11, islamaphobia rose in the USA and around the world. All bigotry has one common factor though, and that’s ignorance. It was Muslim terrorists who flew planes into the twin towers in 2001, but it was terrorists who were Muslim or claimed to be Muslims that flew those planes. It’s Muslims with those same views we need to be wary of, not all Muslims. Regardless, the actions of a few extremists, do not justify the ill treatment of the majority of a people who share the same religion.


  3. Hate speech or behaviour is a hate crime whether against people because of their race, religion, gender, sexuality, impairment/disability, age, pregnancy, and others, I will have missed something. We cannot start creating a hierarchy of hate, it helps none of us. The more we can recognise the elements we have in common so that we can work together, the stronger we will be.


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