Reasons to be cheerful

Depressed by the social media war, I asked a trans group for things to cheer me up.

One shared about her covid inoculation. Though she lives some of the time presenting male, and her NHS records are in her male name, she was treated in a friendly and professional manner when she turned up expressing female, and this pleased her.

Another said she had finally seen the gender clinic psych. Well, life goes on, and people transition, however loud the hate storm gets. People talked of prescriptions and surgery consultations.

Others wanted to share how they had made mic-drops on twitter. (I understand a mic-drop is saying something so brilliant no-one can follow it. I’d be mortified if I had misunderstood and it was running off the stage shamed.) That really isn’t cheering. I’d backandforthed with someone who repeatedly demanded if I thought Karen White was a woman or not. Bloody Karen White. Well, she had an appointment with the gender psychiatrist but didn’t turn up. Prisons don’t put trans women in with the cis women without strong evidence they are trans women. This trans excluder thought she had a killer argument: if I said “no”, I would be admitting trans women might not be women. If I said “yes” I was affirming a rapist.

That shows the trouble of only commenting in forums which agree with you. I answered as if she was arguing all trans are therefore bad. Hitler was German, but that does not mean, by itself, you should distrust Angela Merkel. Then I remembered Hitler was Austrian. A formal name would label this a logical fallacy, but I can’t recall which one it is. However, Karen White is not used for logical argument, but to foment fear, to create an association. The phobe reads about trans women, and thinks of Karen White. She wants others to do so too. We don’t judge all doctors by Harold Shipman, or all cis women by Rosemary West.

I glance at the title I gave this post and see I am going off topic.

I felt really good this morning. I felt an unaccustomed burst of energy, and wiped the bathroom- I didn’t clean it, but it’s a lot cleaner- did my 13 mile cycle ride, and did a load of washing by hand. Then I attended the Quaker meeting. The sun was warm on my back, the daffodils are out, I bid a cheery hello to lots of other cyclists, and felt I was climbing the hills well. Meeting was gentle, with reminders that love circulates there. I was thinking of this before people spoke of it.

Possibly I should avoid social media. The trans group is mostly about new fronts opened by the anti-trans campaigners. On Zoom, as opposed to facebook, I find myself affirmed. I was with LGBT folk yesterday.

Or, possibly, around equinox- that was Saturday, 9.37 GMT- all reasons to be cheerful are qualified.

After the winter rain,
Sing, robin! Sing, swallow!
Grasses are in the lane,
Buds and flowers will follow.

Coming out of covid- I’ve just been invited to book a vaccine- might feel the same. We remember the bad. We know the good is ahead.

All comments welcome.

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