Harriet Harman

Is Harriet Harman now an anti-trans campaigner? Saying male predators pretend to be trans is a big deal.

This is the quote from the interview:

I ask her to respond to Jenny [sic] Murray’s recent comments regarding transgender women, and she states: “I think that people who are transgender face a very high level of difficulty and discrimination and that should never be underestimated.”

However, she adds: “I also think we have to recognise that there are some men who would want to falsely claim to be transgender to infiltrate women only spaces.”

I have used my gender recognition certificate to get a birth certificate in my name. I don’t carry either certificate around to show when I enter public loos. Self-declaration came in with the Equality Act, and you would think Harman would know that. On her website, we read a document from 2010:


The Equality Bill will change the definition of ‘gender reassignment’ to make it clear that a person does not have to be under medical supervision to be protected from discrimination.

“Make it clear”- that was the intention from the beginning. We are trans women from the moment we decide to transition. It’s all about self-declaration.

Possibly in prisons a trouble-making male prisoner might claim to be a woman to cause trouble, or even to alleviate the boredom. This is because in prison men are comparatively powerless. A violent man can just kick the door down, he does not need a gender recognition certificate.

And the myth is dangerous. It creates suspicion. Is that person a trans woman, or a violent male pretending to be a trans woman? It foments violence against us.

Is it just that she disnae ken? There’s little excuse for that three years after the hate campaign really started to hot up.

The Guardian found that Harman supported self-declaration of trans women on women-only shortlists.

When acting leader of Labour, she wrote for Pink News about IDAHoBiT. She refers to “homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying” but says nothing specific about trans people.

Janice Turner in The Times wrote, “Harriet Harman too supports self-ID but also wants stop men exploiting their access to women’s spaces. But how, Harriet?” Yeah. An accusation of hypocrisy from a phobe, in February 2018, is not conclusive either way.

Paris Lees’ agent claims that Harman praised Lees’ appearance on Question Time.

Transphobe clique WPUK pointed me to this Guardian article. Harman, as chair of the joint parliamentary committee on human rights, issued a report that free speech on university campuses was inhibited by safe space and no-platform policies, in 2018. That would include policies to protect trans people.

Harriet Harman, while part of a Labour cabinet or shadow cabinet, has achieved good things for trans people, including the Equality Act. Now, she has helped spread a myth which is easily disproved, which she should know to be false, and which foments violence against us. This matters.

No doubt an army of bots and trolls will change their usual misogynist abuse of Harman to include abusing her as a transphobe. Whether this is intended to increase transphobia, or merely to increase mayhem, that’s not in our interests.

People who can should call her out as a spreader of transphobic myths, but probably not on social media: in Labour circles, and in articles, would be better.

I will complain to the Labour Party.

7 thoughts on “Harriet Harman

  1. The much larger concern is that there are those who self-declare themselves to be intelligent – even genus – human beings, and thus worthy of our votes, only to gain access to our governing bodies with nefarious intentions.


    • I don’t think trans issues are the heart of politics. She has done some good. She’s better than a tory. But she should not be spreading that lie. It’s the trans equivalent of the blood libel. “That apparent trans woman could be dangerous.”


      • Harriet Harman is talking about MEN pretending to be women to access women in prison and to have an easier stay. Trans for the Stay.
        Many so called trans Have repeatedly raped and violently assaulted vulnerable women in prison .
        IF you were a REAL WOMAN, you would CARE about vulnerable women in prison!


  2. But , you are selfish narcissists who only care about one issue- your access to biological women’s spaces . IF you were a real woman, you’d give a shit about equal pay, equal access to power , women’s rights in general.
    But , you don’t. And that’s because you don’t have lived experience of being female in a male dominated society. You and your ilk only perform what you believe to be female.,

    The noise and entitlement and the force you all use for getting your own way and seeing everything through the limited prism of trans is MALE socialisation. You are nasty bullies .
    You aren’t a woman, it is merely performative, you will Never be a proper woman . IF you cared about women, you would admit that trans women do rape and assault females.


    • Welcome, Charmaine. Thank you for commenting.

      On equal pay- for years I was a tribunal representative working for claimants on discrimination cases, including equal pay. Campaigning in elections I have supported women candidates and called out sexism among men campaigning for them. This is because I am a decent human being, rather than proof I am male or female.

      I care about vulnerable women in prison. As I say here, a prisoner might pretend to be trans. There are trans women who are rapists. That does not mean that the way to protect women in prison is to put all trans women in men’s prisons. Any characteristic I have, I share with one or more rapists. Some trans women are rapists, but that is no more a reason to fear trans women, in particular, than Brazilians or left-handed people.

      The noise and force I perceive comes from the organs of the hard right, such as Rupert Murdoch and the Heritage Foundation. There is a continual stream of radicalisation against trans people. When Harriet Harman introduced the Equality Act in 2010, giving trans women a right to enter women’s services from the moment we decided to transition, there was barely any objection.


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