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Nine years ago today I published my first post here, and over nine years have developed a comprehensive trans blog. I have now published 2951 posts and 17 pages, and had 420,640 views, which is an average of 142 views per post, though one, on tucking, has had over 26,000, and my JK Rowling post had over a thousand views on its first day. I have had views from 199 countries, 170,017 from the US, one from Malawi. So if you know anyone with an IP address in the Vatican, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, please get them to have a look. I had 4725 different visitors in June.

I started the blog intending to record my spiritual and personal growth, and I am a more integrated personality than I was then. I go round in circles, revisiting the same issues, and yet it is a spiral, making further progress on each new visit.

As I am British my blog’s principle focus is on Britain, especially as the hard right attack on trans people using “gender critical feminists” as dupes or enthusiastic allies is furthest advanced in Britain, but I consider trans issues and trans people from around the world, especially the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. I look at the law and proposals to change it, the response of churches, research on trans, and any issue of interest to trans people and our allies.

Commenters come and go, and sometimes the best part of the blog is the comments. My comment policy is “Don’t bore me”, and if people oppose trans rights, I will engage if they are courteous. I have less tolerance of those who abuse other commenters than those who abuse me, but often I let stupid or hateful comments through, as they show off the idiocy of the commenter. This is my space, but everyone is welcome here, especially if you can say something interesting.

I publish my photography here, and usually one painting a day, sometimes relevant to the post- obliquely or literally- and sometimes not. I like art. I am a Quaker, and publish things of interest to Quakers, most recently what God or the “inner light” might mean to an atheist.

I use my blog as a diary, as well as to communicate with whoever is listening. I have 2028 followers, but most of them rarely comment, or even look here. “Likes” are always welcome.

If you read all of it- I might be up to two million words by now, well over the length of In Search of Lost Time– you would know me perhaps as well as I know myself.

6 thoughts on “Clare Flourish

  1. I wonder just what some of those 26,000 were really hoping to view. Tucking is an intriguing head line, after all! 😉

    I can’t say that I’ve read all of your blog posts, but I haven’t missed many since I discovered your blog. Only 2 million words, though? Well, I’ve read a lot of them (many of which I had to look up). Anyway, I hope you write at least 2 million more!


    • If you don’t log into Google, Google tells wordpress the search term that gets here and wordpress tells me. Among my top searches are “penis tucking”, “tucking penis”, and “transgender tucking inguinal canal”. People are really keen to learn about this. Originally I wrote it to refute a terf exaggeration. Other searches include Durga, ki prana, John Martin, who is God, and i am awoman trapped in a man’s body is there anyone who can help me.

      Your puns are brilliant.


  2. Dear Clare
    Congratulations on your anniversary.
    I only discovered your blog a couple of years ago, and now it’s in my must read category. I love the way you write, the way you express yourself in such an honest and intelligent fashion.
    Looking forward to the next 9 plus years.
    Well done, Clare and thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts.


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