Trans men in men’s spaces

If single-sex space is rigorously segregated by sex, not gender, trans men will have to use women’s spaces. Surely trans-excluders would not want trans men, with their beards and testosterone-affected bodies, in women’s loos? That would make women’s spaces even less safe, as malicious or violent cis men might pretend to be trans men. It’s ridiculous.

And now the “feminist” trans excluders have come up with an answer to that. Bear with me, it’s a bit weird. The idea is that single-sex space is only for the benefit of women. Men don’t really mind women in men’s spaces, because men’s space is not there for men’s protection. Women object to “transwomen” in women’s spaces, because they say “transwomen are men” and women need protection from men.

If that were true, why are there still gentlemen’s clubs in London? Many have admitted women as members, but not the Garrick, the club for luminaries of the arts and theatre, or the appropriately named Pratt’s. Many men like somewhere to go where everybody knows your name, and none of them is female.

If Margaret Attwood is right, and men are frightened of women laughing at them, do not downplay that fear. Humiliation will “un-man” them. A man I knew told me he did not want a trans man in his men’s group. He could not see him as a man, he told me. There is prejudice against trans men, just as against trans women. But most men aren’t that fussed.

What of Donald Trump’s “locker-room talk”? He might not have talked that way in front of women (see above). While I think most men would be disgusted by the thought of him assaulting women like that, his superfans somehow sense his vulnerability, his inability to see what is admirable, his neediness, and support a man who shares their weakness, which they attempt to disguise with bluster. If someone like Trump can get to the White House, surely no talent is needed. The Lyin’ King is the great symbol of the equality of Americans.

Conservative trans-excluders fear and resent the freedom of trans men and trans women alike. Why should we be free to subvert gender rules when they don’t feel they can? They want order and clear rules.

Most women need public loos because, with the possible exception of the Queen, they need to urinate regularly, or change sanitary protection. Like me, they go in, use the place, wash their hands, and leave, wanting to spend as little time as possible, and not really glancing at other users beyond to make sure they are not queue-jumping. The loo smells too bad for anyone to want to linger, even in the most well-appointed places. Possibly, a few want to go somewhere no man can go. I will leave it to cis women allies to make the argument about how rare that is and how a toilet would not be their first choice.

So it seems to me clear that the “feminist” trans-excluders also fear and resent the freedom of trans people. We live our gender proudly, they feel theirs restricted.

This post is tagged Mali, as I want views from Africa. Mali is the home of the Dogon people, whose religion was first persecuted by Muslims and then by the French colonial power. The Dogon have buildings in their villages called TĂłgu nĂ , where only men can go. There they rest in the heat of the day, and make important decisions. Photo from Wikipedia.

3 thoughts on “Trans men in men’s spaces

  1. Many men like somewhere to go where everybody knows your name, and none of them is female – except for the barmaid – I was a big Cheers fan; those women fought back strongly! However, l have a trans male friend who often says that the logical conclusion to the argument is to have no male or female toilets as he would not want to go into a women’s bathroom, nor does he feel women would want him to.


  2. What do the boats signify? – ?all being in the same one. On re-reading l agree that their is fear of gender freedom in both camps of the exclusionary. Is there a corresponding un-femininising element to female transphobes??


  3. I reside in Richmond Virginia and I would like to know where a fairly attractive straight man who has become very bi-curious and is also a closet crossdresser and loves it can meet like people. Love to make videos have an unbelievable imagination and that keeps things fun! It certainly has with the women in my life!! Any help would be greatly appreciated LOL!


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