It could be worse…

The header picture, and the picture below, are The Raft of the Medusa by Jean-Louis André Théodore Géricault. We are in lockdown, unable to leave our homes, and they are on a raft. The Medusa sank off the coast of Senegal, and 147 crew were stranded on a raft, without any means of navigation. After the first night, they had no food. I have food, at least for the moment.

The picture is 7m x 5m, so in the Louvre it is overwhelming! But we can enjoy it in our homes, on our computers. Who needs to go out anyway? I might go food shopping on Wednesday but I might not need to. On the raft, they were reduced to cannibalism.

The picture was not popular when first exhibited in France. French people eating other French people is not a good look.

But we are British! It was hugely popular exhibited in Greenwich just after Waterloo, as it showed our moral superiority to our cowardly foes, especially when HMS Alceste ran aground in 1817. Captain Murray Maxwell maintained discipline, evacuated all the crew to a nearby island, and repelled attacks from Malay pirates.

We can bear lockdown in our comfortable homes: there are 167 episodes of Doctor Who to watch again. I have a translation of À la recherche du temps perdu on my e-reader.

Let us encourage each other.

6 thoughts on “It could be worse…

  1. Our house was burglarized a couple of nights ago. They took all of our alcohol (not a lot) and cleaned out our pantry of dry goods. They entered through my music room, full of instruments and sound equipment worth well over $30K, and went straight for the food and drink. They also opened every drawer and bin, emptying everything on the floor. As far as I can tell, though, they left with only the food, booze, a WWII army trunk (which they had emptied), and a few hand tools in a toolbox. So, I have to go shopping, but I spent all day today cleaning up and adding some more security around the house. I fear that they may return, after seeing what else I have of value in the house. I know who I’d like to send out on a raft right now.


    • They stole your food? Wow. I expect to find the supermarket on Wednesday to have something for three meals a day, and for societal breakdown such that burglary for food happens to be a long way off. They might come back for your equipment after finding out where they can fence it, or they might go after easier targets.


    • Update My vehicle was broken into last night, but I had left it unlocked because I didn’t want a broken window to add to my losses. I did learn, from a neighbor who has security cameras, that the thieves had broken in to their house last night, as well. It is unoccupied, and under construction, and the videos show that the burglars attempted to enter the house the same night they got into mine, as well. Because I had added more security locks and such, my house must have been more difficult for them, so they just went for my car. Actually, I was kind of hoping someone might take what was in it, as I have it full of donation items that the donation center won’t accept, due to Covid-19 concerns.

      How many sources of fear can one person handle? I’m at high risk for my health, at risk of losing even more of a meager income, and at risk of losing property and the potential of health or even my life from those who obviously have no regard for me and what they can take from me. Funny, the fear of being outed as a trans woman, or even merely mis-gendered, is way down at the bottom of the list now – where it should be, really.


  2. Never quite figured out the whole binge watching habit (but who knows I might get desperate as this drags on. but if I were to binge watch Doctor Who would be on my To-Do list. Stay safe on Wednesday.


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