Trans and politicians

The Labour Party leadership contest is on. What are the candidates saying about trans people? What would we like them to say?

There is a principled position- trans women are women, trans people know who we are, including trans children. And there is a “principled position”- sex is real, gender is meaningless; there should be no men in women’s spaces; trans women are men; children are under threat from trans ideology. It’s nasty, it’s unrelenting and it is unwilling to compromise.

So what I want is pragmatism. I want politicians to affirm certain clear truths: it is wrong to judge a class of people by one or two individuals. It is a propagandist way of fomenting hate. Even if someone can name a trans rapist and several trans people she dislikes, most trans people are decent folk trying to live ordinary lives. Trans women are mostly harmless, and mockery and hatemongering is wrong. No man will pretend to be trans in order to assault women: rapists don’t need to. Yes “sex is real”, but gender is all-pervasive in the culture and some people deal with gender nonconformity by transitioning. Children below puberty may identify as trans, and allowing them social transition in school improves their mental health. All children should be supported and bullying is unacceptable. Children above puberty are not a threat until proved so, if they are trans they can be accepted in schools in their true gender. Children who feel safe, valued and respected will thrive and seek their own best interests. With an increase in child referrals, child gender clinics need more funding and more training for professionals.

You have a right to free speech, but if you claim the right to insult someone you may suffer consequences. The law, which says trans women can enter women’s space but be excluded if that’s reasonable (a “proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim”) is good enough.

Then we could get over the drama. There is a huge amount of abuse: when Jess Phillips tweeted “I was one of the MPs who wrote the report on improving trans rights” an anti-trans campaigner made an excellent point: “Nothing you do or say will ever be enough”. Exactly. He meant for the “Trans Rights Activists” who s/he thinks make unreasonable demands, but the transphobe who tweeted that she is a “traitor to her sex” won’t be satisfied by anything less than total ideological purity either. And some oaf tweeted “Can’t wait for you to lose embarrassingly”: twitter is a place for hatred and spite where opposing groups meet, and for extremists to encourage each other into even more uncompromising positions.

There will be more direct questions. Keir Starmer said something worthwhile, and a video is circulating: We have instinctively to protect and defend, and we mustn’t make a political football and I’m really worried on this particular issue that a particularly vulnerable group is being used as a political football across the Labour Party and we have to deal with it in a much much better way than that and the Government has effectively now abandoned this and any legislative change I think won’t come under this Government so we’ve got to make the argument on this loud and clear and start with the proposition that this is a group, a small group of people who have been subjected to incredible abuse and discrimination for a very very long time.

Precisely. He did not say what “the argument” was, so he could weasel out of challenges from the transphobes, but it’s pretty clear he is not condemning the small, vulnerable group (us).

And, let them move on! Jess Phillips worked in women’s refuges. Of course she is interested in, say, the Weinstein trial. As the Weinstein trial begins I am reminded of the bravery of those who spoke truth to power– neatly including her slogan for the leadership, Speak Truth. Win Power. Trans women should be too. Violence against women and girls is a women’s issue, so a trans women’s issue, so everyone should be concerned with it.

Lisa Nandy put it well: see her video.

More Simeon Solomon: the androgynous beauty of Bacchus.

2 thoughts on “Trans and politicians

  1. You’re giving away half the store to your enemies by stipulating that there’s such a thing as “TRAs.” It’s reminiscent of Trump’s “both sides” remarks in the wake of the Charlottesville disgrace. Sure, you can cherry pick examples of what may be trans people (or may be sock puppets) overriding basic ideas of consent with concerns of a cotton ceiling, but explicit uncompromising trans hatred has the media bullhorn, especially in Britain (aka TERF Island).

    The most important thing for the Labour Party is not to go back to being the Tony Blair party. That is probably more important than trans rights, which probably don’t stand a chance in the UK (which appears from my outside perspective to be a deeply transphobic nation at the public opinion level). Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Corbyn stands humiliatingly defeated, and so is Labour’s version of George McGovern, so third way types and rightists alike have gloating points and there will be hell to pay.

    The only even half-face-saving political outcome that is remotely feasible within a few years would be for Scotland to free itself for real this time. I’m certainly rooting for that outcome.


    • The quotation marks were meant to indicate sarcasm. I know of trans people trying to live our lives, and tweeting occasionally. There are one or two organisations, such as the Scottish Trans Alliance.

      I would not know about George McGovern. Did opposition to the Vietnam War indicate particularly left-wing views? Why would the failure of Mrs Clinton not indicate that the Democrats cannot possibly have yet another centrist candidate? They need to inspire non-voting Americans rather than chase elusive “moderate Republicans”. The centrists in the Labour Party are saying things like We also have to be credible as an alternative government… the manifesto was too crowded and wasn’t believed.

      Scotland is reforming gender recognition towards a self-declaration system: you swear or affirm before a justice of the peace.

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