Corbyn in Corby

Beth Miller, I hope our next MP, introduced Jeremy Corbyn with her highlights from the manifesto: a green revolution. A living wage of £10 an hour so working people would o longer rely on food banks. A thousand new Sure start centres, which were modelled on Pen Green in Corby. Counsellors in schools to address the growing mental health problems.

She said we need members involved, to stuff envelopes, deliver leaflets and knock on doors. There are pledge forms to promisw help. We don’t have Tory money, but we have Labour people.

Jeremy Corbyn said people from all over country came to Corby, but lost jobs in the continuing deindustrialisation. In the debate last night, we got a voice to say what we want to say.

This morning he was at a warehouse in Sheffield. There was a line of white vans and people queuing up for zero hours jobs like dock workers fifty years ago. Zero hours contracts give all the power to the employer. Workers on zero hours hope for a call or text from their employer offering a few hours.They don’t know if they can afford their rent or feed their family. Level of stress is wholly unnecessary and wrong. Bezos is multi-billionaire.

We will introduce corporation tax rules so that mumultinationals pay on what they do and earn in this country.  They are short changing our public services. Everyone should pay into thesystem to be part of society from which everyone benefits.

Labour will end zero hours contracts immediately. Workers will have full rights at work from day one. There will be a Dept of Employment rights to enforce rights, giving Employment law real force.

Yesterday the media was full of our manifesto. Will we crash the economy? Corporation tax and highest rate Income tax will go up, to level of public expenditures of middle European economies.

We should be proud of the manifesto. It is shocking that in the world’s fifth richest country, the UN rapporteur on poverty concluded that the social contract of 1940s was replaced by cold and uncaring ethos where some people lose out totally.

To homeless, children and old people we are determined to give security so children can develop. This manifesto has many things in it.

The poor are paying the price of austerity.The Tory budget cut expenditure and benefits, and froze public sector wages. With council grant cuts, working class communities have 25% less spending power. Parents must get into debt to support kids through uni.

Social care was not unaffordable ten years ago. We will take the debt burden off the next generation and the sick. There will be social care for people who need it.

The Tories want this to be a Brexit election People voted leave for anger or hope. Other people up against it in housing and other ways. Under a Tory no deal, there would be tariffs on all goods. The Trump trade deal is now being negotiated: we have documents through FoI. They don’t tell us any of discussions, which are all redacted. US published their aims, that the deal must include access to public services including our health care “market”. US companies would run our NHS and make money.

Under Labour, within three months we would negotiate a trade arrangement with the EU to protect jobs and the Good Friday agreement. We would be honest brokers in a further referendum, in which Mr Corbyn would not take a side. That would be end of matter. Then we would transform the country for the majority of the people. We would bring people together. Appeal to leave and remain.

Our campaign all over country. Huge spike in registration to vote, above 2017. Three million new voters.

We have to persuade voters on the doorstep. We will invest for the future, in Cradle to grave education, a National investment bank, Broadband free for the whole country. When this was announced, within ten minutes the Media called this communism. Then they found it was popular. Most people pay about £30 a month for web access. It is essential to all business, so businesses don’t go where broadband is poor. The investment will be over ten years.

On the climate crisis, Labour’s Motion in parliament declared an emergency. Tories abstained. The Paris accord of 2015 is not enough. We need to achieve net zero well before 2050 by investment, in Home insulation, and 300 000 jobs in green energy sector. He is inspired by climate protesters.

It’s no good if we export pollution to others by Importing goods which pollute elsewhere. That merely moves the problem.

He would be so proud to host the Climate conference here next year. It is a Class issue: the poorest around world breathe the worst air. Floods in Yorkshire show we are suffering unusual weather events. Labour will Invest in river management. The Market will not, so water companies must be brought into public ownership to stop their asset stripping.

The campaign is exciting. We knock on doors. Imagine Tories in government on Dec13?  Who would be cheering? The billionaires. There would be no end to the Misery and suicide on UC. Head teachers would still have to scrimp. When Labour wins nurses students and workers win. Our Manifesto was written by people all over country.

We must put in an unbelievable effort. There is far more interest than the media thought. This is an election about our future. We can make a Country proud of environment, spreading our peace values round world, defeating poverty. When we win everybody wins. Let’s work flat out.

My thumbs are not fast enough to transcribe, but that’s the gist.

All comments welcome.

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