Labour transphobia

Can trans women vote Labour?

Transphobia is rife in the Labour Party. On the Transgender Day of Remembrance, when we mourn our dead, a Labour MSP has invited a noted anti-trans campaigner to speak at the Scottish Parliament. Her topic is the weird assertion that the great threats to women’s rights are surrogate motherhood and trans rights: that trans inclusion is not accommodating a few mostly harmless eccentrics, about 0.1% of the population, but the redefinition of womanhood itself.

So trans women must all be excluded from women’s spaces forever. Yet the paranoid haters refuse to accept the term “trans-exclusionary”.

I don’t know if Jenny Marra MSP will face any sanction. The election is for Westminster not Holyrood. Feminist organisations including Scottish Women’s Aid, Engender, Zero Tolerance and the Young Women’s Movement, as well as the Scottish Green Party, have condemned the event.

Will the Labour Party? Trans rights are no threat to anyone. This event foments hatred and violence against us. It is the worst kind of prejudice. An analogy is a meeting advocating violence against Jews.

This analogy comes to mind as Jews picketed a meeting where Chris Williamson, former Labour MP, was to speak even though he was speaking on economics. Williamson’s offence was to say the party had been “too apologetic” about alleged antisemitism. He was suspended for those remarks.

Is that the answer? Unless Marra is suspended from Labour, the party is proven to be transmisogynist?

It is not just Marra. Lachlan Stuart in 2017 claimed trans women are not women and are not subject to the oppression of sexism. He remains a domestic policy adviser in Jeremy Corbyn’s office. He wants to redefine LGBT to LGB, excluding trans women.

There are allegations Jeremy Corbyn himself is antisemitic. I know a man in my constituency Labour party who shares antisemitic memes on Facebook. He performed at a Labour fundraiser. A woman obsessively shares TERF articles on the constituency women’s forum page.

There is a moral calculation to be made. We know how dreadful the Tories are: “Fuck business”, said their leader. They put ideology over economics and islamophobia is rife. They cut solar panel subsidies, and will barely start window dressing on the climate. My last MP is a liar, climate change denier and Leave campaigner. The question is, is a Labour Party infected with transmisogyny and antisemitism better? Or, am I tarred with antisemitism and transmisogyny campaigning for Labour?

Labour tries to be inclusive. I am glad Roger Graef, who supported parents campaigning against age-appropriate LGBT education in schools, was deselected. While some in Labour stand up against prejudice I will stand with them.

I loathe what the Tories have done to the country. Labour would be better. I will campaign for them. It is not that I am working for a party with transmisogynist or antisemitic policies, but for one including antisemites and transphobes. It still rankles.

There’s now a “Labour Women’s Declaration”. It’s the usual rubbish- “single sex, “female only”, plus the right to “freedom of belief and discussion”, so that they can hate us without criticism. Nothing else. They’re not campaigning on rape culture, period poverty, child care, just NO Trans Women!!

4 thoughts on “Labour transphobia

  1. Here in Canada I tend to vote Green or New Democratic Party (Democratic Socialist). The election before last both parties had as part of their policy platforms that they supported physician assisted death. I’m opposed to that policy as a disabled person — I think giving a portion of our society the right to die includes an implicit bias on the value of their lives. I also don’t think there were enough protections in place. But I voted Green anyway because I wanted proportional representation spoken for in the House of Commons and because I think were killing the planet and somebody needs to do something about it. In the last election both parties removed those policy statements from their platforms — not because they changed anything — the because it was no longer needed — the Supreme Court of Canada mandated it.

    So politically am in a similar spot to you. My party/parties of choice include a strong contingent who think that putting people like me at risk is an acceptable strategic move in order to secure the support of certain demographic blocks.

    I suppose that is why we bring our faith to politics. If all we had was ideology we would be too tempted to despair.


    • I see Canada like Westminster is accursed with FPTP.

      I don’t know about assisted suicide. I am glad I don’t have to have an opinion, and glad that when I was suicidal, for years, I didn’t go through with it. But in a marginal you have a choice of two parties, and unless you hate both equally you might vote for one of them.

      Any organisation of half a million people is going to have homophobes- Roger Graef, lost the nomination; antisemites- Chris Williamson, lost the nomination; and transphobes- that MSP. We haven’t heard about her yet. I hope she is kicked out.

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  2. One has to question if the Conservative party if actually free from transphobic members, or indeed anti-Semitic ones. I feel on safe ground stating it has racists members.
    I’ll look at the polls but may vote Green as I live in a Tory safe seat.


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