SNP Transphobia

One SNP women’s officer got in the Herald for disgusting transphobic abuse, and a few are now signing her transphobe “Women’s Pledge”. You can report it to Avaaz as hate speech, as I did. Question is, do people realise it is transphobic?

Men and women rushed to sign the Women’s Pledge.

Um. A few thousand, from a Scottish population of five million.

… The pledge affirms women’s single sex protections in the Equality Act 2019 which we believe must be upheld.

There is no Equality Act 2019. I am happy with the Equality Act 2010, the Act which includes me. And- trans women are women!  I have no problem with single sex women’s services which include me.

Women have the right to discuss policies which affect them, such as the proposed self identification of sex, without being abused or silenced.

A facile lie. Gender recognition reform only affects trans people. No one will declare themselves the opposite sex without transitioning, even if the law permitted it, which is unlikely.

And the press and internet are full of transphobic hatred. Some women discuss nothing else. But when they say we are dangerous, we object.

Women have the right to maintain their sex based protections as set out in the Equality Act 2010. These include female only spaces such as changing rooms, hospital wards, sanitary and sleeping accommodation, refuges, hostels and prisons.

We know what she means, of course. No Trans Women!!  But the Equality Act includes trans women in these spaces. She cannot have it both ways- you can’t exclude all trans women, and support the Equality Act.

Women have the right to refuse consent to males in single sex spaces or males delivering intimate services to females such as washing, dressing or counselling.

So any woman could object to a trans woman. I would go to the loo, some transphobe would stop me, “refuse consent” and I would be excluded. Or in a work place one worker would “refuse consent” and there would thereafter be a sign on the door, No Trans Women. Rather than law accommodating a few mostly harmless eccentrics, the might of the law would police where I went to the toilet.

It would make transition impossible, and thereby make other gender nonconformity more difficult.

Women have the right to single sex sport to ensure fairness and safety at all levels of competition.

And human rights law would need rewritten. Instead of recognising that some people transition, and that is harmless, it would exclude us.

Women have the right to organise themselves according to their sex class across a range of cultural, leisure, educational and political activities.

Women could have women only clubs, even political parties. That would involve tearing up the Equality Act too: sex discrimination law works both ways.

Nicola Sturgeon said, “As an ardent, passionate feminist, and have been all of my life, I don’t see the greater recognition of transgender rights as a threat to me as a woman or to my feminism.” Though some MSPs disagree, the SNP “supports trans rights and women’s rights as part of our commitment to human rights and equality”.

But some people want to divide the SNP and turn it into an organisation to eradicate transsexual transition: because such people have no interest in any other political issue, but all is subordinated to excluding trans women.

The most significant transphobe to crawl out of the darkness where some hide their hate is the MSP Joan McAlpine, who has organised a hate-fest at the Scottish Parliament on TDoR. It was later rescheduled for January, possibly because the organisers are incompetent, possibly to eke out the notoriety.

There’s also Joanna Cherry MP, calling someone misogynist for holding up a B with the T sign. That article has an excellent explanation of what a “TERF” is. I have collected several examples of Cherry’s extreme transphobia here. She couldn’t be prosecuted, but has probably caused violence against trans people.

23 February 2021: The SNP’s new transphobia policy is better than nothing I suppose.

4 thoughts on “SNP Transphobia

  1. Well written and thoughtful response to the points that were put forward.

    The way that some people don’t think through the consequences of what they want sometimes astounds me.
    “Let’s make these changes because it will stop trans women gaining access to women-only facilities”.

    “Ok, why not, but to do that we have to rip up some of the the other laws and acts that provide protection to women. You’re OK with us doing that aren’t you. You’re OK with us making it easier for cis men to gain access to those places because in fairness we’d have to allow trans men access to women-only places if we stop trans women having access and how do you tell the difference between a cis man and a trans man, it’s not like you can ask to see their genitals or birth certificate. It’s not like your being bigoted or transphobic or anything, you just want people to use areas and services that equate to the gender they were assigned at birth by some random stranger rather than how they identify now and have for as long as they were able to realise that their actual gender didn’t match the one they were assigned at birth.”


  2. They say “sex based” as its their latest scheme is to abolish “gender” in favour of what they term as “unchangeable scientific fact that biological sex is unchangeable”, which is frankly revolting bigotry. then even worse – “trans people are playing dress up and are akin to black face and as offensive to real women” again revolting levels of bigotry from them. I see Scot labour are in on it too and Johann Lamont is defending Jenny Marra and claiming “there was no anti trans event”, funny Sheila Jeffreys is well known for her bigotry about trans people and her vile comments, While various transphobic rad fems pile into intimidate trans people, slur trans people and push their pseudo science views about gender not existing, allied with various hardline religious types. I see that charming group of anti trans also stuck their heads about the parapet to push their bile.

    Then again thats what happens when the SNP invited Nordic Model Now (a rad fem anti sex pressure group) to formulate the “equally safe” policy, some very disturbing orwellian plans in their and supported strongly by the relevant committee in the Scottish Parliament, including denying sex workers, porn actors and strippers agency, by removing their autonomy and branding them exploited victims, aka patronising them, the very antithesis of feminism and more aligned with radical lesbian feminism akin to whats pushed by Bindel et al….
    Makes me ashamed to be Scottish frankly, I stopped voting SNP earlier this year and will never support them again as long as I live, ditto Scot Labour.
    Lib Dems no better egging on for a woolly unenforceable demand for misogyny to be made a crime, even the bracadale review highlighted it would have to cut both ways and would be difficult to enforce without trampling all over free speech rights, said same review the SNP had asked about making it an offence to denigrate a political entity, so essentially making it illegal to criticise politicians…..more intimidation and bullying….we’re well on the road to becoming Turkey or worse the DDR/GDR aka East Germany…….


    • The meeting at Holyrood was put off not because of incompetent organisation but to eke out its notoriety. However it is two MSPs, not two parties, organising it. Labour’s manifesto, to be published on Thursday, will be pro-trans. The LibDems have already come out for trans rights.

      Vote. The main risk of this election is a Tory government, with a prime minister who never lets past an opportunity to spread hate and mockery, of “letterboxes”, “bumboys”, and certainly of trans women.


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