“Inventing” trans children and young people

A new book claims that school books featuring trans children “fail child safeguarding and conflict with the law”. Unfortunately, there is not the expertise to back this up. “Inventing transgender children and young people”, edited by Heather Brunskell Evans and Michele Moore, is another attempt to inflame fears against trans children.

I know Dr Brunskell Evans. I have seen her bewildering trans people. “It’s ridiculous,” said a nonbinary friend. “She claims you’re a danger and I’m mutilated.”

The Telegraph, a hard-Right publication, was delighted. Under the headline “Children being put at risk by transgender books that ‘misrepresent’ medical knowledge, academic claims”, its first paragraph blared out that “Children are being put at risk by transgender books in primary schools that “misrepresent” medical knowledge on puberty blockers, an academic has claimed”. Only later did it reveal that the “academic” was a “senior research fellow in creative writing”. How could that academic have any expertise on medical treatment for trans children? One such book, “Julian is a Mermaid” by Jessica Love, has just won the prestigious Klaus Fugges award for the “most exciting and promising newcomer to children’s book illustration”. It describes how a child dreams of looking like the spectacularly dressed women they see on the New York subway, and “his” grandmother helps them join the Mermaid Parade.

What else does the book say? Transgender children who undergo medical or surgical treatment risk “serious or irreversible damage”, says Dr David Bell. Who is he? The President of the British Psychoanalytic Society: an eminent man, but not one with particular expertise on endocrinology or paediatrics.  Of course there are risks to puberty blockers, but I prefer to trust experts, such as the paediatricians and clinical psychologist drafting the Australian Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines for trans and gender diverse children and adolescents.

One chapter is by the discredited psychotherapist Robert Withers, recently described by the discipline tribunal as defensive, inconsistent, muddled and avoidant. His professional experience of trans is two patients, one of whom made a successful complaint against him.

One chapter is by Michael Biggs. It discloses that he is a sociologist (not a paediatrician, endocrinologist, psychologist, or any relevant discipline) at the University of Oxford. It does not disclose that he used the twitter handle “Henry Wimbush” to tweet abuse such as “transphobia is a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons”. This says little for his ability to be objective.

Transgender children are not invented. There has been transition since 500BC, as seen by prohibition in Deuteronomy. The reason children are allowed to transition is that they demand it. People say they knew something was wrong aged three, and what it was aged five, that they were of the opposite sex. This arises spontaneously from the child, usually resisted strongly by parents and wider society until the parents, unable to block the child’s desire, try to do their best for their child by investigating transition.

This polemic book claims to “demonstrate the considerable psychological and physical harms perpetrated on children and young people by transgender ideology”. Not ideology, but rather research and observation. No psychiatrist, no parent wants to harm children in their care. Social transition improves emotional functioning. Medical transition is extremely difficult to get.

Books like this cause bullying and make children seek medical treatment. If the authors think that medical treatment for trans-identifying children is a problem, they exacerbate it. Trans children know who they are. Social transition improves their lives. The campaign against trans children, and trans people generally, encourages social conservatives to noisily oppose transition and bully trans children. One author in the book encourages teachers to tell children that transition is not possible.

Faced with the hostility of the wider culture, school staff and pupils, trans children feel the need to prove themselves. They do this in the way trans people do, by seeking hormones and surgery. In a more child-centred environment, children could be nurtured by social transition. Those for whom it is wrong will realise that. Social transition is not like playing dress-up for an afternoon. Trans children will not respond to the bullying by developing “normally” according to their assignation at birth, but by withdrawing. When transition becomes impossible, transition becomes the only important thing in the world, threatening school work and emotional development.

Dr Brunskell-Evans is “co-founder of the women’s human rights campaign”, various book plugs proclaim, named as if the United Nations 1981 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women had never happened, or no one else campaigned for women’s rights. Her declaration is bizarre: it starts, “On the re-affirmation of women’s sex-based rights, including women’s rights to physical and reproductive integrity, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and girls that result from the replacement of the category of sex with that of ‘gender identity’, and from ‘surrogate’ motherhood and related practices.” Surrogacy and Trans are the only issues this campaign recognises.

Most people are not trans. I estimate 0.1% of the UK population is; finding space for one in a thousand people is very different from “replacing the category of sex”. Most people are cis, and most women don’t even notice trans people in real life.

This is what the hard right funding of anti-trans campaigning seeks to achieve: that the campaign against trans rights becomes a symbol feminists are cozened into fighting for, without achieving anything concrete for women, and progressives are divided. Someone who does not know a trans person is made to fear by an article claiming “children are being put at risk”, and progressive campaigning energy is diverted to punching down at harmless trans people.

12 thoughts on ““Inventing” trans children and young people

  1. Excellent write my friend. You are very fluent. Sounds like this book was written by someone who likes spreading fear and nonsense. The world is full of fear-mongers these days. Keep up the superb writing. I love reading your articles because they are so well well written. Thank you for sharing. ☺♥

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  2. Transgenderism is a mental disorder that the left side of society seems to try to normalize. People should be free to do as they will, but do not push this onto children. I fully support this book. Research is starting to show that the idea of a “gendered brain” is nothing but a myth.
    Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news, there is only two genders


    • Welcome, and thank you for commenting.

      Transgender is a way of being in all societies, and persecuting trans people does no good to anyone. No-one pushes this on children, they express who they are. Brains may be plastic, but society is intensely gendered.

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    • If that was true then it would still be listed as a mental disorder in the DMS-5 world health book, real science is proving you close minded people wrong all the time, try reading some so you don’t sound so ignorant in your belief !!!

      BY FOR NOW

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      • Actually, the DSM 5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, still classifies gender dysphoria as a mental illness, but the International Classification of Diseases, ICD 11, currently going through a ratification process, defines gender incongruence as a physical health problem, a need for hormones or surgery.

        That is, trans people exist. We are not ill, demonic or perverted, any more than left-handed people, who also were persecuted but are now seen as perfectly normal even though in a minority. The DSM considers distress arising from gender dysphoria is something a psychiatrist might reasonably treat, but they are treating the distress, not arguing the desire itself is an illness.

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  3. Hi Clare! I initially came to your blog when I happened across your post about Paula Rego when I was doing some reading for a course, and kept reading because you write so beautifully. I’m in my early 20s and have been semi-out as trans + non-binary for a few years. The state of the country feels messy & scary right now (not just for trans people, I suppose!) but I always try to keep faith that things will get better. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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    • Welcome, and thank you for commenting. You should publish more: your images are both lovely and thought provoking.

      Yes. We face a hard-right nationalist movement, newly emboldened, socially conservative. If trans rights are rolled back all sorts of minorities and diverse expression, not just gender diversity, will be under threat.

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