9 thoughts on “Morning commute

  1. Nice photos.

    The last image is quite a stark contrast to the previous two. To this mind, it jars – possibly because I was expecting a more “natural” scene. At first I thought it was a building, but seeing the file name, helped me realise it’s a view along the underside of a bridge.


    • It is.

      Most people’s commutes involve a lower proportion of living scenes, but this is a highly managed landscape, managed for millennia. I see beauty in the bridge. See beauty where you can. If you resist what you see it wears you out. Seeing it as ugly is a form of resistance.

      I have been thinking of photographing the view up the river for some time, and decided to do so just before that duck flew past. The duck makes the picture. It was a delightful serendipity.


  2. There is beauty in the pattern of the bridge supports, so if I look at that picture in isolation from the other two, then I see it. But when it jumps out at you as it did the first time I saw it, when expecting another picture of nature, it jarred my senses. You have an eye for framing pictures.


    • Thank you. I saw an exhibition of photos with poems attached at the Lowry in Manchester in about 2002, of unconventional subjects finding beauty in each. It is not just the framing, but the thing itself, an unremarkable bridge on an unremarkable road, but long and effortless, beautiful and powerful seen from the side or below. We go to nature or at least growing things as relief from stressful lives, but I find my negativity wearing, so seek out ways to let my heart lift.

      And yes it’s a shock after the others.


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