Brexit- the public conversation

What can we do about no deal? Shout down our opponents seems to be a common answer. Inflame the heat, fear and anger, and make cooperation or even understanding more difficult.

Jacob Rees Mogg, Leader of the House of Commons, who has taken action to save his personal capital from the chaos of no deal Brexit and advised clients to do the same, was on a phone in. One caller was a doctor who had been involved in no deal planning, and said drug shortages might lead to deaths.

Mogg’s response: “I think it’s deeply irresponsible, Dr Nicholl, of you to call in and try to spread fear across the country. I think it’s typical of remainer campaigners and you should be quite ashamed, I’m afraid.”

Whom should we believe? I believe Dr Nicholl.  He has no axe to grind. He would not spread unjustified fear amongst patients for a political cause. I hope. And the radio programme is wonderful entertainment.

Six o’clock. I have just been swearing at the radio. A Tory MP has joined the Liberal Democrats. Alexander Johnson, the Prime Minister, has been lying again. After Tory governments have impoverished me, he risks my food supply and my hormones, which already have been altered.

Tories are not above racist election campaigns, and now there are reports that they plan a transphobic one. There are reports they have been polling Northern Labour seats, with working class electorates, to see if anti-trans propaganda, portraying Labour as pro trans, might win some votes. Who knows what adverts will appear on facebook?

Comment threads are poisonous. Consider the troll FrogLeg, whom I noticed alleging a no deal article was “project fear”. He uses short comments with no argument and lots of buzzwords: liberal elite, Remoaner, enemies of the people, EU superstate… Parliament will be flushed by the Brexit Party. Bring it on. Or people are fed up to the back teeth with carrier politicians and all their lies and tactics to thwart Brexit.

I hope we can get the Tories out, but am unsure a general election will achieve that with the right wing press- Times, Telegraph, Mail, Sun all against Labour and the anti-Tory vote possibly split. We need a new referendum to sort Brexit before an election because a Brexit election will be overwhelmed by insane nationalism.  I hope we can stop no deal, after which negotiations would become far more difficult.

Brexit taking note of the large Remain vote and the needs of Ireland or of British manufacturing industry was a fantasy, and so is the No Deal evocation of the Blitz Spirit. My father told me of seeing a plane shot down, probably killing men he knew, and of the shame of “Lack of moral fibre” when a man was too terrified to fly. War metaphors are all too apposite.

So I will no longer comment on Brexit threads unless I can be eirenic or original. These aims are so out of reach I may not comment at all. I like to write, and like up votes for the dopamine, and it is not good for me. I may write more on a paper diary.

Now we await the result of the House of Commons’ principled members trying to avert No Deal for the good of the country, against a government of psychopaths trying to engineer it to cement their own wealth and power.

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