Peterborough cathedral

Cutting it fine for my train, after lunch I dashed back to the cathedral. The sun would now be shining on its west end.

That lantern, and the “book” advertising that the cathedral is 900 years old, shows this view is not designed for the photographer. I cannot get the whole in the frame without those in the way. But the camera would not replicate the experience of seeing: you do not see it all at once, anyway.

The cathedral was begun nine centuries ago, and completed 120 years later. Then it was extended at the East end in 1500.

The newer part has fan vaulting. Looking from the East, you see the round Norman arches of the side aisles.

like the Norman arches, feeling solid, but the fan vaulting is beautiful. Finishing with the West wall,  the builders changed to the modern fashion for Gothic arches.

Around that  arch the carvings are simple and rural:

This is the view from the East end.

This is my favourite art work. The flash picks out her detail, but changes their visibility.

Taking a much younger Peter than older art usually shows without flash, I represent the natural light reflecting in his leg but not the detail of his face.

The Cross is from 1975. The gold contrasts with the skeletal figure. I did  not like that emaciation, but my friend feels he has a kind face.

She does not like the memento mori on one of the memorials, though.

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