Maria Miller

Maria Miller MP spoke out for trans people last week. She is the kind of Tory who might not do too much damage to the country, if she were in opposition: she was a Remainer, but last month spoke out for the Prime Minister’s Brexit arrangements. She overclaimed expenses, and the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner recommended she repay ÂŁ45,000, and she wanted to reduce the abortion time limit to twenty weeks, but she also wanted to extend abortion rights to women in Northern Ireland. As far as possible, she is a moderate Tory.

She said the government was doing nothing for us, almost as clearly as she could. The government had focused its work for trans people on GRA reform, while “many trans people don’t have access to basic healthcare”. And on GRA reform little has been actually done.

Well, yes. GRA reform affects whether we can get a different gender marker on birth and marriage certificates, and that is it. The hatefest which has followed, with confected arguments about what it means and the obsession with trans people in certain media- only to make us an Out-group, whom it is acceptable to hate- has been exacerbated by the government’s delay.

The transphobe Helen Lewis attacked Maria Miller. She misrepresented the case from the start.

The heart of the fake feminist case against trans recognition is that there is some imagined threat to single sex services. Helen Lewis continues to claim that: in her latest article she linked to an earlier one, claiming that GRA reform means men in women’s spaces. That’s governed by the Equality Act, but Lewis continues to express concerns about self-ID and its impact on single-sex spaces.

Lewis claims she has been abused as a TERF, and as transphobic, though she believes trans women are women and trans men are men. Well. Is she a transphobe? She claimed a law reform which gives a right to an extract birth certificate threatened women’s spaces. That’s spreading falsehoods and fear against us.

I’ve just checked marriage certificates. There is no gender indicator on the current marriage certificate. My GRC stops me forming a civil partnership with a man, but allows me to form a civil partnership with a woman (if I could find one). GRC reform affects no-one, hardly even trans people. I haven’t shown my new birth certificate to anyone. Though it was expensive to get it, and once it was possible to get a birth certificate marked F I wanted it.

Lewis’ transphobia lies in her insistence on surgery. What used to be called “sex change surgery”, she writes, as if other names are beyond her. She distinguishes between “transsexuals” (good) and “transgender people” (bad). If you don’t hate your genitals and desire surgery, you are not proper trans. However the DSM and ICD do not require a desire for surgery for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

If trans women are women, and trans men are men, trans women should be in women’s spaces. Stop fearmongering about us.

Debbie Hayton wrote in the Morning Star that The government’s handling of transgender rights has been mismanaged from the start- delays in access to healthcare are harming trans people’s quality of life. I find this unobjectionable; but trans women who hate her because she supports the terfs and transphobes objected to her even saying this. It’s tragic. That anyone calls for more funding for trans health is a good thing, whatever their views on anything else.

To cleanse your palette after all this: a summary of human needs from Radio 4. Apparently we need autonomy, competence and relatedness: we need freedom of choice, we need to feel we are quite good at doing something and we need to have social bonds with people. Yup.

6 thoughts on “Maria Miller

  1. “She is the kind of Tory who might not do too much damage to the country, if she were in opposition” It is a shame that by all accounts it is hard to find something even remotely positive to say about any of our politicians regardless of party. Self interest and promotion seem to be paramount. What happens to the caring, idealist, champions of injustice that get into politics?


  2. Love the Radio 4 offering and if someone gets past the word autonomy they might be doing well? Too much vitriol everywhere at the moment so guess this won’t help you either. Jo Cox and perhaps less evil but Anna Soubry called Nazi. Definitely as a friend of mine commented Pandora’s box was opened with the referendum.


    • Anna Soubry is not a Nazi. One reads US Republican fantasies of their conspiracy theories- “crisis actors”, “paid demonstrators”- I wonder if these people are paid demonstrators. Fools can be gulled into demonstrating for Brexit, and shouting angry slogans- they could enjoy it- but a nastier kind of operative creates a confrontation like that, and surrounds an MP. I want to know who those people are.

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      • Just read a Guardian article on those involved in the Soubry incident and there does seem to be quite a vocal far right movement. As to who might be behind that, I think there is dark money at work. Monbiot writes quite well on that. But I have seen a Jewish friend of mine change as a labour supporter to be so anti Corbyn. She now seems to read a lot of right wing think tank articles and it is difficult to argue with her. Trevor tried when she made a claim that Quakers are anti Israel. It is complex but needs to be unravelled.

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