Do not worry about transphobes

How much attention should you pay to transphobia? Very little.

There is street transphobia. It’s weird to think that someone who has never met you and has no knowledge of what you are like as a person really hates you. You are a symbol for him of all he despises. The worst last year for me screamed at me that he would kill me. Well, maybe he was having a bad day. Yes, there are people like that. They rarely do you actual harm. You need to know they exist, but should pay no attention at all to the details of their abuse.

What prompted this post was an article in the Daily Telegraph, which was shared in a trans group on facebook. Church of England’s plan for transgender baptisms outrages bishops was the headline. Well, the Telegraph is a transphobic publication, so when it reports on transphobia it exaggerates it. There are two errors in the headline. Some bishops support the measure, so it should say “Some” bishops are outraged, rather than implying all are. The other error is that no-one has proposed transgender baptisms. More than half the population of England has been baptised, and the ceremony is a reaffirmation of baptismal vows. No church will rebaptise people. If the headline is filled with error, the article will be too.

In fact “ten” bishops “criticised” the ceremony. Few bishops would confess to “outrage” in public. There are 41 diocesan bishops and around 75 “suffragan” or assistant bishops, so a tiny minority has condemned it. Analyse the article, and you see the transphobia is less widespread than the writer would want you to think. The writer makes a desperate attempt to list all the transphobes to make it sound like they are important, but his scrabbling shows how few they really are. They include John Fenwick, a bishop of the Free Church of England. I hadn’t heard of that, so googled it: it split off in 1844 and has nineteen congregations in England.

I mean really. Should you care what John Fenwick thinks? Of course not.

Haters gonna hate. The Telegraph wants its readers to hate trans people, and that is a bad thing. So does the Times, as both are hard-Right publications busily dehumanising various hate groups. Oh, and the Daily Mail, but you knew that. The risk with reading the Telegraph article is that it might discourage you. Jesus said, “Do not be afraid”. It’s full of detail, and if you read the detail and the various horrible things transphobes say, they appear more significant than they actually are. People get assaulted for being trans. We get mocked and vilified going about our ordinary lives. Most people are not like that. They don’t care. You will encounter prejudice, but mostly you will be able to live your life.

Sometimes it is worth checking out the nuances. Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, said: “The church should be compassionate and sensitive towards those who experience gender dysphoria, but its fundamental teaching must be based on a revealed truth and objective biology and its relation to social structure.”

Compassionate and sensitive. That is a clear rebuke to those who would express or foment “outrage”. That journalist made a ranty headline, and from ignorance quoted the answer to his bigotry at the end of the article. “Objective biology” sounds pretty rejectionist- saying trans women are “biological males” or something- but I see a glimmer of hope in the words “its relation to social structure”. Socially, I am a woman. He does not merely discount me. He recognises social structure is relevant. Biology is not a complete answer.

There are transphobes about, but there are allies. They will encourage you and make you feel better. When you feel better you will be more motivated and better able to take action. Perhaps Pink News should take that into consideration: many of its December articles on trans have been “Help help the sky is falling” articles about transphobia. Indonesian city Padang using exorcisms to “cure” queer people. Um. The most positive stories are Miss Universe pays tribute to Angela Ponce. The winner, Ashley Graham, said She’s smart, driven, beautiful…and nothing short of extraordinary. Well, yes. I find beauty contests problematic, but I am pleased with the final Peace-and-Love message. We need more of that. And Transgender boxer Pat Manuel has his first professional win. Half positive: a school teacher was suspended for telling trans boy “You freak me out”. Yes he was a transphobic bully: and the school dealt with him.

Don’t pay too much attention to the transphobes. There will always be transphobes. You will still find ways to achieve your aims and succeed as the person you really are. I have just not been taking my own advice, reading a boring and stupid Times article, which refers to “a powerful trans lobby”. I am glad they are trying to terrify their own side. Imagine poor little transphobes, terrified of expressing their bigotry.

24 thoughts on “Do not worry about transphobes

  1. Kooky liberals making up words again

    [Clare: Content warning: Amanda’s comments below show extreme Islamophobia, and signs of stupidity. Initially, her gravatar picture showed her sticking her tongue out.]


    • Welcome, Amanda. Thank you for commenting. What a lovely tongue you have.

      I had a look at your blog, and found you used the word “transphobic”. Words are useful. They help us conceptualise. I read on, and found you used the word “Normie”. Who coined that word? What does it mean?

      I see you are vegan, and boast of having “unpopular opinions”. You are welcome here if you can justify what you say.


      • Deflect & distract, that’s the liberal paradigm.

        Can you quote a single person who has ever said, “I hate transgender people”? Let alone a whole group of people. The suffix “phobe” is used to attack anyone who dares criticize or challenge liberal philosophy, in this case it’s transgenderism; Trans-phobia is another “RACIST!” card for the left to throw out instead of having to develop actual arguments.


        • You moved me to google “I hate transgender people” and enter a world of pain. Pain from hurting my sides laughing that is. Here’s a Reddit rant.

          Why do you think Islam is dangerous? Who has killed more Americans in the US, Muslim terrorists or murdering rampaging fools with guns? Yes, the Pulse nightclub shooter was a Muslim, but the thing he had in common with many other shooters was a history of violence against partners.

          Transphobia is a thing. Trans people deserve to live our lives without abuse.


          • But you realize you went to a reddit forum to defend a philosophical position, right? You don’t see anything wrong with having to resort to internet trolls as the oppressors in your narrative?

            The notion being put forth is that trans-phobia is a real problem in society (laughable), and the best you can come up with to defend that is internet comments? That is a joke. Combatting the comments of twelve year olds that you dug up online with this witch hunt for alleged trans-phobics, the problem with that is the left uses it as an excuse to use ANY and all criticism of liberal philosophy as “phobia” rhetoric.

            Things that you dislike and perceive as negative are not phobias.

            Your defense of Islam and entire rant on Americans and guns is absolute horseshit and you ought to be ashamed of that level of ignorance.

            Islam is absolute cancer and so is the idea that openly discussing the mental illnesses that result in transgendersim is “trans-phobia”.

            This is pathetic. And I can’t even be mad because you probably learned this shit from some lefty university indoctrination program, which is a huge problem in the West.
            You can’t say anything critical or skeptical now or else your some kind of “phobic”. Political correctness should go back to 1920 communist Russia where it belongs.


            • Actually a lot of transphobes come out with things like “I hate transgender people”, though I admit some are more subtle about it. You have no idea about my experience at University. I was an Evangelical, enthusiastically part of the Christian Union and the Conservative club.

              Criticism and scepticism is welcome here. I am not angry with you either.

              39,773 gun deaths in the US in 2017. 50-60 in England and Wales. Gun deaths and domestic violence.


            • But a lot of liberals say “fuck cops”, “fuck whites”, “kill cops”, and that has been happening in masses for years, all over the streets and campuses and social media. It isn’t subtle in the slightest.
              But conservatives are not screeching about “white-phobes” or “cop-phobes”.
              I’m increasingly seeing more mention of words like “cis”/”straights/hetero-normative”, usually used in a negative context.

              There is no valid reason to be on the ally bandwagon, you should #walkaway before they give you actual koolaid.


            • There is a difference in language. Conservatives say things like “White lives matter” or “Blue lives matter” despite the fact that proportionately black people are more likely to be shot to death by police. But you sound just as judgy as we are. You told me I was indoctrinated at University, which was not true.


            • Actually you are completely wrong, more than double the amount of white men are shot and killed by law enforcement than black men. (See 2018 statistics).

              The race baiting, identity politics obsessed left has you indoctrinated, which is why I said that.

              None of this has anything to do with your post or my original comment


            • And what the hell does gun deaths have to do with your pathetic attempt to validate Islam by painting Americans as culturally violent.

              Those shooters are thugs (mostly non-white) and illegals, killing each other and innocents. So you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for blaming guns. That is so kindergarten and ignorant that if it didn’t attract loads of mindless stupid voters it would be funny.

              But like I said, typical liberal tactic, deflect and distract from the topic of discussion to gain some kind of moral credibility.


            • Which contribution, clitorectomies of little girls, marrying of children, girls and women covering their heads, jihad, killing gays and infidels, plural marriage, need I go on?

              The culture and ideologies of Islam are toxic cancers that should not be validated, for they are not valid in any civilized Western society.

              So take all of the guns from law abiding citizens so that only criminals have guns, forcing citizens to rely on law enforcement to show up in them. Typical leftist ideology, force the people to rely on the state.

              You want to hyper regulate and ban guns because you associate them with Republicans, not because people shouldn’t have the right to possess them.


            • More desperate fluff. I’d think you’d have better defenses for the philosophy you’re pushing so adamantly.

              “Gun control” is not what we were talking about. You brought up gun related deaths and tried to correlate guns and Americans with violence, all in attempt to make Islam seem less violent.

              All of which, again, has nothing to do with the actual topic of trans-phobia.


            • I find it astoundingly daft that someone could both defend Islam and liberal transgender ideology at the same time. That is so hypocritical.

              There is no room for transgenderism in Islam. And I’m not talking about the watered down Islam that young American “muslim” snowflakes are pretending is the real Islam, I’m talking about the actual religion and culture.


            • I brought up Islam because I was curious about your post on Tucker Carlson. There are far more gun deaths in the US than any other G20 nation. Islam is relatively peaceful in the US. Islamic terrorists are often Saudis, or funded by Saudis, and after 2001 not particularly active in the US. But Wahhabism is not all of Islam. Go read some Hafiz.


            • Have you really not read anything I’ve said? You keep screeching “GUN DEATHS!”, what on Earth is your point? That they should be banned? Get fucked.

              I already addressed Islam in the United States; The law prohibits Sharia and the fundamentals of Islam from being established in the states (fortunately for American citizens). What the hell does “Islam is relatively peaceful in the US” have to do with Islam being a toxic cancerous religion? IT IS NOT FOLLOWED PROPERLY BY AMERICAN MUSLIMS, much like Christianity. If it were, they would all be in prison.


            • Initially I asked you why you thought Islam was dangerous, and pointed out that there are far more gun deaths in the US than deaths from Islamic terrorism. The argument since has shed more heat than light, I fear.

              Did you read the Hafiz poem?


            • What happens when your soul
              Begins to awaken
              Your eyes
              And your heart
              And the cells of your body
              To the great Journey of Love?

              First there is wonderful laughter
              And probably precious tears

              And a hundred sweet promises
              And those heroic vows
              No one can ever keep.

              But still God is delighted and amused
              You once tried to be a saint.

              What happens when your soul
              Begins to awake in this world

              To our deep need to love
              And serve the Friend?

              O the Beloved
              Will send you
              One of His wonderful, wild companions ~
              Like Hafiz.


        • Dear Amanda

          Clare has spent years developing actual arguments, many of which you will discover, if you bother to read her previous posts, which are many, varied and very well expressed: balanced, interesting and compassionate. I don’t enter as much as I could into the actual arguments, but I appreciate that Clare does so, and the ways in which she does so.

          Liked by 2 people

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