Transphobic hate

The “Trans cult” is driving you away, you say. There is a culture of untruth, and you pick on the word “Hate”. You are trying to protect vulnerable children. Ha! How can you be blind to the hate? Look to your own side!

It’s hate to construct a campaign against trans women around a minor technical legal reform which would have no effect on anyone else. The changes to gender recognition are long overdue, and in line with international human rights law. Probably no-one will get their gender recognised as female in order to access women’s spaces, rather than because they are trans, but if anyone did they could be excluded under the Equality Act.

It’s hate which has led to women of masculine appearance, cis as well as trans, being mocked and vilified and humiliated in women’s loos.

It’s hate to flypost stickers saying “Women’s rights are not for penises”. That is a classic dehumanisation tactic, referring to trans women as “penises”, just like referring to Tutsi as “cockroaches”. Go on. Try to make a moral distinction. The hate campaign has not led to a murder yet, in Britain, but the tactic is the same.

It’s hard right hate to work with David TC Davies MP and Rupert Murdoch. The difference between their argument against trans women and yours is like the difference between Newton’s and Einstein’s theories of gravity: almost no-one understands it or cares, and it makes no difference practically to people’s lives. An astronaut returning from the International Space Station is younger that s/he would have been, remaining on Earth; but only by milliseconds over a year in space.

Davies, having failed to enlist feminists against Muslims and immigrants, has at last succeeded with his next candidate for hate-group, trans people. Listen to lesbian feminists debunk him! With all these new feminist allies, he may be emboldened to make yet another attack on abortion rights.

It’s obsessive hate to make a feminist campaign around the almost notional threat from twenty thousand trans women when there are real threats to women’s rights. It was good to read Julie Bindel on femicide recently: she is obsessive about trans, and prone to dehumanising mockery of trans women, but at least she occasionally works on real feminist issues.

We are the victims of violence and hatred from all sorts of bigots, yet you bring up “male violence” when talking about us. That’s hate. The A Woman’s Place campaign seeks to foment hatred and fear of us, and use it against us. Do the reading! Lesbians and feminists are on the side of trans folk!

If trans children and adolescents cannot get the treatment they need on the NHS, they will seek it elsewhere. If schools do not accept them and crack down on transphobic bullying, no other child will be able to be gender non-conforming either. “Transgender Trend” withdrew its stickers, acknowledging that they were used for transphobic bullying- it is hard to imagine any other use for them. It is transphobic hate to post stickers in a trans child’s school saying “children confused about their sex usually grow out of it”. Of course, once they have been published on the internet it will be easy for hating bullies to get hold of them, even if they are no longer on the originator’s website.

You encourage and empower bullies in your campaign against us. Look at your acts, and their effects!

5 thoughts on “Transphobic hate

  1. I can not enter the mindset of these people. It would be like me saying someone who has mental health issues or a disability should be actively harassed and persecuted because of it. I wondered if people are truly ignorant of their hatred but I know they are not. Some evidence people are aware they are in the wrong are that they harass people who disagree with them. Such as Graham Linehan attacking Linda Riley and pontificating to her how to be a lesbian. Also people calling for statistics on transgender suicide to be ignored, I saw a comment on mumsnet saying references to that should be censored. It tells me that the transphobes attitude is “we want to be able to persecute and harass these people without having to feel bad about it” “if you make us feel bad about it we will attack you too” “If you don’t join us we will attack you because we want to distribute the guilt and take comfort in the fact others are enjoying this too”. One thing I am glad of is when the party ends, however long it lasts, there is a clear record online of who was involved and how it happened. People are so into it they don’t feel the need to hide their identity. Maybe some future will use it as a lesson. I have little hope for the near future.


    • They want to see themselves as the survivors, oppressed by Patriarchy, standing up for their rights. Well, Patriarchy is the problem; but persecuting us is not the solution.

      I have hope because the situation is in flux, and young people seem more comfortable expressing gender. Possibly the elaborate ritual of transition will cease to be necessary. But if my gender presentation is restricted, the bullies will restrict all non-conforming gender presentation.

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