Brexit rage

We survived Napoleon, we survived 1940: surely we can survive No Deal?

Brexit enrages me, and that’s frightening. If I, an equable soul, am enraged, barely able to listen to news reports or interviews with politicians, how are others? Brexit was offered as a people’s rebellion, “Take back control”. The rage at austerity, the destruction of public services, the NHS, the benefits system, the roads, the chance of a good job with prospects or even a steady wage without a zero-hours contract which ends employment rights- I am enraged at all this too- was expertly misled by evil liars, Russian destabilisers, hard-Right US billionaires, to direct it against the EU, which for all its faults symbolises human beings working together democratically rather than as ordered and controlled by the wealthy.

The Tories have been concerned for their own advancement. Mrs May wants to stay in power, and so wants the Tory party in government. Her aim seems to be to unite the Tory party, rather than to achieve anything which might be in the interests of the country, or even a meaningful Brexit. Her Brexit secretaries have resigned, showing that even with Brexiteers in full control there is no meaningful Brexit that can do any good.

Brexiteer- think not “Musketeer” but “Profiteer”. Alexander de Piffle Johnson is a traitor, damaging his country for his private gain.

Ah. You see the rage.

To facebook, to consider friends’ memes. Mick shares a video of a speech in the Bundestag by Alice Weidel, leader of the AfD, with English subtitles saying to Frau Merkel “An example must be made. Britain must be punished. That is your policy.” It is a wind-up, from the far right, and this bloke whom I quite liked when I used to meet up with him laps it up. Then “Don’t believe what the BBC tells you”- that Syrian refugee assaulted at school was, according to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, a bully who assaulted a girl with a hockey-stick and threatened to stab a boy. That’s a lie, I am afraid. Yaxley is a far right rabble-rouser funded by US Republican “Think-tanks”.

He shared an article about £50m to end FGM in Africa, a good news story, with the comment As if that wouldn’t put a few more coppers on the streets where they are needed, rather than buying gold taps for corrupt despots.

Iss, who is lovely, had previously shared Leave memes saying “foreigners” should pay for use of the NHS, but shared a video saying the NHS is being quietly privatised, Brexit is costing billions, and despite lying Leaver promises that the NHS could get more money it gets less. Brexit is causing NHS staff shortages and will damage health. It has had 1.5m views. Her apparent change of heart gave me some hope, but a day later she was still sharing the Brexit memes. She is Labour through and through, and yet she shares these hard-Right, even sometimes far-Right memes. Is she blind to where they come from?

Someone might have voted Leave out of pique, or on a whim. However, having put a cross in that box they become a Leaver. They are in a way invested in the Leave project. They are inflamed with lies against the EU. And yet I feel my own rage, see how it is inflamed by memes with a simplistic and false view of the world, and worry that the rage and bitterness will divide us further, and that the lies will make the Leave voters more determined. Only the best of them can be persuaded they were fooled, and won over that way. I fear no deal. I fear that enough disaster capitalists will make money from it that they will prevent better paths. That’s the closest I have ever come to believing in conspiracy theories.

4 thoughts on “Brexit rage

    • The desire of The People (ahem) is for a democratic government which does what the people wants, in the people’s interests- overwhelmingly of Leave and Remain voters alike. Leave says the threat to that is the EU. Remain’s answer is more diffuse- the EU is not the major threat, what the Brexiteers say The People can gain from leaving is not worth it, there are other threats. And I have a fair idea of the difference between the Single Market and the Customs Union, but am not sure I would be able to explain it. And I care about Ireland, North and Republic, though not everyone in England does.

      What would be on the ballot? “We have voted to Leave so Remain cannot be”. No Deal is so catastrophic that it cannot be either, but Nick Cohen in The Guardian argues Mr Corbyn wants a catastrophe. Even if you discount that it is too high a price to pay, I think Corbyn would be wrong to think it could possibly result in a workers’ democracy. Mogg and Johnson and Hannan and Minford I believe want a catastrophe for the profits from disaster capitalism. I read Naomi Klein. There. I have just said there is a conspiracy against the People. No, they don’t meet like Gunpowder Plotters, more like climate deniers.


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