Lies and vilification

The outpouring of hatred against trans people in the UK is based on lies and distortions. The right-wing press has conducted a campaign of vilification against us, mocking and dehumanising us.

The facts are these. International human rights law says trans people are entitled to recognition in their true sex without any need for treatment to reduce our fertility. The Women and Equalities Committee of the House of Commons recommended that trans women should be treated as women, and for example not excluded from any women’s space. However, when the Minister announced the consultation in July 2017, she only proposed amending the law on gender recognition certificates, so that we would not be required to get a letter from a specialist psychiatrist saying we are trans, and prove two years’ expression in the acquired sex. The GRC has only symbolic value. Its only effect is to change your gender on your marriage certificate, if you get married afterwards.

Trans women can be excluded from women’s space, even after getting a GRC. That is covered by the Equality Act, which the Government has repeatedly confirmed will not be changed.

The gender critical campaign has focused entirely on women’s spaces, alleging a threat to women. Sometimes they are explicit that they mean a threat from trans women, sometimes they suggest that men might pretend to be trans women and they are not really against “genuine” trans women. For example, Sex self-ID would allow any man in Britain to get his birth certificate reissued in the opposite sex. Just like that. No delay. No change to his body. No medical supervision… spaces reserved by law for women and girls- changing rooms, domestic violence refuges and rape crisis centres- will find it impossible to remain male-free.

A lie. Or at best a stupid misunderstanding: campaigners do not always know what a GRC is or what it does.

For the purposes of expressing ourselves female, or even seeking a diagnosis, we have always had self-ID. The diagnostic criteria include our own belief that we are of the acquired gender. No-one ever goes to the doctor and has this conversation:

-Doctor, I think I’m a woman!
-No you’re not, you have testicles and a penis.
-Oh thank goodness, that’s such a relief.

Instead, the doctors are the gatekeepers for the hormones and surgery we want so much.

A search for trans self-ID meme finds some trans-friendly images, but also some pretty horrible stuff. The Times, a Rupert Murdoch paper once thought of as a newspaper of record, has hideous headlines:

Stonewall backing transgender bullies

Feminist’s poster removed after complaint from transgender activist

Obsession with gender identity goes too far

Transgender muffin exercise sends wrong message– alleging that cis children are being told they are trans.

That’s just the first four headlines from a search today, on Google. A search on The Times website finds

Lecturer’s job fear after raising trans concerns– 30 October

Activists thwart [academic] work on gender law reforms- 28 October

We’re on a slippery slope over hate speech- 27 October.

Labour members punished over transgender facebook debate- 24 October

Trans extremists are putting equality at risk- 22 October.

The Spectator, meanwhile, has It’s not transphobic to question transgenderism and Is transgender ideology making the UK’s mental health crisis worse? Five articles in the print magazine since April, and seven more since September on their website. How Caroline Lucas fell foul of the transgender thought-police– as if we were the powerful ones, oppressing everyone else. Bullies, thought-police, punishing, getting people sacked, suppressing free speech. And yet I’m the one who gets shouted at in the street.

When people call me a threat, they incite self-righteous, “defensive” violence against me. They put me in fear.

7 thoughts on “Lies and vilification

    • It is a pain, a minor, symbolic law reform which could have been put through with no fanfare with a simple amending Act. Instead they trumpet it at the time of the 50th anniversary, then don’t bother doing anything for a year, during which the hard Right mobilises, scenting a weak target. Yeah. Hang in there.

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  1. The sheer level of ignorance, fuelling this hysteria is incredible. It has in part, fuelled by attempts, to wide n the boundaries of “transgender” too far, which has left, the Intersexed and Transsexual communities, as if They’ been thrown under a bus. The Mahabharata, is proof, that we’ve always, existed. It is no modern fad. Remember 1.7 of births are of Intersexed babies. Modern, research, is showing, the reasons, for it; fundamentally, the same factors are at play that lead to some women having male pattern hands, it’s that banal.

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    • Welcome, Christina. Thank you for commenting.

      In Britain now there is a proposal for a mostly symbolic further recognition of trans women as women, and the definition of trans perosn is: A person has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment if the person is proposing to undergo, is undergoing or has undergone a process (or part of a process) for the purpose of reassigning the person’s sex by changing physiological or other attributes of sex. That is, the legal protections, the line, is drawn excluding non-binary people but including people who do not want hormones or surgery.

      I like that line. I consider people who wish to present life long in the other sex/gender, whether or not they want hormones or surgery, should be protected.

      There is a huge hard-right backlash, co-opting oppressed women seeking safety in women’s spaces and being misled into supposing that trans women are a danger in those spaces. I tend to feel that “It’s a birth condition” should be undeniable for intersex folk, and a complete defence to prejudice or fear- that is, that intersex folk should be less vulnerable than trans folk- but unfortunately that is not always the case.

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  2. I myself see the whole thing as banging our heads against a brick wall. The reason for this is that there are so many people who through their “self portrayed” perspective of correctness; mainly the CIS Gender folk, dont ever bring themselves to anything other than the newspaper at the breakfast table and in their agitated status of thinking (Oh I have got to go to work!) don’t bother to look into it all in a full context to bring themselves to a complete understanding of sexuality let alone gender. To tell you the truth I would even go as far to say that self-ideology seems to have become a fall point to humanity in your average human beings and that fiction has overtaken the superiority of fact in all perspectives of society and the blinded view of such peoples is in a sense none negotiable, no matter how much it is needed. All I can say is lets just see where this all goes from here.

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    • Welcome, Deanne. Thank you for commenting.

      Newspapers have always simplified, and regularly misunderstood, creating a story rather than saying what is; but now they are distorting. Anyone would think that the major threat to Britain and the British was Trans-Activism, rather than, say, Brexit or the rise of violent hard-Right demonstrators, both reliant on dark money.

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