A transvestite

Hope Lye dresses in low cut short dresses and tweets selfies from men’s loos. He likes male pronouns, calls himself a “gender critical trans identified male” and says trans women should also go to the gents.

He is balding, and does not wear a wig. His problem is that he does not understand Britishness, any more than trans. My friend from Tasmania said that when he was young, in Australia there were no eccentrics, just “bloody nutters”. Here we tolerate eccentricity, and do not make personal remarks. If he wants to go round looking like a weirdo, people will ignore him, for that is the culturally-accepted way of showing self-respect. He might get beaten up in the very roughest pubs, but drinkers in most places just won’t care.

Someone suggested that trans women try to look like women, and give off ambiguous signals to straight males. Transphobic attacks arise because men find us attractive then find that disturbing. Hope, however, wears no wig despite his short, receding hair. His copiously tattooed arms and legs are not feminine.

He whined about being suspended from Twitter, he said “for saying I’m male”, probably for being abusive to trans women, but Mumsnet had a long thread of adulation: “He truly is an ally to women, and it’s appreciated”. A trans woman produced a photo allegedly of him, when younger, doing a Nazi salute, and Mumsnetters appeared to confirm his nastiness- “he has an (allegedly) very shady and fucked up past”; “Hope was indeed involved with some dubious stuff in his youth.” But she doesn’t hold that against him: “Spot on on this, though”. Well, I suppose they have to take any allies they get. They were sweet, really, sympathising with him: femininity is so hard to escape!

Hope may be an exhibitionist rather than a transvestite. He blogs, with several photos of himself outdoors, or in toilets- who wants a picture of himself with a loo? Yuck- and is desperate for people to “ask me about my identity”. Sometimes, people do. He is not short on self-regard: when they ask him, “I normally end up educating other men”. He calls on “gender critical trans identified males” to follow him into the gents, show it’s safe, and put pressure on the trans community to do the same. “I have been challenging the media to feature how I go about life… They aren’t listening… No one’s listening!” Not even to his one-man crusade to get trans women into men’s loos.

However, we’re different. Most people who go out cross-dressed are testing the waters before transition. We want to fit in: the thing about being ignored as an eccentric is that it deprives you of ordinary human company. I don’t want to talk to strangers in the pub, especially not people who might be laughing at me, but to friends.

He claims to be perfectly safe in men’s loos, but told a different story in the past. In 2015 he complained of men putting their hands under his skirt and touching his “bum” (so, some understanding of Britishness). “Slut shaming right through to transphobia was the order of the day.” Also, though he is now a transvestite, formerly he wanted to transition: (link now deleted- see web archive) he came out as transgender in December 2014, and realised “many trans people fear being ridiculed or even murdered”. “I want to change now but alas the NHS is very slow. I hate being a man. I tried to conform to my birth gender for 47 years but can no longer do it. It just isn’t me!” He stopped wearing men’s clothes or using his male name, wanted hormones and “fully transitioning”. He was sickened by the misogynist abuse that [cis] women receive. He started campaigning for trans rights, and tried to get British Sky Broadcasting to add “Mx” to its list of possible titles. He dressed in micro-skirts and stockings with the tops showing, not a good look for a man of 47.

Then in April, he decided to identify as a “biological male” rather than trans or gender non-conforming, which are “ridiculous identities anyway”.

His “shady and fucked up past” reveals something of his current character. He shows no sign of repentance, and now he is involved in a hate campaign against trans people.

How would people behave, without internalised transphobia? It is a matter of self-respect, for me as a trans woman, to use women’s facilities. I try to look good when I go out, not ridiculous.

96 thoughts on “A transvestite

    • Hello, “Hope”.

      Mmm. Should I read your screed? Given that in its title you refer to me as a “rapist-apologist”, which is quite untrue, I imagine it has little value. Rape is wrong. I condemn rape. Probably, anyone with a sane view will dismiss what you write.

      Tell me about your “(allegedly) very shady and f**ked up past”. Have you changed? Have you done anything to atone for wrongs you did?

      Are you banned from Twitter? Aw. Awwww….


      • First off you’d cry if I or anyone else called you a tranny or used your birth name.
        In fact I reclaim the word Tranny – Riot Tranny 2020.
        I see you got quite defensive when called an AGP yourself.
        Oh and who cares about stats I barely use Word Press any more.
        I’m more active on the streets and the work place than ever before.
        As for JKR why don’t you contact them and argue your position in court?
        Many of you who’ve had letters from her lawyers have ceased and deseased your posts on your own lawyers legal advice.
        JKR is correct in what she says. I’m not a fan myself but she’s made millions from her writing unlike yourself.
        Its funny how you call for people being made inclusive yet call me the same names you bitterly resent being called yourself.
        Need I say more?


      • I also presume while you mutilated yourself and now regret it you take your anger out on me who lives veey authentically is society as a trans woman.


            • I’m sorry, you, calling someone else a weirdo? You act like a fetishistic transvestite. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s how you want to be, but most actual transwomen do not act like you and quite frankly question your sanity and behaviour. You get into bed with terfs and “pose” in the most stupidest way in photos. I’m holding back on my opinion of you too. No one takes you serious. If you’re fine with that, then that’s fine, but you don’t speak for me, you don’t speak for actual authentic trans men and women .

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            • You know what terfs are, there’s one in the photo wearing the “adult human female” t shirt in the photo with you. I won’t comment on someone’s looks. No, you don’t look or appear to dress in what could be called a stereotypical female fashion, but you don’t appear to make any effort to show the world you’re a woman, in fact you seem to relish in showing the world “hey look at me, I’m a man wearing a dress and I’ve got tits and a cock”. It’s this kind of behaviour that makes things more difficult for trans people in general. I dint care whether you want or have surgery or not. If you declare yourself a woman then I will treat you as one, but you don’t, you’re a joke. Wake up and smell the terf coffee which is definitely not a drink I’d recommend.

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            • Alll this coming from a person who openly supports Jesicca Yaniv who has had to pay several thousand dollars in compensation for his racist behaviour? Not forgetting his child abusing issues such as trying to organise a naked swim for pre-teen girls where he was going to be the only adult in attendance? Is that how a “Lady” is supposed to act. Explain to me how a lady is supposed to act and dress?


            • So you’ve had a troll through my WordPress blog looking for dirt on me and discovered an article I wrote a few years ago about Jessica Yaniv, and totally misunderstood the point of it. I wrote a piece questioning what was occurring at the time, trying not to jump to any sensational conclusions, not rushing to any judgements, and you mistakenly believe or try to imply I support Jessica Yanivs behaviour in some way?

              As for my identity, I’m not hiding who I am. Oopster74 is a username, much like streetvoiceuk2020 is, I highly doubt that’s the name you go by in your day to day life. And seeing as how you’ve already threatened to publish the private details of the author of this WordPress blog Clare, then I think I’ll be keeping my personal details a secret from you as much as possible.

              How you dress is entirely up to you. How you act is entirely up to you. But most people act with a modicum of self respect, I don’t see any in your dress style of behaviour, and your attitude stinks to high heaven.

              It was in 2019 when I wrote it, and if you check my blog again, you’ll see how sporadic my posts have been. Again, I’ve not posted any updates as I’ve been busy with work for one, I’ve not been following the story which I’ve already said, I’ve not seen anything new that I could verify, and I’ve pretty much moved on from blogging as I’ve had other things going on in my life. Yes I’ve googled you, and now I need to wash my eyes out with bleach after some of the things I’ve seen. Do yourself a favour and seek a counsellor or similar for your mental health.

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          • You keep on going on about me. I live an authentic life through work, NHS and in everything plus legal change name etc.

            So what if you don’t like how I pose for photos which are mainly just having a laugh with my fucking friends.

            Christ I even have both men and women wanting sex to relationships with me so I can’t be doing too bad but sadly all are turned down as I’m not interested.

            Oh and as for using male spaces I continually to prove they;re safe even showering naked with a 38D breasts on display.

            Nothing happens!

            No one cares about trans folk in 2020.

            We get to live our life in peace but fools like you rile everyone and that in itself is problematic!


  1. Hi Clare,
    Just so you know. Hope was banned from twitter for breaching it’s rules on hate. I can email screen shots of the response I got after reporting him for making a post about myself.

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    • No. He is a malign fool. I thought he was amusing, but his physical threats- “Boom boom!” forsooth, after some idiot tweeted a bomb threat at “A Woman’s Place”- make me a little worried. I don’t think he is effectual, but he might embarrass me.

      I feel some pity for him. He is trying to do what he thinks is right- go into men’s loos, as an ally to women- and boasting about it, but unfortunately also telling other people what to do, and abusing them. See above. He wanted to transition for a while. When writing about wanting a vaginoplasty on his blog, he was clearly seriously considering it. Now for some reason he has given up on that idea. He is confused, he has some level of gender dysphoria which is difficult for anyone, and someone shares a photo of him doing a Hitler salute. I am sure however off the scale his abuse is (no, I am not a paedophile) he gets abused back.

      I had something to say about him, so did a post. I will turn my attention to other things.

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    • street voice UK you do realise what you are doing is actually against the law, and is considered a hate speech and not only that you threatened to bomb somone again a serious threat and that again is against the law, i hope clair reports you to the police because if clair doesnt then i certainly will its about time trolls like you learn that saying stuff behined a computre doesnt make you safe, why should people like you get away with stuff


      • Oh, Emily.

        I don’t think I’m going to get bombed, or sued for libel, or a hired hot man sent against me- I am gynephile, so would prefer a hot woman. I am not a kiddie-fiddler or a rape apologist. You seem like a nice person. Don’t let it bother you. Hope was a punk fan, maybe still is. Think how the serious people clutched their pearls over the Sex Pistols, but in this they give the game away:

        Right now ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
        I am an anti-Christ
        I am an anarchist
        Don’t know what I want
        But I know how to get it
        I want to destroy the passerby [Note Gospel of Thomas, saying 42: “Be Passers-by”.]
        ‘Cause I want to be anarchy
        No dogs body
        Anarchy for the U.K.
        It’s coming sometime and maybe
        I give a wrong time, stop a traffic line
        Your future dream has sure been seen through
        ‘Cause I want to be anarchy
        In the city
        How many ways to get what you want
        I use the best, I use the rest
        I use the N.M.E.
        I use anarchy
        ‘Cause I want to be anarchy
        Its the only way to be
        Is this…


      • I haven’t threatened to bomb anyone. Boom! Boom! is in reference to Basil Brush! Another man with a dick defending a liar who wrote countless lies about me. You do know in the UK that is a criminal offence too? Now fuckl off you whiny old man!


            • you keep mentioning child rapist are you trying to hide are you caling other people rapists to cover up that you are the rapist?


            • are you the child rapist? hence why you call other people a rapist mabe we need to be loonking into this more, because by the looks of this you are really suspicious


            • i think you need some sort of mentle help, i am a cis woman you twat of course i am a woman i am not trans you div, listen mate go and see a doctor because you have some sort of mentle issue


            • and once again i am a woman not a man, but what ever, think what you want you vile cretin, go back to your bridge and skulk underneath it you troll,you will be hearing from the police soon you monster lets see how fucking cokcy you are when the poilce question why you threatened someone over the internet and made hate comments to someone who is not even trans you wierdo, i actually feel sorry for your derranged and sad mind, get a fucking life and get on with life you sad person god


            • Emily, it is lovely to have you here.

              I think of my blog comment section as my cocktail party. Mostly, we have decorous, intellectual fun together. Sometimes, someone shows up and tries to make a scene. My comment policy is “Don’t bore me”. Hope has not bored me yet, though he has been offensive to me. I would rather my guests were not rude to each other. Hope is going to continue with his ridiculous threats and accusations, which only make him look bad. I would rather you set him a good example, rather than scrapping with him. He is probably not mentle, even if he takes some things perhaps too much to heart.


            • Clare instead of gobbing off on from the safety of the keyboard lets me real time eh? You wrote lies about me. I challenged those lies and have every right to be pissed off including causing you serious harm. You can go running to the police. I want to see you squirm in court and then hang yourself after. Now piss off and stop harassing or I’ll be at your door!


            • You quoted bits of my blog in which destroy my character. You refuse to come to a civil court to sort this out legally. My email address is streetvoiceuk@yahoo.co.uk. I will give you 72 hrs to seek legal advice and give me a contact for a lawyer. Failing that I will come to your door and cause you serious harm and take my chances in a criminal court.


            • Someone came on my blog through a search for “Transvestite hope”. Mmm. What “hope” would that be? Hope to pass, perhaps, or hope to stop, and resist the temptation ever after? Surely no-one could search for an obscure transvestite called Hope? And yet, they found this blog post. I can only deduce it was you, Steve, trying to find your greatest claim to fame, and the most perceptive account of your personality, here. It was you, wasn’t it? Only, you have to stop fantasising about raping children. Your fantasies show your desires, and you may become unable to resist your desires if you fantasise too much.


            • The trouble with screenshotting is that wordpress gives me the option of editing comments. I have not done so, but it reduces the evidentiary value of the screenshot. I am aware he is threatening me, but unsure I want the bother of reporting it.


            • Thank you. This is a useful page. The content of a website can also be illegal when it threatens or harasses a person or a group of people. If this is posted because of hostility based on race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender then we consider it to be a hate crime.

              I am feeling slightly apprehensive. Will he carry through on his threats? So the CPS guidance is also relevant. He identifies as a man. I am a woman. So the VAWG guidance applies.


            • street voice UK oh really you really are going to get the police involved after you made false accusations and hate speech to people who are trans, no one contacted you you were the one to contact clare, so if you are going to carry out your threat dont forget to to mention you made repeated hate comments that is a crime and you made false accusations of calling people a child rapist with no evidence to prove your point, so tell me again how exactly you are going to make an air tight solid court case about someone “apparently harassing you”


            • clarem no need to worry even if he does get the CPS involved he is screwing himself because of the threats of hiring someone to get you, post your adress in a foreign country, repeatedly make hate speech comments towards people, falsely accuse people of a child rapist with no evidence to prove what he said, so as far as the CPS is concerned they are more likely to belive you over that bloke because of the vairious things this person has said. and not to mention the boom boom part that could be treated as a bomb threat regardless of the intent behined it, he implied a bomb, so if he wishes to take this to court i will be right there defending your corner against him.


            • indeed clare and my comments are aimed at the bloke that is trolling people, i think you are a lovely person clare keep up the good fight, i only came on here to wind the troll up because its funny trolling the troll XD


  2. you are a fucking disgusting person and i hope the police arrest you for threatening people and using hate speech you absolute bastard


  3. I would like you to know as a cis woman i do not support and i do not support what you are campaigning for, we cis people actually support the transgender comunity and now what you are doing because you are capaigning for hate the transgender comunity is actually campaigning for their right to fit into society and its because of you that there are so many bigots in this world i think you are a dispicable, horrible disgusting joke who is making a mockery out of transgender and you should be arrested and locked away in a mentle hospital for what you are doing, you have a very strange and deluded mind that you need medicle help with


  4. Lye is truly an inadequate little individual who has found some friends within a discriminatory group of people (and not for the first time). He is embarrassing himself as usual.


        • All I can see is a reblog. Is your comment on your blog? Is it this: “And I’ve used the female loos and changing facilities since 1999 with little or no issue. The only problems I’ve ever had have come as a result of ignorance.” Me too. But that is not an argument that we should, just that we can.

          I argue that we should use women’s spaces. We manage to live with ourselves and are grudgingly accepted because we identify as women. That enables us to live our lives. We have been accepted in women’s spaces for decades. To force us out now is hurtful, and gains nothing. Hope himself has spoken of being sexually assaulted by men.


          • That’s it, and I’ve just added that I’m trans too. They’re trying to say letting us use these facilities will cause problems for other women, when that clearly isn’t the case. It’s all “what if”, so showing them their argument is false blows it out the water.


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