Masculinity II

Is Men’s Rights all about whining? Awww…

Joke site Return of Kings, perhaps set up by radical feminists as a satire, certainly is. Here’s “Beau Albrecht”, who blogs about “Game”, that is, attempts to get sex. He writes on “How to deprogram yourself after becoming a male feminist”. “White Knights”, men who defend women on the internet, never get rewarded with sex, he whines. Women want real men. “What’s good for women is not identical with modern feminism”, he says, because he knows better than women what they need.

He claims that in the past men had it harder, working in factories and mines (women were miners in Britain until 1842). Women achieved equality with suffrage in 1920 (USA) and the Equal Pay Act. So women moved the goalposts. Divorce favours women. Men earn more because men prefer harder jobs and work more overtime, and rape culture is a lie. Paternity fraud is worse than rape. Feminism causes civilisational decline. America was great in the 1960s.

Corey Savage disagrees: it was great in the 1950s, when a man could find a sweetheart simply by being decent and hard-working, because men had the jobs. Now, women slut around with dark triad- Machiavellian, narcissistic, psychopathic- men. Decent men sit and watch from the sidelines. Women like talentless but famous entertainers, fantasise about being raped by abusive, dominant men (though the link given as authority notes that the belief that rape fantasies are subconscious wishes has been debunked), and write love letters to killers in prison (Corey perhaps does not realise that prison keeps the woman in control). He whines that Kim Jong Un and a “drug lord” called El Chapo can find attractive women. Awww….

David G Brown whines, after Roy Moore’s deserved defeat, This character assassination is what the future holds for Republicans in general elections and conservative Republicans in GOP primaries. There was no proof Moore was a paedophile! Brown wants Moore to get away with it, unless he is prosecuted and convicted. I feel having no criminal record is too low a bar for a senator.

So far, masculinity is the concern of men who whine that no woman finds them attractive. Alphonso Taft, an “Aryan”, praises Joe Rogan, a stand up comedian and commentator on mixed martial arts, as an icon of masculinity to emulate. Rogan’s masculine principles [are] integrity, brotherhood, discipline, and curiosity, which in themselves are unobjectionable. He confronted and dominated another comedian, who has completely fallen off the map, a broken man. I don’t trust this site, so googled. The story seems to come from Rogan’s blog.

Rogan exercises a lot, and eats the animals he hunts. Fighting is a form of meditation for him, and he is disciplined in pursuing new skills. Rogan’s most masculine skill other than martial arts is hunting, a discipline not practiced by weak men, drools the writer.

The site is obsessed with trans women (Oh God! They’re so insecure!) Two articles on recent posts: Japan bans chicks with dicks– in Japan, trans women will only be recognised after GRS- and Hannah Mouncey has been banned from Australian Rules football women’s league. In fact, Japan requires trans people to “permanently lack functioning gonads”, orchiectomy not penectomy. Mouncey was banned in Melbourne but allowed to play in Canberra.

I pity the insecure, resentful, weak males who would want to read this stuff.

Beau Albrecht.
Corey Savage.
David G Brown.
Alphonso Taft.

5 thoughts on “Masculinity II

    • They are close. Both see a person as having a lack, and suffering for it. Here it is a lack of understanding. I did not delve into the comments here, but on forums I have found them poisonous. Pity is open to the person pitied, despising closed.


      • Sometimes I see those comments and I want to say: I know nice girls with the opposite problem, they can’t find a decent husband in spite of their efforts. Then today I saw Rod Dreher blaming young men for not getting married, I got mad, and I left a comment to the effect that young women are not such a treat either. Maybe I am playing both sides of the argument just to be contrarian? More likely it is the case that sex relations are generally screwed up and blaming one group or the other is missing the point.


        • That site makes the problems worse. They whine they have it hard and women have it easy, portray women as sluts, praise a narrow kind of manliness which is great if that’s how you are and a terrible thing to aspire to if you are not. It promotes feelings of resentment and inadequacy, and exacerbates them in its readers.


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