Linda Bellos

Once again, a radical feminist has the breathtaking hypocrisy to complain of a woman not being heard by a few score activists, in The Guardian, with a print circulation of 160,000.

Linda Bellos wanted to claim that trans women tell lesbian feminists what to think. We never do. Rather, we assert our right to exist. Bellos wanted to speak where some of her trans victims actually live, in a college. As the college hosts said to her, I’m sorry but we’ve decided not to host you. I too believe in freedom of expression, however Peterhouse is as much a home as it is a college. The welfare of our students in this instance has to come first. No-one opposes free speech, but we object to feminists leading a baying crowd mocking and deriding us, simply because of who we are. The Guardian writer has such a sense of self-righteousness that she quoted that, not realising how it made her argument monstrous.

I am a woman, the law says so. To get gender recognition I had to affirm before a solicitor that I had lived as a female for three years and intend to live as a female until death. Even if gender recognition is granted without a psychiatrist’s diagnosis, these are difficult things for a prankster to swear. It would take great courage for a trans woman to apply to Murray Edwards college.

When I transitioned, I ceased to loathe my body. I am not telling anyone what to think. I merely seek to live my life. For example, I use public loos. Trans-excluding radical feminists say I and my kind are a threat there, and find stories from around the world of cross-dressed sex attackers to increase the feeling of threat. There are not many such stories, but the effect is to put me under threat. I am wary in public toilets. As the lesbian feminist Prof. Saira Ahmed argues, calling me a threat threatens me. I fear that someone will abuse me in a toilet because she feels the need to “defend” women there from me.

I am not a “serious problem”! I don’t want to tell anyone what to say or what to think, only to live my life peacefully.

Claire Heuchan and others make trans v TERF a zero-sum game. Everyone is a mix of gender expression, and all of us are different goo-gooing at a baby from typing a report. Gender is oppressive because particular gender roles are enforced on people- in my case a toxic masculinity I could not bear. So I subvert gender. Conservatives hate us: consider the extreme-Right “bathroom bills” in Texas and North Carolina. If only feminists like Linda Bellos could see trans women as a mostly-harmless anomaly. If only I did not have to protest my very right to exist. Gender and patriarchy are the problem. We could combat them together.

I wrote this as a comment, as this morning the article appeared with the words Comments on this article will be turned on later. They never were. Thank God, as commenters would be debating my right to exist. You can find the Guardian column with a little googling, if you really must.

Giving a talk later, Bellos said, If anyone of those bastards [transwomen] comes near me, I will take my glasses off and thump them. [crowd laugh] Yes I will take my glasses off… But I do, I am quite prepared to threaten violence, because it seems to me that what they are seeking to do is piss on all women.

4 thoughts on “Linda Bellos

  1. I’ll toss out a defense of the feminists: yes, transsexuals are a mostly harmless anomaly per se, the problem is the threat the phenomena poses to feminist ideology. To grossly oversimplify: the conservative thinks gender differences are natural and good, the feminist thinks gender differences are natural and bad, the transsexual thinks gender differences are unnatural and bad. Can’t all be true.


    • Um. The conservative thinks gender differences are natural and good. The feminist thinks there are no natural gender differences, but that society, or Patriarchy, forces people into unnatural gender differences. There is research into the way adults interact with babies and toddlers which lends that view some justification. So women are masculine, men are feminine, all a mixture, but society constrains women to behave in a particular way, men in another. And women undertake the emotional labour in the household even when men do some of the housework. Please don’t ask me to justify any of the feminist case, I sympathise with it but it is not mine, and you can find far better justifications should you desire them by Googling.

      The trans person is agnostic between these two positions. Whether gender is genetic or Patriarchal, the trans person feels they will be much happier expressing themselves as the opposite sex. Where gender dysphoria comes from, we don’t need to know. We want to transition, it becomes the most important thing in the world for us, so we do.

      Trans poses a threat to conservative ideology. Clearly there are masculine women and feminine men. “Male and female God made them”- we are all a bit of both. A lively interest in the ways of the world poses the same threat, DP, you won’t be conservative for ever. Rather, the feminist says women are the oppressed class, and trans women are just men, continuing the oppression.


  2. Trans poses threat to both conservative and feminists ideologies which are both deeply flawed and neither allow for the reality that life is messy and that gender identities are neither statically created by God nor entirely artificial and socially determined. The trans brain is different and neither side can abide by it.

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