Vote Labour

or whoever in your constituency has the best chance to beat the Tories.

Like most people, I have a few fbfnds who don’t share my political views, but the algiarithm rarely shows me their posts. The things they see and share are frightening. After the London Bridge terrorist attack, one wrote, “Arrest or deport all potential Islamist extremists on the watch list. Make it illigal to preach hate. Demolish all known mosques related to radicals.”

There is an atmosphere of fear, hatred and authoritarianism stoked by the right wing press. Seven years of austerity are excused by the idea that this is the only way to reduce the deficit, and we have to pay our debts off- though our debts are half the proportion of GDP they were in 1930. Then they pretend that the Tories are the workers’ friends, though they conspire to make strikes illegal and workers’ rights unenforceable. So Mick imagined Labour supporters:

What do we want?
-Free stuff!
Who is gonna give it to us?
-Jeremy Corbyn!
What don’t we understand?

It is he who does not understand economics, politics, or international affairs. Labour wants those who have had the greatest increase of wealth to pay more in tax, while the rest of us have had static or shrinking incomes.

Stoking despair, the Tories have nothing to offer except hatred. That leads to C’s authoritarian demands. Perhaps he means “preach hate” on a narrow and literalist interpretation, ie preaching from a pulpit rather than on facebook. Before, he posted a video calling for deportations of “anyone with links in any way shape or form with these kinds of actions”- not just terrorist attacks, but suspicion. “Why was he in the country?” asked the hate-monger. Well, because he had a record of petty crime but not been flagged for radical views. He had been reported by community leaders and family members, who would be less likely to co-operate if they thought their mosque might be demolished.

The terrorist attacks are used by the right wing. Would Mr Corbyn, who wanted to talk to the IRA, be sufficiently hard on terrorists? Well, Mr Major talked to the IRA and Mr Blair made the Good Friday Agreement, bringing peace, but Corbyn is vilified. I blame Mrs May, Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016. She is the one selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

“This man refuses to sing the National anthem” says one, as if that mattered. Honestly. That was September 2015. It claims, falsely, he would not swear allegiance to the Queen.

Then there was B, aged 76. Is she worried about the Tories ending the current system of increasing state pensions? No, she is worried by lies, when Mr Corbyn’s actively seeking peace is twisted to “Share if you will never vote for the Labour party led by this anti-British traitor”.

Ordinary people are seeing and sharing these lies. The NHS and the education system are in peril- my local school will lose £460,000, the equivalent of twelve teachers, under Tory plans, and schools across the country are similarly threatened. Manipulated by lies, we are sleepwalking towards Tory authoritarianism, the Tory Brexit for Billionaires, and the Tory destruction of the State. Get rid of them, for all our sakes.

Here are the Tory cuts:

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