I was out canvassing this evening with Beth Miller, Labour candidate for Corby and East Northants. I want to avoid a Billionaires’ Brexit: we need a Brexit for Britain. Vote Labour! It was wonderful to canvass, with so many enthusiastic voters. Of course they will vote Labour, they have always voted Labour. Or, yes they will vote Labour, they do not like the current MP, a Conservative who “volunteered” for a Brexit campaign then paid himself £40,000 from it. Yes, they want posters.

On 8 June, we might get rid of this weak, chaotic government and their huge increase in the National Debt, and their Back to the Fifties policies with Secondary Modern schools, fox hunting- what next? Hanging? Labour is our chance to reverse the destruction of our welfare state, all the things we do together for the good of all.

I delivered leaflets for three hours today. Getting Beth elected motivates me more than anything else this year!

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