Blossom II

I cycled to worship ten miles on country roads, in brilliant sunshine, and stopped a couple of times to photograph wild flowers. A tiny splash of colour seen for an instant delights me, but they repay greater attention.

At the parish church, families leave their cars to worship. “Good morning!” said a woman as I pedalled past. “Happy Easter!” I replied. “Oh, well done,” she said, the slight hint of sarcasm not displeasing me. I had thought of saying “Christ is risen!” but forebore.

Housman was wrong. Pink blossom is definitely prettier.

Ministry included a quote- if you see everything as if you saw it for the first time or the last, you will live surrounded by glory.

2 thoughts on “Blossom II

  1. This makes the good or a smile rise up in me! Spring seems to make most of us happier as there is a brighter light and so much blossom! A friend made me smile when the local bread we are supposed to go to the ‘campo’ fields and break looked like ovaries and with a hard boiled egg in it. It’s a wonderful time for earthy traditions or Cadbury egg hunts!


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