15 thoughts on “Spring header

    • Thank you. In the theme Book Lite the header photo is always cropped to 1440×500, so I have cropped these to that size. I can set a post to have its own featured photo, and set a header photo to appear when there is none. I did not think before cropping whether they would obscure the white title and catchphrase, but they don’t. I prefer the second from bottom because of its greater complexity, I think.


        • Viewing on the phone is not good for photography- you need one strong arresting central image. A challenge- produce a header photo which looks good on phone and laptop, without obscuring the text of the header! One that could be seen repeatedly…

          I write on the lap-top, and check out how it looks on the lap-top, and these pictures look far better on my wide screen than on my phone, which only shows the central third of the header photo. The quirkiness of a huge daisy delights me, but the daisy would not be shown on a phone.

          I still use a 4×3 television. Can the wide screen’s edges complement the narrower screen, without being dull, while letting the central section convey the heart of the meaning?

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          • You’re right – I usually save anything I see that has really stunning photography till I can view it full screen.

            It’s a challenge to find an image that looks equally good cropped different ways (full screen, tablet, phone) and always a compromise. I’m not wildly keen on how my theme does it, but I’ve learned that some compromises are good enough.

            We get used to things going slightly askew on a certain format we use for browsing and learn to accept it. I don’t have a tablet so it sometimes surprises me how things look on one of those.

            I suppose when creating content we should just try to remember that we relinquish full control in order to allow people to get decent results on whatever system they have or prefer. The need for free access overrules the control freak in us.

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  1. I like the daisy and the pussy willow that’s 3rd up from the bottom, but as you say the daisy will be cropped on mobiles so it will look a tad sparse then. Did you take the photographs? If so, go back and make the daisy sit in the middle! smiles

    esme so glad to finally have the sun coming back to her upon the Cloud


    • Of course I took them. If I pinched them off the internet I would have very different pictures to share.

      I think you have it, actually. A vast daisy, and blue sky. Do you like this?

      Have you met Susurrus? Her flower photos are gorgeous. Her other photos are worth looking at too. Susurrus, meet Esme, whose wit whimsy and wisdom delights me.

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      • Oh yes! I also like the wee beastie one, however, my two cents think you should have something beautiful blooming in the header. It fits you perfectly. nods and heads off to find Sussurus

        esme thanking Clare kindly for her lovely words regarding esme of Cloud fame. ❤

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