Holiday portraits

I like photos of me. So there. On holiday I find wonderful backdrops to set off my beauty, and am relaxed so photograph well, mostly.

This is the backdrop I liked best, in the grounds of the Pena palace, Sintra.



The flowers set off my delicate feminine beauty. My face relaxes. The lens was set too wide for the next one, but I look slightly impish, which pleases me.


Battlements, even fake ones, make a good backdrop. Sintra fake, Obidos real.




The lens was set too narrow. I wanted more building. Oh well. He questioned it, I said it was how I wanted it, the communication or dynamic was wrong. I am acting here, and not well.


8 thoughts on “Holiday portraits

  1. Beautiful smile, as always. The impish one is very cute, but I like the second photo the best, you do look relaxed and happy! Having said that, the first photo has something strong and quite moving about it, so it’s good in a different way. The backgrounds- lovely, and those flowers! Cor blimey!

    esme enjoying the smiles and sun with Clare upon the Cloud


      • Yes, lucky girl, you! I’d show you my BIG hands, but I don’t know how to upload pics in these comment boxes. Just as well for my hands, but I do have a sweet smile that helps as a distraction to them. 🙂 I was asked to dance by a man once, and I was immediately self-conscious because my hands were larger than his – until my BIG two left feet got in the way!

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