Lisbon Cathedral

I really want you to look at my header photo. I have not seen a beggar like that in Britain. At least the Cathedral chapter allow her to be there, unlike St Paul’s Cathedral.

There are more decorative churches in Lisbon than its cathedral. Its facade is almost bare, its columns unadorned.

lisbon-cathedrallisbon-cathedral-from-the-galleryThe guide book said it was not worth seeing, with just “a couple of tombs”, but it has grandeur. I was glad to be there, after the great difficulty we had getting there. With few tourists it has a more peaceful, even holy, atmosphere than Jheronymus.

Here are the tombs. I love the dogs, and the thought of reading and contemplating while awaiting the Resurrection.

lisbon-cathedral-doglisbon-cathedral-readerThe West window is easily interpreted? Twelve apostles and Christ at the centre, smaller than they, for some reason.

lisbon-cathedral-west-window-1 lisbon-cathedral-west-windowI paid to go into the cloisters, which are being excavated. Some of the buildings uncovered are Roman, some Moorish, and there is a Roman sewer.

lisbon-cathedral-cloister-excavationsOutside, the trams shake and judder up the steep hill. They are a tourist attraction, he went to ride one while I was in Belem. Notice the English. I had not realised how quickly my camera battery would run down, and took the rest of my photographs on the phone.

lisbon-cathedral-tramThat beggar, again. Leaving, I handed her a 20c coin. She kissed it. I did not, as the Pope advises, look her in the eye and touch her hands, wishing her “Bom dia”- I looked away, embarrassed.


15 thoughts on “Lisbon Cathedral

  1. The beggar is dressed as an old woman, yet her hand looks smooth and youthful, her cane barely used. Is this a different form of cross dressing?


    • You are making judgements from what you can see in a single 1000 x 750 pixel jpeg image. There will be a lot of fine detail missing. You know not the circumstances of the person who is the jubject of the photograph.


    • As have I, including two violent and prolonged assults. Never the less, unless I’m misreading the cues (which is quite possible), I think your comment was inappropriate.


      • beggar

        Here she is at the highest resolution I have. She may be a con artist, an actress or even a psychological researcher. I did not really look at her face. The pose caught me, I suppose, but if it were an illusion it convinced me, and I was there.

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      • Barry, as a trans woman, what will give me away is my pair of large hands. I can cover up and modify everything else. So, that’s what’s wrong with MY picture. My comment might have seemed flippant; it was meant to be. I’m sorry if it also seemed inappropriate, but I think it was also quite self-deprecating, and I meant it to show that one can’t judge a person from one or two clues only. In fact, no one should judge another at all. Also, if you go to the link Clare put in, it mentions not only looking into a beggar’s eyes, but also touching his or her hand. I was also taking off on that. Nothing I said was meant to be a handing down of judgement, or even a select finger at anyone. I may be a smart-arse, but I’m too much a lady to do that!

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        • Connie, meet Barry. He is a gentle, witty man with a deep concern for the underdog. The more you know him the more you will like him. And, yes, the ferrule does not look worn, but we still get those things from State and charity, and a new cane does not mean a wealthy woman.


          • I already liked Barry. I’ve read his comments in some of your other posts. Also, I wouldn’t have bothered to explain myself if I hadn’t thought it was important that someone should know that I’m not some un-compassionate troll. So, I guess this is my highest resolution. 🙂

            I will admit to being influenced by too much Monty Python in my youth, though.


        • Once again I put my foot in it. I completely misread your original comment and also your response to my reply. It’s one of the hazards. of being on the autism spectrum – I need not too subtle clues that a comment shouldn’t be taken literally.

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