To Parliament, for the mass lobby for EU citizens. Most of us there were not British, and spoke up for their own rights. I went to communicate my desire for co-operation in Europe, and treating people decently. After, there was a demonstration against Mr Trump, to coincide with the Debate on our demand to rescind the State visit invitation. 

Parliament is impressive. 

I claim Cromwell for Remainers. He fought for the people against the Moneyed Elites. 

More on this later. I don’t like writing on my phone. 

2 thoughts on “Parliament

  1. I think the state visit isn’t about Donald Trump any more than it’s about Theresa May or Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; it’s about the President of the United States meeting with the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the Queen of the United Kingdom. Declining to entertain such a visit on personal grounds demonstrates a significant confusion and ignorance about the role of heads of state in reciprocal diplomacy in international affairs and shows a willingness to act on that confusion to the detriment of one’s country. Refusing the president entry would be a significant insult to its closest ally and harm the state-to-state relationship as if the heads of state were the people who occupy then office rather than temporary representatives of that office and the citizenry it represents.


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