Buy submarine

You know you want one.

Triton provide submarines for superyacht owners, researchers and explorers. Film-makers may also want to go down a kilometre under the sea. A Triton 3300 encountered a giant squid.

It is a beautiful thing, a transparent globe about two metres in diameter, with three comfy seats inside, on top of jet propulsion. It can go at three knots, and endure for a twelve hour trip, scrubbing CO2 as it goes. Listen to the ambient sounds of the ocean, particularly lovely among large mammals. It has six 20,000 lumen LEDs- the best car headlight is around 3000 lumens. Optional extras include remotely operated vehicles, so you can send a camera into a shipwreck, and a manipulator-arm to take samples, set equipment or hold onto a rocky outcrop for stability. Triton sells broadcast-quality camera systems, drills and saws. You are recommended to buy a tracking system to calculate your position relative to a surface vehicle. SONAR is available to detect and identify sea-floor objects- ground penetrating SONAR is available for archaeology.


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