The Parakaleo ministry in the UK is a sad transvestite called Keith Tiller, who goes round telling people transvestism is wrong, a trans woman’s wife told me around when I transitioned. Parakaleo is Biblical Greek, meaning counsel, including to comfort, console, encourage, urge, appeal, exhort. In the US, Parakaleo is training for Christian counsellors at Stanford University, using the Bible as the main authority but the “Holy Spirit, not self-effort,” to move the person to speak.

I find the Stanford idea of telling people what is God’s will for them highly dangerous, but it pales beside the British fool’s crusade against trans folk. The crusade is ruthless and hateful: the first article I found on the blog is lifted from “Transgender Trend”, which is concerned about legislation which places transgender rights above the right to safety for girls and young women in public bathrooms and changing rooms. Anyone who alleges we should not use the loo because they claim we are a threat to girls has no sense of proportion, and their attacks are unreliable; and their foolishness led to large job-losses in North Carolina, as businesses deserted the bigot-led state.

Tiller claims his cross-dressing led to the end of two marriages and alienation from his two adult children. He bases his understanding on himself.

The crusade is not particularly powerful. It claims to be A Christian ministry seeking to uphold Biblical values to the transvestite, transsexual and transgendered person. Almost no-one uses that threefold TV TS TG division now, it is a failed attempt to fit a complex phenomenon into neat, simple categories. Keith begins with a lie:  The aim of Parakaleo Ministry is to … introduce people to the message of the Gospel and the healing love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Introduce? No, he mostly works with distressed people who have previously been Evangelical Christians. Message of the Gospel?

-Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?
-Well, whatever you do, never cross-dress.

He quotes Deuteronomy 22:5, and says It is clear from the passage that His intent that male and female are intended to be complimentary (sic). Whereas, consider the world God created, and see that masculinity and femininity overlap and intermingle. He wants things to be nice and simple, and his own desires distress him. Poor silly man.

We believe that males and females are created distinctly by God, intended to be complimentary, and united only in biblically ordered marriage. “We” is one man.

He then claims cross-dressing is addictive. Active participation, whether alone or in company, will result in an increased desire to pursue the activity. Actually, attempts to suppress it makes the person more obsessive, like Keith.

Finances remain tight – to the point of despair, which affects most of the areas of my life. Thank God. The despairing man will not turn many from Christ, despite enthusiastic support by wicked “pastors” like the one who referred my friend, and also threatened to reveal to the congregation the secret she had told him in confidence. His despair might indicate to someone less stupid and closed-minded than he that he is wrong about his gender, and wrong about God.

Keith is a silly man who has a silly website, on which he shares the most prejudiced and doctrinaire anti-trans articles he can find. Even when he was meeting people, he had little success: my friend thought it was God’s will she should not transition, until she met Keith and saw how ridiculous he was. She transitioned shortly after.

Keith’s worthless fantasies.

8 thoughts on “Parakaleo

  1. Sigh. I live in North Carolina and it kills me that the rest of the the US didn’t see the atrocities happening here and use us as an example. This state is no longer considered a democracy and though we were able to elect a new governor, the one leaving tried to strip him of his power. Sometimes I can’t believe we’re in the 21st century and still talking about basic human rights: the right for EVERYONE to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I hope that if enough people can model this and embrace it, then humanity might be free of the shackles that tread on others.
    On a happier note, I admire the courage and love and the message you have here. Keep it up!

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    • I had thought HB2 had been repealed. I am sad to see it has not, and its official name- the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act- every word of which revolts me. Yet in NC the law looks to the birth certificate, and allows trans folk to change our birth certificates, just as in the UK mine says I am female. In Texas the bill considers “biological sex”, which is one stage more oppressive.

      There is a deliberate push-back against human rights, especially against the acceptance of diversity and attempts to reduce racism and misogyny. And Trump, too, will pass. Let us encourage each other.


      • Indeed! We’ll ALL need all the encouragement we can get. I take solace that MOST people in the US do not align with the values of the Cheeto (the so-called President Elect) and that they embody principles of love and acceptance.
        But…I am wearing all black to work on Friday and I’m going to try to complete a drawing about “Peace and Liberty” – work has been busy, but I will try. 🙂


  2. Thank you both, for your article, Clare, and for your comment, Sageleaf. Very interesting. One wonders how people can be so daft when there are so many more important things to think about, but clearly they can be and often are. Still we maintain the power to live and speak our truths. For what its worth, I know that suppressing any emotion simply morphs it into something more toxic. 🙂 xxx

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    • Indeed. If you suppress it somewhere, it comes out somewhere else, disproportionate to the apparent proximate cause. An emotional response to a proximate cause is explicable and manageable; a response to a different stimulus is inexplicable, and will not be assuaged even if the apparent cause is corrected.

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  3. Very good summation! I would say that a response to a different stimulus – perhaps an ancient trigger – will leave hapless bystanders thinking we lost the plot, which, if seen from the view of proximate and non proximate causes, is a fair guess. Darling Clare, thank you. 🙂 ((xx))

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